Like Vampires Hit with Holy Water

A Tik Tok account by the name of Nurse Holly is righteously triggering Death Cultists. Their reaction will be instantly recognizable to anyone who's familiar with the Witch Test.

Courtesy of Pax Christus via Twitter:

Nurse 1

Like vampires hit with holy water, indeed! The enemy besieging the West is not a political ideology, but a fanatical anti-religion. And their fiercest hate is reserved for the Christ.

Condolences, NRx bugmen. Once you understand the problem, you have the solution. And the solution is indeed more Jesus.

Classical Theist demonstrates how the Dominican inquisitors would deal with today's Death Cult heretics:

Nurse 2

Somebody call the burn ward, because he just lit up that witch!

It's my pleasure and my solemn obligation to unmask internet witches. But I can't do it without your help! Support my work!


  1. At the same time:


    I remember when the #1 criticism of action movies were that the villains were too cartoonishly evil.

    They were being too nice, if anything.

    1. The Brothers Grimm did nothing wrong.

    2. Writers in Current Year now have two choices of villain: the straight, white, old CEO or the straight, white, Bible-thumping redneck. Every religion needs a devil, and the straight, white man fills that role for the Death Cult.

    3. Brian

      Naaa. My villans are bluehaired tattooed landwhale wine aunt catladies and tubby soyboy neckbeard male feminists


  2. The world is out of balance.

    We have too many wicked witches in the real world (or that subset/simulacrum of it which is the Internet, at least) and not enough in modern fiction. :)

    1. Today I was running some errands that took me back to my old neighborhood from junior high-high school. There's one restaurant on the main drag that's survived from the old days without turning into a predatory lending place or a brutalist shoe box. I popped in for lunch and saw that there was no longer a men's room and a ladies' room--just two unisex bathrooms. This is in a working class neighborhood where nobody gives a fig what coastal trend chasers think.

      This is what's going to win the culture for us in the long run--not winning elections, but growing anger at the increasingly bizarre, petty humiliations that our rulers subject normal people to every day.

  3. Not unnoticed that what really bothers Christ haters is the combo of Beauty, Truth and Goodness present in a believer. If she wasn’t as cute as button she would not have the reach she has, nor would the ugly witches curse her so in their lonely, cat-haired dungeons.

    This is why the infiltrators make sure we can't have beautiful churches or beautiful sacred music.

    1. You just put two really important puzzle pieces together.