Witch Test Twofer

Not a Christian

The QuQu bags two witches in one go and provides an excellent example of what the Witch Test was designed to do.


The Witch Test derives its unerring effectiveness from two facts:

  1. Western morality is based on Christian moral principles.
  2. Death Cultists reject Christianity yet are inveterate scolds compelled to deliver lectures predicated on the same morality they reject.
The witch above loses points before the test proper is even administered by openly admitting that he's scolding a Christian. Surprise, surprise, when the time comes to confess Christ, neither he nor his white knight buddy can make the public profession.

Equally important: The exchange above was occasioned by a prior finger wagging courtesy of Silicon Valley bugman Johnny Graz. Look carefully at how QuQu deals with him.

Johnny Graz

Note that QuQu did not give Johnny the Witch Test. That's because Graz is an open Death Cultist. He's already done the work of undermining his moral authority. The QuQu just pointed it out with the help of a smug atheist meme, which is all the situation called for.

To sum up, here's how to respond to the two types of scolds featured in the above examples.

Death Cultists masquerading as Christians:
  • Witch test.
  • Notify of failure and block.
Open Death Cultists trying to co-opt Christian morals:
  • Point out Cultist's lack of moral authority.
  • Mock heartily and block.
It's vital to deny witches and Death Cultists their stolen moral superiority. 

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Ask most people their opinion of pre-democratic societies, and aside from a few D&D nerds, most will decry the monarchies and aristocracies of yore as tyrannical nightmares. The king and his barons--possibly with some oversight from the Church--made all the important policy decisions, and the common man got no vote. If you got saddled with a mad or wicked ruler, you had to wait for him to die and hope his heir turned out better.

Liberal democracy proposed to address this problem by expanding decision-making power to include the populace at large. After all, it only made sense that those affected by government policies have a say in the agenda.

But there's no perfect form of government, and democracy, too, has its quirks and drawbacks. While government affects everyone, not everyone has equal skin in the game. The Framers of the US Constitution recognized this fact and restricted the franchise in an attempt to mitigate the inevitable demagoguery of bribing Peter with Paul's tax money.

Aristocrats, too--at least the successful ones--realized they weren't wholly without accountability. They cultivated the tradition of noblesse oblige out of the Christian understanding that rulership means leading by serving and the practical understanding that resentful, immiserated people are expensive to rule.

The triumph of Liberal democracy means that everyone reading this was raised on a steady diet of pro-democratic propaganda. Instead of just one system among many, democracy was presented as the default, the ultimate model of social organization that would usher in the end of history.

 It is equally ironic and predictable that Liberal democracy would end in an orgy of tyranny to make a decadent French nobleman balk. Democracy thought to solve the problem of tyranny by letting the people replace their leaders, but our leaders circumvented that check by replacing the people.

It's no coincidence that nobody pays more lip service to democracy than the Leftist Death Cult. Having just completed a century-long project designed to insulate them from the consequences of their depredations, the Left are feeling their oats and accordingly embarking upon a totalitarian spree once reserved for Soviet puppet states.

After spending the past few decades constantly testing boundaries like sociopathic toddlers, the Death Cultists are now confident that they will face no serious pushback against their insane edicts and will suffer no punishments for their enormities.

You can tell because they're not even bothering to hide the election tampering, treason, and human sacrifice anymore. The Epstein debacle was the final proof. You had an international scumbag who furnished child sex slaves to other international scumbags and lived like a pharaoh until he slipped up one time too many. Then his former benefactors pushed a button on him with matching sloppiness.

Time was, the ruling party would put some effort into coming up with a cock and bull story to mollify the NPCs. Now, instead of lone gunmen and magic bullets, we get tacit admissions that foul play is afoot but zero follow up action from law enforcement. That's why the Cult didn't offer up the usual ablative meat shields over the coup against Trump. No need to sacrifice scapegoats when there are zero consequences for ignoring the cries for justice.

This casual wickedness has even trickled down from the thrones in Washington to the Cult's Hollywood priesthood. In just two years, Kevin Spacey has gone from facing jail time for alleged shenanigans with an underage boy to flaunting his case's dismissal in a bizarre Christmas video.

More than bizarre, Spacey's message took on a sinister new subtext when one of his accusers died in an apparent suicide the day after it was posted.

Is it a coincidence that Spacey's accuser died one day after the disgraced star invited viewers to kill detractors with kindness? Possibly, but if so, it's the most uncanny example of prophetic TV since Quantum Leap called the 96 Super Bowl.

