Zooming out of the Gate

Evidence continues to pour in supporting theories that a major reaction against the Clown World Order is brewing among Generation Z.

Consider this chart prepared by Audacious Epigone. Look closely at the generational trends in attitudes toward pornography.

Porn Chart

At first, you may be inclined to lament that more Zoomers want porn to stay legal than any other generation polled.

But on closer inspection, a couple of remarkable data points present themselves.

  1. More Zoomers than Millennials want porn banned outright.
  2. This stat marks a reversal in the trend that started with the Boomers of each successive generation favoring porn bans less than the last.
Perhaps most fascinating is how split Zoomers are on the porn question--more than any prior cohort. Factor in people's reliable tendency to grow more conservative with age and the high likelihood that many pro-porn Gen Zeds are having their freshman fling with Libertarianism, and odds are good that their green bar will shrink to the red bar's benefit.

Lest you still doubt the Zoomers' budding reactionary streak, take a look at another AE chart, this time on gun laws.

Georgia Gun Law

Note that the age delineations lump Gen Zeds in with some Millennials. It's a good bet that support for C&C is even higher among 16-20 year-olds.

Now, a common mistake older folks make is to impose their Left vs Right filter on groups that eschew that paradigm. By and large, Zoomers who reject the Death Cult's vision are ambivalent or even hostile toward Classical Liberalism, unrestricted free marketism, and government noninterventionism. The see those 20th century ideologies as failed pipe dreams that have no relevance in the post-Western world they've been relegated to.

What does interest Zoomers on our side is the family and faith life their grandparents took for granted and they themselves never had. We'd do well to help guide them to their goal.

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  1. A good analysis. Zoomers are openly hostile to both Classical Liberalism and Conservatism and distrust all forms of traditional and social media.

    I have two Generation Z kids, and they are red-pilled as fuck, and I can only take half-credit for that (we homeschooled them). They have instant communication with their peers and their peer groups (using non-centralized and distributed communications technology), and for the most part, are not on social media.

    Zoomer groups police their own relentlessly. They openly mock cuck behavior and use "Beta Cuck" as a grave insult almost on par with "Boomer" (I've heard "OK, Boomer" well before it went central meme).

    I've heard zoomers tell other zoomers, "unless you go STEM college is a fucking scam, bro," and my favorite "Captain Save-A-Ho always dies at the end of the movie."

    Zoomers have a moderate mistrust of Millennial and Millennial women in particular, but in general, think of that age group as taking one for the team and mostly a lost generation screwed by their forebears. Where Millennial men sink when the opposite sex acts almost contrary to what they expect, Zoomer young men and boys have a dramatically lowered tolerance for inter-gender shenanigans.

    All is not well in Zoomer Land, however. They need a solid moral community to guide them and watch their backs. Subversive movements like MGTOW nibble away at their fortitude. Previous generations need to unlearn much to provide accurate guidance. Many are doing well only because they swam rather than sank.

    1. Good for you for homeschooling! But as you indicated, that's only half the equation. Solid faith formation is likewise indispensable.

    2. Brian

      The English speaking Catholics Are very fortunate. They're light years ahead of the Romance language Catholics in terms of platforms and resources.

      There's no equivalent of French/Spanish equivalent of Catholic answers or platforms like the Augustine institute.

      That needs to be addressed and rectified.


  2. This gives me hope. My son isn't even old enough to say the word porn, and if we fight now, maybe he won't have to fight it the way I did (and still do).

    Side note: 'Parent better' as a response to porn is the most infuriating thing I ever hear in this debate, mostly from millenials and Ys with no children. It's not like TV where it's a single device in the home that can't be easily moved. We live in a day where your fridge and toilet are hooked up to the internet. That shit is a drug every bit as damaging to a young brain as alcohol, and I guarantee nobody would be saying 'parent better' if five minutes alone with a school computer could net a 9 year old a bottle of absinthe. You could bet your bottom dollar the fact that the kid clicked the 'I am over 21' button wouldn't buy then any sympathy, either.

    Ban porn, and if that's not possible (yet),prosecute any porn site with that weak nonsense as their only age verification.

    1. Porn addiction causes real, physical brain damage in adults. It's not known exactly how much worse the effects on developing brains are, only that it's much worse.

      Brain damage may explain why Coomers never grasp that banning porn _is_ parenting better.

