Witch Test Twofer

Not a Christian

The QuQu bags two witches in one go and provides an excellent example of what the Witch Test was designed to do.


The Witch Test derives its unerring effectiveness from two facts:

  1. Western morality is based on Christian moral principles.
  2. Death Cultists reject Christianity yet are inveterate scolds compelled to deliver lectures predicated on the same morality they reject.
The witch above loses points before the test proper is even administered by openly admitting that he's scolding a Christian. Surprise, surprise, when the time comes to confess Christ, neither he nor his white knight buddy can make the public profession.

Equally important: The exchange above was occasioned by a prior finger wagging courtesy of Silicon Valley bugman Johnny Graz. Look carefully at how QuQu deals with him.

Johnny Graz

Note that QuQu did not give Johnny the Witch Test. That's because Graz is an open Death Cultist. He's already done the work of undermining his moral authority. The QuQu just pointed it out with the help of a smug atheist meme, which is all the situation called for.

To sum up, here's how to respond to the two types of scolds featured in the above examples.

Death Cultists masquerading as Christians:
  • Witch test.
  • Notify of failure and block.
Open Death Cultists trying to co-opt Christian morals:
  • Point out Cultist's lack of moral authority.
  • Mock heartily and block.
It's vital to deny witches and Death Cultists their stolen moral superiority. 

It's equally important to support the work of creators who don't hate you. Read Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming now!


  1. If Jesus were real he'd flog people with a whip, physically trash marketplaces, and consider "bitch" to be a useful dialectic term.
    And as it happens, at least one Christian sect is noted for rigidity in interpretation of Matthew 6:2. Although I'm not sure how Christian I think of JW's, the point is they hold that you Must Not Tell. So "it doesn't work like that" is nonsense.

    1. "Jesus used a racist slur, calling Canaanites "dogs" in Matthew 15:21-28 ... when I fight Satan, I use the sharpest knives I can find."
      -St. Terry Davis

  2. This is because most have no sense of Justice at all. It's the one thing we should have in common with Objectivists, and yet I find they have better arguments in favor of it than modern Christians do.

    They want everything to be nice and pleasant, but that's not the world we live in. Letting sinners sin rampantly is moral cowardice and is complicit in it.

    Christ would want you to shoot your would-be murderer.

    A) You prevent him from committing future mortal sins.
    B) You prevent him from harming innocents.
    C) You prevent Evil from destroying Good.

    You live in a world soaked in sin. People are not naturally nice, and all your problems will not be solved with a friendly chat. To think that defending the innocent as some sort of bad proves we've lost out bearings, and sanity.

    Utopians are a plague.

    1. Point A is often overlooked but important.

      There is a kind of severe mercy in preventing a sinner from further compounding his sins. He may already be damned, but if there's one ironclad rule, it's that things can always get worse.

    2. I never sought out John Piper's writing; he came across as mostly fluff. However, I never told others not to read him until I read his article on why no one should own a weapon. Wow. The exegesis in it was poor. Continual conflation of self-defense with revenge. Now, I not only do not read him, I tell my congregation not to.

    3. I know a hard core Christian pacifist. He seems to think that a radical imitation of Christ involves not resisting with force, ever.

    4. In full justice to him, he's a good man - neither an idiot, nor a knave. He preaches peace, not disarmament.

  3. Brain

    To quote Bradford

    You don't get to use Christian morality to denigrate it