Combat Frame Data: AZC-104ST

AZC-104ST Stealth Grand Dolph
AZC-104ST Stealth Grand Dolph

Technical Data

Model number: AZC-104ST
Code name: Stealth Grand Dolph
Nickname: Dolph
Classification: limited production stealth combat frame
Manufacturer: CDF variant of a Zeklov-Astraea design
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19.2 meters, 21 meters with antenna
Weight: Dry weight 56 metric tons, full weight 68 metric tons
Armor type: titanium alloy/palladium glass/ceramic composite with EM-dispersing graphene layer
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1878 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 34,250 kg, 4x 21,750 kg; top speed 2790 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 22, 180° turn time 0.88 seconds; legs: top ground speed 200 kph
Sensors: VISOR (Visible & Infrared Scanning Optical Receptor) mounted in head
Fixed armaments: Plasma sword, power rated at 0.47 MW, stored in recharge rack on back, hand-carried in use, x2 windmill blade, mounted on pivot joint in left shoulder, angled backwards in flight, lock together to form 10 kg railgun
Hand armaments: Grand Dolph machine rifle, loads 70mm graphene-coated tungsten rounds, 100 shots per magazine
Special equipment: Dynamic optical camouflage

General Notes

Grudgingly bending to the AZC-104 Grand Dolph's impressive combat results against the XSeeds, the Coalition Defense Forces on Earth ordered a number of Grand Dolph units in anticipation of military action against the breakaway island of Hainan.

Midway through the HALO Conflict of CY 40, CDF Second Lieutenant Gerald Bauer approached Brussels Air Base commander General Howard Dryden with a plan to stage a series of false flag attacks. By blaming the attacks on Hainan's HALO allies, the CDF could sway grounder opinion toward the Coalition.

Dryden and his superior Governor Tove approved Bauer's operation. Framing HALO would require high-performance combat frames capable of inflicting heavy damage with discretion. Tove made an under-the-table-agreement with Burnard Industries, co-designers of the Grand Dolph, to modify three AZC-104 units for use by Bauer's black ops team.

By all metrics, Burnard surpassed the deal's terms. The AZC-104ST variant possessed all the toughness, speed, and firepower of its deadly predecessor, plus two nasty surprises.

First, Burnard made the AZC-104ST's armaments even more potent and versatile with the addition of a novel pair of carbyne-steel windmill blades. Bearing serrated inner edges, the blades could spin around a hub mounted between the stealth Dolph's left shoulder and torso like a propeller. The blades could tear through any armor short of XSeeds' 1D carbyne laminate or grapple targets for close quarters punishment.

Still more ingeniously, both blades could lock together like a set of steel jaws to form the barrel of a long-range railgun. Capable of firing 10 kg steel darts at hypersonic speeds from the surface or the air, its railgun gave the Stealth Grand Dolph the ability to launch devastating kinetic strikes without warning or fear of retaliation.

Not even these lethal enhancements satisfied Burnard. As a finishing touch, he equipped all three AZC-104ST units with optical camo identical to the XCD-104 Eschaton's dynamic cloak. Used in combination with its armor's radar-dispersing graphene layer, the AZC-104ST's cloak gave it nigh-impenetrable stealth--much to Hainan's sorrow.

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Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40 - Brian Niemeier


  1. Stealthy, lethal, and is that a Gundam-style widow's peak on the forehead?

    And is it really any surprise that Brussels is a HQ for the SOCs?

    I admit that I love the addition of close combat weaponry either as main, or as secondary/backup. I also love that no matter what the current state-of-the-art CF tech is...it will always be eclipsed by something else. Arms races are like that.

    For the rest, I hold that the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition must be destroyed.

    Even if it means this mech is as well.

    1. Thanks. I can't wait to hear what you think of the book :)