Someone Is Aiming for You

Author J.D. Cowan announces the launch of his latest pulp romp.

Someone Is Aiming for You - JD Cowan
Vigilantes fight from the shadows. In Summerside, Dark Magic poisons the dying city of cultists and gangsters. This is where heroes are made. 
A man with a deadly touch, an ex-hitman, a concrete teenager, an invisible myth, and an indestructible knight, are but a few of those who stalk the midnight hour.
In these seven stories you will meet those fighting for the soul of the city, and those hoping to bring it to a brighter future. But is there anything left worth saving in a world of death? 
Powers or Magic. Only one will win this war.
From the reviews:
n Something is Aiming for You, there are far worse fates than death. Which isn’t necessarily obvious to the people of Summerside, who assume that robbery and graft are still the prime movers of the city. It is probably easy to pretend, at least until they come to drain your blood, or worse, you find that you are on the blood detail when you thought you were just shaking people down for protection money.
For all the wickedness of Summerside, a major theme of this collection is the possibility of redemption. Most of the guys in a gang with an apocalyptic name like Sunset Red, looking forward to taking advantage of the chaos of the End Times, really aren’t nice guys. But, a few might be good, if given the right opportunity.
But not everyone chooses that opportunity, when it arrives, and so there is evil to be vanquished in Summerside. Conflict abounds, between powers and dark magic, between good and evil, between rivals just squabbling for turf. If you want to know what happens, you are just going to have to pick up this volume. I suspect you’ll have a hard time putting it down.
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  1. Finished the first story. I need some time to absorb this. Great start, with several layers.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Silent Draco

      I had to remind myself this wasn't a grimnoir version of Heros unleashed.
      I loved the story. The novel had so much atmosphere. It's like a 21st century Shadow
      I go into more detail in my Amazon review


    2. I agree with Xavier's comment. The atmosphere and settings are great. I want to read more slowly, or read again, to absorb this. Will review after I'm finished, and have a better frame for reviewing.

    3. I appreciate it, and would definitely enjoy reading it.