Now consider that Spacey has close ties to the Clintons, including at least one trip with Bill aboard Epstein's Lolita Express.

It's hard not to see one epic humiliation ritual behind the whole sordid affair. And the meaning of that ritual is clear: "We're in charge. Our control is total. We can do anything we want, and we can lie, cheat, and kill with zero repercussions, so think twice before getting in our way."

Our rulers have moved beyond simple corruption and into the chilling realm of supervillainy. Voting won't stop them any more than it would stop Lex Luthor or Keyeser Söze. Democracy is based on negotiation, and there's no negotiating with people who are in a position to dictate terms.

It's worth remembering, though, that the ruling classes of old adopted noblesse oblige out of enlightened self-interest as much as Christian charity. Our current rulers have neither Christian virtue nor the practical sense to give the mob a few token concessions. If history is any guide, they may learn to their sorrow that their predecessors practiced a degree of restraint for their own protection.

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Boiling Off

St. Bernard's

The local diocese is talking about closing the parish church I attended throughout grade school, so my family and I returned to celebrate Christmas there. The beautiful Romanesque building stands in stark contrast to the UFO churches where I live now, and in my absence someone had done the mercy of removing the garish lime green paint that had hidden the gorgeous original woodwork.

Walking into that church felt like coming home. Of course, no one in the West is allowed to have that feeling anymore. Hence that church's upcoming closure. Hard-working Irish, Italian, and German families pitched in a hundred years ago to build it and the school across the street. That demographic mix remained intact into the mid 90s. Within ten years of my graduation, the student body became overwhelmingly Hispanic, enrollment cratered, and the school closed.

The new wave of immigration destroyed what the prior immigrant wave had built. The symbolism isn't lost on our elites.

It is, however, lost on the Catholic Church's hierarchy. The USCCB gets 40% of its funding from the government for helping to resettle migrants in the US. The thinking among bishops and Catholic charity administrators alike is that they can skip the hard work of catechesis and evangelization and simply import new parishioners from majority Catholic countries. Getting paid for it is the cherry on top.

Meanwhile, the children of those imports suffer the same 40%--there's that number again--apostasy rate as native Catholics, and once thriving parishes merge into multi-church clusters presided over by one or two itinerant priests.

A recent YouGov poll shows that 40%--anyone else seeing a theme, here?--of Catholics are practically agnostic. If the bishops don't see a connection between these figures, they're even more out of touch than we thought.

None of this should be surprising. The Church's hierarchy is staffed by human beings who are susceptible to the same vain apathy that's beset all the West's institutions. The story of the West over the last 60 years is the story of leaders who inherited noble legacies from better men. Instead of safeguarding and handing down this patrimony in their turn, they tried to refashion it in their own image. Instead of consecrating the Modern world, they left a colossal mess for their successors.

Some point to these disastrous failures of leadership and declare the death of the Church. Their predictions are myopic at best. Christianity isn't going away. It may, however, be going back East.

Don't count Western Christianity out just yet, though. Generation Z is already more religious than the Boomers were at the same age. Those Zoomers who are staying with the Church crave the ancient doctrines and traditions which are their birthright and which they've been denied. And they're doing something about it.

What we're seeing in the Western Church is a process called boiling off. The Modernists and Christmas and Easter Christians are leaving as being Christian increasingly comes with a social cost. Those who remain are committed to the faith in spite of the cost. That's the stuff from which crusaders are made.

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May be a better name for the dying New York publishing cartel than oldpub.

Data courtesy of author Ben Cheah:

Genre Chart

Some significant context: digging under the following data points turned up that it predominantly applies to oldpub. In that regard, they make for a pretty accurate snapshot of oldpub's readership ca. 2014.

What do we find?

  • Women prefer to read books written by women.
  • Men prefer to read books written by men.
  • Women read more fiction than men--about four times more according to some sources.
  • Women like reading new books more than men do.
At first blush, it's not unreasonable to look at these numbers and conclude that oldpub's catering to female readers is just a common sense reaction to market forces. After all, if most of your customers are women, your products should target them.

With all respect to Ben, this explanation puts the cart before the horse. It's not that men don't like to read. We know they love to read. Male-targeted fiction dominated pop culture during the reign of the pulps. It took frustrated lit fic authors-turned-editors at NYC houses to suppress men's adventure fiction and usher in the pink revolt.

