QAnon Unmasked

Ever since the national security insider known as QAnon first started disseminating his cryptic messages to legions of patriots online, web sleuths have scoured the deepest corners of the internet in search of his identity.

Their efforts were repeatedly thwarted. But as history shows, the best-laid plans and most closely guarded secrets are often undone by random turns of fate.

So it is in a way fitting that a sudden disaster--some would say, intelligence gaffe--like the Chinese coronavirus outbreak would supply the keys needed to crack the code of Q's identity.

First, Business Insider takes a cheap shot at Q but reveals a little too much in their hubris:

QAnon Bleach

That unwitting slip might've gone unnoticed on its own, but Breitbart's Allum Bokhari provides the missing link.


How much does Bokhari know, and when did he know it?

For those who still don't see the full picture, consider this video from 2017, near the start of the Q phenomenon:

That is Macedonian separatist, school shooter, and futurist Salam Hai'id (AKA Sam Hyde) recommending Chinese bleach more than two years before QAnon did the same.

This blog's regular readers don't need me to hold their hands. For newcomers, this video explains it all:

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  1. Finally! All my questions about reality are now fully answered.

  2. I don't think I dropped enough acid before watching the second video.

    1. Acid? Screw that noise. Adrenochrome!

    2. Apparently perfectly legal to synthesize and sell as a dietary supplement, if you can do so without breaking any laws :P