Profile in Fortitude

Matthew 18:16

Sixty percent of Americans claim to be Christian. If one percent of us found our spines like this man did, the Death Cult would be overthrown tomorrow, and Clown World would be reduced to a cautionary tale of what happens when effeminacy weakens a people's fortitude.


For those who haven't yet heard, a Christian man attended a Drag Queen Story Hour Death Cult humiliation ritual with Bible in hand. During the Q&A, he asked the child-scandalizing pervert how he will explain his sins before God's judgment seat.

In so doing, this man applied the Witch Test to the entire room. As the video clearly documents, they failed spectacularly.

Lest you doubt that this man exercised heroic virtue, bear in mind that the Death Cult so jealously guards their shame liturgies as to station sniper teams atop the libraries temples to Molech where these rites take place.

In addition to a stirring profile in fortitude, this man's example shows how groyper tactics can be effectively deployed directly against the Death Cult.

Drag Queen Story Time protesters who openly demonstrate outside libraries are arrested or menaced by snipers. Clandestinely attending the event, suffering through the debauched ritual, and then giving the Witch Test during the Q&A has proven far more effective.

And if we hope to save Christendom without bloodshed, we'll have to shift focus from ineffective methods that make us feel good to methods that, while still peaceful, get results.

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  1. One of the reasons I don't have problems telling people what I think is wrong is because most of them don't even realize their views on subjects have changed radically over the last 20 years.

    Once its pointed out they're usually too busy trying to understand how that happened to even argue properly.

    1. Facebook is a wonderful repository of 10-year-old gay jokes made by lefty friends and family members. Digging them up never fails to elicit a deer in headlights look.

  2. What fortitude, what strength, what magnificence. May his example inspire us all

  3. Brian

    What resources can you recommend to better understand Christanity's dignity culture. I think this will he helpful to counter this victim culture.


  4. Athletic and WhitesplosiveDecember 5, 2019 at 9:35 AM

    Though I have a storied career of being racist online, this is a great example of how different peoples have different strengths. Far fewer whites or asians would have the foolhardiness and nerve needed to pull this off in such an intensely hostile social situation. An unshakeable nerve and will to have your voice heard becomes obnoxious when you're wrong, but can be a powerful asset to the righteous man.

    You're sometimes in a situation where the one who can sprint across the coals without a thought is unscathed, the one who appreciates the danger and hesitates is burned. God bless this man!

    1. See also how the Church in Africa is successfully resisting the poz.