A former oldpub editor explains what happened:

In my opinion, this empty excuse of ‘Men Don’t Read’ has begotten a vicious cycle. I was hesitant to write this article, mainly because in no way do I want to be perceived as diminishing the talents of many, many brilliant women in publishing, nor do I believe that there is a true ‘gender bias’. A bias insinuates some sort of malice, a purposeful exclusion of a segment of society for selfish or ignorant reasons. Those kind of insinuations are not the aim of this piece, nor are they my opinions in any way. This is a critique of the system, not those who work within it.
This NPR piece three years ago came to the conclusion that women read more fiction than men by a 4-1 margin. Articles like this madden me because I think they miss the big picture, or perhaps are even ignoring it purposefully. It’s like discussing global warming, while completely ignoring the fact that hey, maybe we have something to do with it.
Nobody can deny the fact that most editorial meetings tend to be dominated by women. Saying the ratio is 75/25 is not overstating things. So needless to say when a male editor pitches a book aimed at men, there are perilously few men to read it and give their opinions. Not to mention that, because there are so few men, the competition to buy books aimed at men is astronomical. I was once shot down in an effort to buy a sports humor book because I couldn’t get the support of a senior editor. The reason? This editor had written a similar book proposal on submission and didn’t want to hurt his chances of selling it.
Men read. Tons of them do. But they are not marketed to, not targeted, and often totally dismissed. Go to a book conference, a signing. Outside of a Tucker Max event, what percentage of attendees are men? 

This editor's Death Cult membership aside--it's serendipitous that his verbal contortions over the word bias reveals his own bias--he correctly identifies the Men Don't Read canard as a self-fulfilling oldpub prophecy.

The New York houses used to publish fiction that men liked to read. Now they don't. It doesn't take a marketing whiz to see why most of their readers are now women.

But contra Mr. Editor lip-synching to the progressive pieties, there is clear and open bias behind oldpub's shunning of men. He rightly acknowledges that men love to read just as much as women. Then he ignores the 75-25 elephant in editorial. Does he think women just like editing more?

Spouting blatant untruths like that is just another humiliation ritual. Mr. Editor is hanging a Workers of the World Unite! star in his storefront.

Of course there's a purposeful, malice-driven exclusion of male readers from oldpub. The mass exodus of those readers has the Big Five circling the drain while lining newpub's pockets. Oldpub can only be alienating male readers out of malice or stupidity.

It's not like the fempub crowd makes a secret of their hatred for men. Here's one of their former darlings issuing a fatwa against books by the Death Cult's enemies.

Suffice it to say, don't give money to people who hate you. Consider supporting the work of authors who strive to serve that forgotten male audience by writing explosive adventure books.

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Today in the City of David

Christ the Savior is born!

The Nativity

And I boldly affirm that today, December 25, really is the date of Jesus' birth.

Zechariah was in the priestly course of Abijah. Thus he served in the temple in the 8th and 32nd week of the year.

Luke's Gospel has him serving on the Day of Atonement (at the end of September) and conceiving John the Baptist right when he got home.

This places John's birth in late June.

The Catholic Church has traditionally celebrated the Nativity of John the Baptist on June 24, which fits Luke's time line perfectly.

The Protoevangelium of James flat out confirms St. John's late September conception. Sure, it's apocryphal, but that doesn't disqualify it as a source of historical data.

Luke clearly states that Jesus was conceived when Elizabeth was six months pregnant with John.

Scriptural, traditional, and historical evidence place John's birth in late June. Adding 6 months puts Jesus' birth in late December.

This is nothing new, either. The Church Fathers knew the evidence & reached the same conclusion.

St. John Chrysostom preached his famous Christmas Morning Homily on December 25, 388.

St. Hippolytus, who died in AD 235, wrote, "The first advent of Our Lord in the flesh occurred when He was born in Bethlehem on December 25."

But the tradition goes back even further than that!

St. Theophilus, d. AD 181, wrote, "We ought to celebrate the birthday of Our Lord on what day soever the 25th of December shall happen."

There you have it. The Bible, eyewitnesses to Jesus' ministry who knew and loved Him--including His mother--and His Apostles' early successors, give strong testimony that Jesus really was born on December 25.

There are really only 3 objections to affirming December 25 as the actual date of Christ's birth. I'll answer them in turn.

Objection 1: Luke has shepherds tending their sheep on the night of Jesus' birth, but shepherds don't graze their flocks in winter.

