The End of History

The End of History - Francis Fukuyama

One perk of being a science fiction writer is that you get to decide how the future turns out. The oligarchical Systems Overterrestrial Coalition from my mecha thriller series Combat Frame XSeed seek to make the future the end of history, as Superversive Live Stream host Benjamin Wheeler correctly observed.

Superversive Press may be gone, but the stream goes on. I joined Ben last night to talk XSeed, why we haven't run out of history quite yet, and democracy's rather poor track record.

Watch it now!

CFXS fans will also get the latest insights into the future of the series and the inside story on the ever-popular BaMs.

How popular? Let's just say we're five months for the Combat Frame XSeed: S crowdfunder, and we already have two Build-a-Mech proposals. The fun never stops!


  1. Brian

    To clarify: the next crowdfunding is 5 months away?
    If so here's my money now :)


  2. The end of history, year zero. People always assume that their moment has a unique and decisive relationship with the future.

    1. They're always immanentizing the eschaton.

    2. You'd think, after centuries of mistaken predictions, folks would learn not to try to set a date for The Last Day.

      Perhaps the first rule of libsplaining history is that you must disregard anything you know about history.

    3. ANYTHING that might impose limits on self-expression must be anathematized--including the lessons of history.

  3. I am still profoundly pleased that the BaMs have proven to be as popular as they are, even more so than Being Killed Off In A Book.

    Very much looking forward to seeing what new ideas come both from you and the readers.

    1. It gratifies me greatly to know you are pleased.