The Kill Box

Charlottesville Map

Everybody remembers the disastrous Charlottesville rally from back in 2017. Not everybody remembers it the same way.

Ask most people, and they'll tell you how a bunch of neo-nazi troublemakers descended on the town and started a riot that ended up getting innocent people killed. The Left loves this narrative, and they wave it around as a call to action against the fascists they say are overrunning the country.

People who actually investigated the debacle have a vastly different picture of what took place. They know, for instance, that officials herded the right-wing protesters into what was essentially a kill box with only one way in or out. Police stood down, putting the protesters in direct contact with the Antifa counter-protesters, who were conveniently bused in for the occasion. A Lefty with a gun spooked James Fields, who drove into a crowd. Soon afterward, a morbidly obese girl died of a heart attack. Fields was duly made an example of with a life +419 years sentence.

If it looks like it, sounds like it, and smells like it, you call it what it is--a setup.

A setup that worked so well, the powers that be are now roping a new set of protesters into round two. Only this time, it won't be twentysomething dissidents, but NRA Boomers, in the Left's kill box.
Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in Richmond ahead of a rally Monday that is expected to bring thousands of Second Amendment activists to Richmond.
The state of emergency will be enforced Friday evening to Tuesday evening. It includes a firearms ban on Capitol Square, as well as a general ban on weapons that includes bats and knives.
Northam cited safety threats “similar to what has been seen before other major events such as Charlottesville,” a reference to the deadly Unite the Right rally in August 2017 in which white nationalists clashed with counterprotesters and one woman was killed and more than 30 people were injured in a car attack.
How much do you want to bet that the firearms ban won't be enforced against mail order Antifa thugs like Dwayne Dixon, who carried a rifle as he chased James Field's car?

The Left has a playbook, and it's blatantly obvious that they're running the Charlottesville offense at Richmond. The demonstration area has one entrance, just like at Lee Park. Virginia's governor, who was lieutenant governor in 2017, has declared a state of emergency, just like before. He's even basing his decision on, "credible threats of Charlottesville style violence."

Of course, precipitating Charlottesville style violence is exactly the point of these measures. Leftist politicians and media mouthpieces orchestrated the Charlottesville riot to discredit Trumpian nationalism. Now they plan to run the same op on gun owners.
And much like the Unite the Right organizers, the folks in charge of the Richmond rally are playing right into the state's hands.
VCDL President Philip Van Cleave said in an interview Wednesday that he has encouraged peaceful demonstrations by rally participants. At the same time, he said the group plans to challenge Northam’s decision, which he believes goes beyond the governor’s legal authority.
“We believe it is illegal what he is doing,” Van Cleave said. “At this point, we’re going to try to take the governor to court. So it may mean guns aren’t banned on Monday.”
“The rally is going on no matter what.”
The smart play for Van Cleave would be to hold an impromptu march the day before and then not show up on the 20th. Say what you will about the Charlottesville tiki torch parade, it freaked out the Left with no casualties. If the protesters pull a no-show in Richmond, that will leave the Antifa goons with no one to fight but the police, and the normies at home will get a good close look at the soy army's true colors.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media coverage of Charlottesville was tailored to keep guys like Van Cleave from learning anything that might actually help defend the second amendment. So in all likelihood, we'll see another riot with the blame placed squarely on "gun nuts".

The up side is that power-drunk Leftists don't realize that giving Joe Boomer and his AR-15 the same treatment as torch-bearing weirdos won't play well on Main Street. Dissenters' main problem right now is that not enough normies understand that our rulers hate them. A big swath of them are about to learn.

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  1. Another interesting aspect to this is Charlottesville took place when the average normie still had not completely lost faith in the MSM. Now, who still trusts any of the media?

    This play would make more sense if trust in the MSM had gone up since 2016. Instead, it’s at it’s lowest. No false flag? Riiiigh, and Epstein totally killed himself.

    1. Exactly. Overreach has always been the Left's Achilles' heel.

      That's why the Conservative Inc. types saying, "We lost on moral issues; time to focus on economics," are completely clueless.

    2. And traitors who absolutely need to shunned and shamed.
      I want win so decisively we impose our humiliation rituals on the left


    3. Clueless? Maybe, but I think it's more that they don't want to focus on those issues and look for excuses. I remember Gary Bauer's story that he--a very junior staffer--more or less wound up taking point on those issues during the Reagan administration by being the only person to express any interest in them.

    4. @Brian doubly clueless seeing as current economics places efficiency over community (general, familial and cultural), predatory profit over virtue, never mentions that labor itself is a good (and therefore subject to Supply-Demand), and is 100% focused on maximizing the life standards of the Elite than it is about facilitating the health and wellbeing of the average family.

      Talk about being deaf. Corporate abuse, immigration invasion, Leftist/Globalist criminality, societal, family and cultural dissolution, convergence of institutions all run amok....but muh tax breaks will totes win people over.

    5. That's why the Charlie Kirk types warning about creeping socialism while stumping for more legal immigration are foolish at best and more likely controlled opposition.

      Most legal immigrants come from Asia and Central America. Both groups vote 70-80% Democrat. The next Dem president will not only open the floodgates, he'll sign a blanket amnesty giving citizenship to all the legal--and illegal--immigrants who are already here.

      What these people are dead set on missing is that socialism is a foregone conclusion unless we stop ALL immigration.

  2. Somewhat tangential, but relevant to Charlottesville and to the previous post: Why do they spend so much time insulting Christ and Christian symbols/heroes? Because it's demoralizing and psychologically painful to us. The lesson: We do the same to them. Anyone they try to turn into an SJW saint, we mercilessly mock.

    For instance: I'm still not sure Fields was trying to hit Heyer. I think he may have just realized he didn't have enough gas to drive around.

    Fields was just trying to spare her a long, slow death by type II diabetes. It's a mercy kill, really.

    1. There's no point in talking to, much less triggering, SJWs. What's necessary for victory is to bring normies to our side. Mocking a dead girl they've been conditioned to think is a saint is exactly the wrong approach.

    2. I've told many people that Saint Heyer died of a heart attack. Most people's reaction is pure cognitive dissonance: But, but, but it was the car, there's no way she just...died!

      No, the car didn't touch her. But, but, but, muh white nationalist evil and body positivity!

      In my experience, confronting that Saint Heyer died of a series of self inflicted lifestyle choices causes folks too much pain. Not only are wipipo not the bad guys here, but many of them are on same health path Heyer was. Not mentioning her at all is the best bet.

      No, the poor girl was a fat smoker and literally dropped dead of a massive heart attack. But, but, but if that's true, we can't blame evil white nationalists!

  3. Thank you for talking about this subject! Watching the on-the-field independent journalists versus what was being said in the MSM, it was two completely different stories. And frankly, considering there's plenty of video proof that it wasn't true, such as videos of the protester group begging the police for help and getting ignored, none of the 'tiki-bearers' anywhere on-site, and a full record of the events involving the Field car (most of which have since been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet), it's scary how so many people bought the MSM narrative hook, line, and sinker.

  4. CWII did not start today. Thanks be to God.