Answer: Bethlehem has a similar climate to Houston. You'll find sheep out in the pasture in both places year-round.

Objection 2: The Church "baptized" Saturnalia, an ancient Roman feast, by setting the celebration of Christmas to the same date.

Answer: Saturnalia was held on the Winter Solstice, between December 17 and 23. The dates simply don't match. Close only counts in horseshoes & hand grenades.

Objection 2: OK, if not Saturnalia, then Sol Invictus.

Answer: The Emperor Aurelian did decree the feast of Sol Invictus in 274, prior to the first documented celebration of Christmas on December 25, 336. But there's no record of Sol Invictus' celebration on December 25 until 354, when Julian the Apostate moved it in the original War on Christmas.

TL; DR: Scripture, tradition, & history attest to December 25 as Christ's actual birthday. Pagans got nothin'. Merry Christmas!

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XSeed Book 3 Launch

Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming

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Sullia Zend uses the fray on Earth as cover for her secret agenda. But can even the Sentinel manage a ruthless lawman, her own estranged sister, and a HALO defector on the eve of a cataclysmic reckoning eons in the making?

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The Great Porn Debate

Porn Debate

The social media war over banning pornography that's raged these past two months came to a head on the #Killstream, where Catholic author Dr. E. Michael Jones debated YouTuber Styx Hexenhammer.

Watch the debate:

Who do you think won?

Ralph's audience voice their opinion here.

Classical Theist had the best take:

Classical Theist

My comment:

Jones is right that porn is addictive, and CT is right that the Harm Principle is at best an ancillary criterion for outlawing it. Pornography gravely violates the natural law, which is the right standard of human positive law.

Stay focused on the moral level.

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Combat Frame Data: AZC-104ST

AZC-104ST Stealth Grand Dolph
AZC-104ST Stealth Grand Dolph

Technical Data

Model number: AZC-104ST
Code name: Stealth Grand Dolph
Nickname: Dolph
Classification: limited production stealth combat frame
Manufacturer: CDF variant of a Zeklov-Astraea design
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19.2 meters, 21 meters with antenna
Weight: Dry weight 56 metric tons, full weight 68 metric tons
Armor type: titanium alloy/palladium glass/ceramic composite with EM-dispersing graphene layer
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1878 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 34,250 kg, 4x 21,750 kg; top speed 2790 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 22, 180° turn time 0.88 seconds; legs: top ground speed 200 kph
Sensors: VISOR (Visible & Infrared Scanning Optical Receptor) mounted in head
Fixed armaments: Plasma sword, power rated at 0.47 MW, stored in recharge rack on back, hand-carried in use, x2 windmill blade, mounted on pivot joint in left shoulder, angled backwards in flight, lock together to form 10 kg railgun
Hand armaments: Grand Dolph machine rifle, loads 70mm graphene-coated tungsten rounds, 100 shots per magazine
Special equipment: Dynamic optical camouflage

General Notes

Grudgingly bending to the AZC-104 Grand Dolph's impressive combat results against the XSeeds, the Coalition Defense Forces on Earth ordered a number of Grand Dolph units in anticipation of military action against the breakaway island of Hainan.

Midway through the HALO Conflict of CY 40, CDF Second Lieutenant Gerald Bauer approached Brussels Air Base commander General Howard Dryden with a plan to stage a series of false flag attacks. By blaming the attacks on Hainan's HALO allies, the CDF could sway grounder opinion toward the Coalition.

Dryden and his superior Governor Tove approved Bauer's operation. Framing HALO would require high-performance combat frames capable of inflicting heavy damage with discretion. Tove made an under-the-table-agreement with Burnard Industries, co-designers of the Grand Dolph, to modify three AZC-104 units for use by Bauer's black ops team.

By all metrics, Burnard surpassed the deal's terms. The AZC-104ST variant possessed all the toughness, speed, and firepower of its deadly predecessor, plus two nasty surprises.

First, Burnard made the AZC-104ST's armaments even more potent and versatile with the addition of a novel pair of carbyne-steel windmill blades. Bearing serrated inner edges, the blades could spin around a hub mounted between the stealth Dolph's left shoulder and torso like a propeller. The blades could tear through any armor short of XSeeds' 1D carbyne laminate or grapple targets for close quarters punishment.