    2. True that. According to Your Brain on Porn and a bunch of anecdotes at /r/nofap, quitting porn greatly increases energy, motivation, and libido. It takes 6-18 months to reverse tha damage for somebody who started using specifically internet porn as an adult, but can take five years for somebody who started as a teenager.

    3. According to author/researcher "Anonymous Conservative," amygdala decay results in a population of leftist "rabbits." Dopamine "hits" contribute to said decay, which implicates porn, drugs, etc. Safety, comfort, and free resources also deaden the amygdala.

      This skips over the biochemical mechanics, but indicates that even absent the moral considerations, there's a realpolitik reason to ban pornography.

    4. Porn avoidance isn't as easy as hiding it behind a curtain anymore. One wrong click is all it takes to see some truly disgusting material.

      And it isn't coincidental that this debate really popped up during November.

  3. It's a combination of reaching complete saturation of the stuff and watching what it has done to us as a whole. One generation sees porn as High Hefner in a smoking jacket while another sees it as the creepy old guy watching teens on a webcam. The latter is seeing the damage the former's attitude led to.

    1. The debate over banning porn boils down to one side that thinks of porn as something purchased in brown paper bags in the seedy part of town and the other side that knows every nine-year-old is one click away from hardcore donkey porn.

    2. Because some of us found it were those kids and teens that made that bad click when we were younger.

      Accidentally seeing a porno magazine is nowhere near as easy as finding porn on the internet, even with safe search on.

      People who weren't kids when the internet first came around simply do not understand how different it is.

    3. All true.

      Interesting, though, that the Silents don't understand either, yet they're more gung ho for a full porn ban than anyone.

  4. This is an important battlefield. Forcing Death Cultists to defend pornography exposes the bankruptcy of liberalism and "muh free speech."

    The memetic potential is off-the-charts too: e.g. “With liberty and hardcore porn for all” superimposed over a painting of the Framers.

    1. The problem with Liberalism is it leaves its adherents with no moral criteria except consent. And that's how you get Conservatives defending hardcore porn and Congressional candidates supporting bestiality.

      The current controversy sure has exposed a lot of moral idiots.

    2. "The current controversy sure has exposed a lot of moral idiots."

      It's almost as if a group specifically went after porn to thin the heard on the "right" side of the line.


    3. Athletic and WhitesplosiveDecember 18, 2019 at 8:14 PM

      Very true, this is the type of no-lose issue that we should have been pushing on for years. It's a huge winner because NO ONE buys into the position that liberalism is wedded to, not even liberals.

      It's such a major weak point, even a majority of homosexuals show up as yellow with a modest red minority on this chart.

    4. That's exactly why those Republican congressmen are urging prosecution of pornographers under current obscenity laws.

  5. I still haven't shaken my libertarian/anarchist streak. This is not out of libertinism, but mostly because it appears a nearly unbroken rule that whatever the government does, it does quite badly, often making the problem worse.

    So while I acknowledge pornography is a serious evil, I propose a different remedy than banning it. I think we should establish a federal department of pornography and mandate that all pornography be produced through it. Within a decade, production would drop to only a few a year and it will be so bland and uninteresting that everyone voluntarily stops watching anyway.

    And yes, I'm mostly joking . . . mostly. I think it's genuinely possible that the plan might work.

    1. That is quite funny.

      The rule you cited is based on a misapprehension. Our rulers are experts at what they do. It's just that what they do isn't what they say or what most people think.

    2. Yeah, if the government wants to do something corrupting and destructive, I think they could actually manage it. *Sigh* Well, it was a fun idea anyway.

      I think there are some things we'll never entirely get rid of, and the best we can actually do is disconnect from them. As things stand, our government in many ways aids and supports pornographers and abortionists. And even if a man never uses either, he is still entangled with them via the government.

      If we had no government, then your only relationships are voluntary. You could set up your own life so that you never support these things. What kind of impact could we have in that environment?

      I'm not crazy. I know this is a long way away, and I know it wouldn't solve all of our problems. I just wonder.

  6. I must say it's interesting to see which group has the biggest portion for absolutely unrestricted pornography. One might be tempted to think they hold ideas absolutely antithetical to our own. But I'm not sure we're allowed to think that.

    1. Athletic and WhitesplosiveDecember 19, 2019 at 11:07 AM

      Credit where it's due, they beat homosexual men for outright banning it. Though that achievement ranks alongside feats of strength like "beating an eight year old in an arm wrestle".