Hard Moon

Hard Moon - David Hallquist

Superversive laureate Ben Zwycky brings us a music video inspired by the cyberpunk novel Hard Moon by David Hallquist. Check it out!

I beta read David's novel, and I can tell you it's a gripping, visceral thrill ride. Do yourself a favor and read it!


  1. That video made me a buyer. Very melancholy and masculine.

    And any visual description aside (and so far we have no such description), this really has the look and feel of a very good werewolf story.

    I'm about halfway through now and am right now leaning towards pre-ordering the next two.

    1. Thank you--for reading and for your valuable feedback!

  2. The third book Amazon's page is missing. Do you happen to know if he had been banned? Do you know if the third book is available somewhere?