Still more ingeniously, both blades could lock together like a set of steel jaws to form the barrel of a long-range railgun. Capable of firing 10 kg steel darts at hypersonic speeds from the surface or the air, its railgun gave the Stealth Grand Dolph the ability to launch devastating kinetic strikes without warning or fear of retaliation.

Not even these lethal enhancements satisfied Burnard. As a finishing touch, he equipped all three AZC-104ST units with optical camo identical to the XCD-104 Eschaton's dynamic cloak. Used in combination with its armor's radar-dispersing graphene layer, the AZC-104ST's cloak gave it nigh-impenetrable stealth--much to Hainan's sorrow.

visceral milsf action

Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40 - Brian Niemeier


Ticking Time Bomb


Astute pundits are rightly alerting us that the impeachment circus is a distraction to hide legislative shenanigans from the people.

But not even the most cynical among them could have guessed just how strange some of those shenanigans are.
The House quietly voted last week to require the Pentagon inspector general to tell Congress whether the department experimented with weaponizing disease-carrying insects and whether they were released into the public realm — either accidentally or on purpose.
The unusual proposal took the form of an amendment that was adopted by voice vote July 11 during House debate on the fiscal 2020 defense authorization bill, which lawmakers passed the following day.
The amendment, by New Jersey Republican Christopher H. Smith, says the inspector general “shall conduct a review of whether the Department of Defense experimented with ticks and other insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975.”
The Pentagon weaponizing ticks to spread Lyme disease is a new one on me. But Congress thinks there's enough smoke hanging over the allegations to order a search for fire.
A book called “Bitten,” published this year, makes the case that the Defense Department research occurred and hints at a possible connection between the experiments and the spread of maladies such as Lyme disease, which is borne by ticks.
To Smith and other advocates of the Pentagon IG report, studying the past may provide data that can help stem the spread of Lyme disease in the future.
Lyme disease sucks. See author Alex Hellene's account of his battle with the ailment for the gory details.
Between 300,000 and 427,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur each year, with further growth expected in the years ahead, said Smith, a founding co-chairman of the Congressional Lyme Disease Caucus, which advocates for greater awareness of the disease and for more funding for research into a cure.
“We need answers and we need them now,” Smith said.
I put the question to my cherished readers: What do you think the odds are we'll ever get those answers?

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Zooming out of the Gate

Evidence continues to pour in supporting theories that a major reaction against the Clown World Order is brewing among Generation Z.

Consider this chart prepared by Audacious Epigone. Look closely at the generational trends in attitudes toward pornography.

Porn Chart

At first, you may be inclined to lament that more Zoomers want porn to stay legal than any other generation polled.

But on closer inspection, a couple of remarkable data points present themselves.

  1. More Zoomers than Millennials want porn banned outright.
  2. This stat marks a reversal in the trend that started with the Boomers of each successive generation favoring porn bans less than the last.
Perhaps most fascinating is how split Zoomers are on the porn question--more than any prior cohort. Factor in people's reliable tendency to grow more conservative with age and the high likelihood that many pro-porn Gen Zeds are having their freshman fling with Libertarianism, and odds are good that their green bar will shrink to the red bar's benefit.

Lest you still doubt the Zoomers' budding reactionary streak, take a look at another AE chart, this time on gun laws.

Georgia Gun Law

Note that the age delineations lump Gen Zeds in with some Millennials. It's a good bet that support for C&C is even higher among 16-20 year-olds.

Now, a common mistake older folks make is to impose their Left vs Right filter on groups that eschew that paradigm. By and large, Zoomers who reject the Death Cult's vision are ambivalent or even hostile toward Classical Liberalism, unrestricted free marketism, and government noninterventionism. The see those 20th century ideologies as failed pipe dreams that have no relevance in the post-Western world they've been relegated to.

What does interest Zoomers on our side is the family and faith life their grandparents took for granted and they themselves never had. We'd do well to help guide them to their goal.

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Hard Moon

Hard Moon - David Hallquist

Superversive laureate Ben Zwycky brings us a music video inspired by the cyberpunk novel Hard Moon by David Hallquist. Check it out!

I beta read David's novel, and I can tell you it's a gripping, visceral thrill ride. Do yourself a favor and read it!


