Tea Party Tactics

Boomer vs Soiboi

The Virginia gun rally has come and gone. Blessedly, my fears of a potential bloodbath went unrealized. Our rulers were hoping for Charlottesville, and instead they got the Joker opening.

Most commentators ascribe the event's relative uneventfulness to the sheer number of protesters who showed up. Accounts vary, but we know this rally dwarfed Unite the Right. Many participants also open carried in defiance of Governor Northam's executive order. What we saw yesterday was a proof of concept in miniature that the Framers were right about guns protecting people from their government.

A little-reported-on aspect of the orderly protest is the protesters' refusal to take the offered bait. Here's an obvious plant trying to play "Let's you and him fight!" getting shut down by demonstrators who aren't having it.

You can sum up the pro-2A protesters' approach yesterday as Tea Party Tactics. And yes, they cleaned up after themselves. Most of all, they took pains to play by the Left's rules.


That's why the rally is already being memory holed by mainstream media outlets--even nominally Conservative ones like National Review and Breitbart. Don't let the Beardy McOperator cosplays fool you. The protesters clearly signaled that they pose no threat to our elites. What the rally achieved was to reinforce normies' conditioning to play by the rigged rules and cede the moral high ground to the Left.

The Death Cultists still think white gun owners are extras from Deliverance. Ralph Northam is still going to sign vindictive, nonsensical gun legislation aimed at punishing rural whites. These laws will end up before the Supreme Court, where most of their provisions will be struck down--but what remains will ratchet the erosion of gun rights another step leftward.

Some are lauding the Richmond rally as proof that street-level grassroots political action still works. Those people aren't looking at long-term outcomes. Here's the Catch-22 of Current Year dissident street action:

  • If you get infiltrated, have bad OpSec, and violence breaks out, your whole movement is destroyed, everyone associated with you becomes a pariah, and the Left gets a bloody shirt to wave in normies' faces.
  • If you carefully observe the rules, keep your rhetoric within the Overton Window, and leave the lawn cleaner than you found it, you get ignored and the needle keeps moving leftward.
This is what dissenters need to get through their heads. The media is controlled by people who have a firm, fixed view of the world wherein you are an irredeemable oppressor. You're not going to talk them out of it, and cognitive dissonance is going to make them purge anything that contradicts their biases from memory. Your protest will only get attention if something goes wrong and draws negative attention. Not all press is good press. Ask anybody who's been cancelled for stepping outside the Death Cult's arbitrary lines.

In short, street protests are just thousands of people talking to the corrupt media at once. If you ran around waving an aluminum rod in a thunderstorm twice and were struck by lightning once, that doesn't mean it's safe and fun for the whole family.


  1. Ok, a lot of proscription there. Next step: what is the prescription?

    1. The prescription is the same as for any people living under hostile occupation: Make yourself too expensive to govern.

      Identity Evropa, AIM, and the Groypers showed us the model that's proven effective. Death Cultists broadcast their paranoia that crypto-Nazis are everywhere. The "It's OK to be white" and "Islam is right about women" flyer campaigns played their fears like a fiddle.

      AIM had success staging flash mobs that turned up at small Leftoid events like book signings, chanted slogans, and dispersed before the Cultists could react.

      The Groypers forever discredited Conservative Inc.'s mouthpieces on campus. Theirs may be the most significant victory. The inside dirt is that controlled opposition outfits like NRO are circling the drain as their aging backers die off. They needed fronts like TPUSA to funnel fresh blood into the webzine and cruise rackets. Now Charlie Kirk is having trouble raising funds, while Jaden McNeil has founded a new America First campus organization to fork and replace TPUSA.

      It's a mix of 3rd & 4th generation war. Get in, hit the enemy where he's weak, and get out. Focus on tactics that demoralize the foe while giving you the moral high ground.

    2. Cooperating as a united front would help too. Our side can’t seem to muster the will to conspire...yet.

    3. You're sadly correct. A perfect example relevant to your comment below: Razorfist blocking anyone who supported the Groypers.

  2. I think Brian had it right earlier: if you can't win, change the field. Don't march where and when you're expected, show up the night before and march 20,000 armed men silently and peaceably past the State House and its attendant cages. They'll know why you're there.

    The media is going to lie about us anyway, so give them something peaceful that they can't wave away.

    1. You've got it.

      Normiecons: The enemy is giving us two choices, so we'll take the lesser of two evils."

      Dissident Right: The enemy is giving us two choices, so we'll make a third.

    2. Normiecons also like that after taking the lesser of two evils, they can go home and drink beers in celebration, and then go back to slowly losing the war.

      DR’s recognize that the ride never ends and start planning the next offensive.

    3. They're loath to admit it, but normiecons are as addicted to virtue signaling as leftists are.

    4. >They're loath to admit it, but normiecons are as addicted to virtue signaling as leftists are.

      Such as voting third party because Trump does mean tweets and voting for him hurts their witness for Christ.

      Listen. If a person wants to question your commitment and witness, they will find something. I've had people question my witness because I'm not vegan, or not pro-choice, or not whatever issue they want to use an excuse.

      A more common excuse is "I can't believe in Jesus because he allows for deathbed conversions. Therefore, with all of Hitler's evil, mouth the prayer at the end of life and spend eternity frolicking!"

      That's not how a deathbed conversion works at all, but good luck getting them to admit it.

    5. Those are Witch Test candidates.

  3. Razorfist just released a video on this. He had a different take on the event, but he notes the Right needs to seriously follow through on pushing back against the Dems, and then proceeds to list out new VA senate bills aimed at making VA a permanent mono-party state beholden to the lib-cities.

    Also nice attempt by him to make a clean video, until the very end. Not sure if the humor has the same rhetorical bite without the crude language.

    1. The humor's not as biting, but I appreciate being able to listen without wincing at blasphemy and obscenity, which adds nothing to an argument 100 times out of 99. I found the not-cursing funny and clever in itself
      I'm glad he gave a little warning before the gratuitous outburst at the end.

  4. I don't want to sound too optimistic, but a rally like this is and always has been incapable of affecting change. As are all rallies at all times. However, it will boost morale. In addition, the public facing Overton window doesn't really need to move. All that needs to happen is for typical proportions of say, readers to commenters, to hold for attendees to sympathizers, and for all of those to be even slightly emboldened.

    They are one election away from realizing that they do not, in fact, have to accept the relentless grind of Progress (TM). By far the biggest wins for the left/globalists have been what the right hands them gratis with the justification that "nothing could be done".

    So, don't discount that these people just showed that Progress (TM) actually can't stop sufficient numbers from doing exactly what they please. This may be much more psychologically important than any Tea Party specifically because it is socio-political guerilla warfare; these crowds then disappear into the populace and cannot so easily be herded, corralled, and co-opted en masse. Meanwhile each goes home knowing that he just openly defied the inevitability of Progress (TM).