The End of an Era

Jason Rennie, editor-in-chief of Superversive Press, took to Facebook to share some sad news.

For those who don't know

Jason broke onto the scene as a publisher during the Sad Puppies saga when his magazine Sci Phi Journal received a Best Semiprozine nomination. It was an honor having Jason publish my short fiction in SPJ and in Superversive Press' breakout hit, the best selling Forbidden Thoughts.

One small publisher made a lasting mark on science fiction during an era of rapid change. One result of those changes is the end of the publishing house as a business model. One publisher, one man, could no more change that than hold back the tide.

Superversive Press will be missed, but rest assured, the torch has not gone out. A generation of independent authors dedicated to overturning the status quo from above by putting readers first forge ahead bearing that flame.


  1. It's a shame since Superversive was one of the things that helped me push my writing forward. Smaller publishers are just having a tough time in this new environment.

    At least the movement is still sticking around.

    1. It really is. At the same time, there's a valuable lesson in the recent spate of SP-era folks throwing in the towel.

      In hindsight, much of the Superversive/CH/PulpRev scene were experiments in trying to make the market embrace a business model and aesthetic you like. The remnant who are still standing and growing proved you've got to go where the market is and meet the reader there.

  2. I'm sorry that Jason closed his press. May he find a new path that can give him peace, productivity, and renewed joy.