Active Waiting

The Crucifixion

I'm often asked what faithful Christians; in particular Catholics, can do to turn back the tide of Modernism that's eroding the Church. This story, passed along by a reader, may offer a template for action.
A group of young French-Canadian Catholic men are asking their bishops to teach the traditional faith and give the spiritual leadership they say is essential to combat the nihilistic culture that tempts many to despair.
That includes allowing access to the traditional Latin Mass. 
Twenty-nine men between the ages of 18 to 44, including university students, a doctor and two lawyers, signed an open letter titled “We Ask for Faith: Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church in French Canada”
A lay initiative, the letter was sent to 23 bishops of French-speaking dioceses across Canada, as well as the Assemblée des évêques du Québec, or Quebec bishops’ conference, in early November, says George Buscemi, president of Campagne Québec-Vie, the province’s largest pro-life group.
The solution starts with remembering that the general vocation of the laity is to consecrate the world to God the Father. We have not only the right, but the obligation, to communicate our spiritual needs to the members of the Church's hierarchy.
It paints a bleak picture of the lives of French-Canadian men, who “live daily in a culture of death that robs them of the desire to live and the desire to transmit life.”
Caught in “the infernal materialistic cycle of ‘metro-work-sleep,’” many men today seek to escape the “chasm of nihilism” with drugs, alcohol, and pornography. They divorce, lose touch with their children, and die alone or choose euthanasia., the letter states.
Reason to ban porn #878.995: It serves as a distraction and artificial release valve that keeps men from taking action to make their and other's lives better.
The signatories attest to a “certain bitterness” toward their predecessors, who did not guard the Catholic faith, nor pass it on.
“In this era of euphoric delirium and destructive madness that was the 60s, those who preceded us gave way to a wave of inspirations from the depths of Hell,” it reads. That included a secular government that passed laws allowing divorce, contraception, and “the greatest genocide in the history of humanity, abortion.”
The signatories ask the bishops to give them the “Catholic Faith in its entirety, without sweetener. We ask that our people have access to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a dignified form that gives glory to God.” 
Kudos to the signatories for raising the Boomer Question with the bishops. These guys sound so based, I wouldn't be surprised if they brought up Susan from the Parish Council.
Julien Bertrand, the 36-year-old principal author of the letter, says he wrote it “as a heartfelt cry for my French-Canadian brothers I see suffering from a Godless nihilistic life leading to suicide.”
“On one side they are persecuted by their own government, the mainstream media and the intelligentsia because they were born white males. On the other side, their family, the school, and Holy Mother Church didn’t transmit them their rich culture, their glorious History and the one and only true faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ,” Bertrand told LifeSiteNews in an email.
“They are rootless trees in the hurricane of post-modernity, radical feminism and massive foreign invasions,” he said. “I hope those who are in charge of God’s flock will hear the call of their loving sons and may they know that we pray for them.”
Buscemi signed the petition “as a shot in the dark. I expect no answer, but I hope for one. I can do no better,” he told LifeSiteNews.
“I honestly think the Church is going through a Passion, that it is hanging on the cross before our eyes. I see temporal and eternal salvation nowhere else, yet the Church is practically dead and buried … Only God can resurrect, but he asks us to ‘actively wait.’ I see this petition as such an instance of active anticipation. We call for the resurrection, and hope it comes, soon.”
 The government-sanctioned persecution of white men, the Vatican II generation's abject failure to hand on the faith, and the Church-assisted invasion of the West are three catastrophic crises which the hierarchy remains deafeningly silent on.

These aren't just political matters. All of these evils are combining into a perfect storm that's crippling the Church in the US, Canada, and Western Europe.

God bless Julien Bertrand and the letter's cosigners. He's probably right that their call for our wayward shepherds to actually tend their flock will fall on deaf ears--this time.

But what if the bishops received a hundred more letters just like it? How about a thousand?

It's also worth noting that the letter's main author belongs to Generation Y. His example tends to support the position often advanced here that Ys who manage to overcome their learned helplessness can rise to become capable leaders.

I'm doing my part in the literary sphere. Please consider supporting my work.


Oh the Mundanity!

2016 Genre Sales

Author JD Cowan sifts through the wreckage of the Mundane Sci Fi Movement so we don't have to.
Take, for instance, one of the offspring of his ideas. As of 2019, the Mundane Science Fiction movement is 15 years old. Never heard of it? Then you understand how much of a success it was.
For those that don't know, mundane science fiction was a movement spearheaded by the Clarion Writer's Workshop to tell writers what their imagination needs to be focused on in order to shape the future properly. You pay money for this sort of advice. The result has led to an already low selling genre bottoming out and losing to independent Space Opera series in sales. Despite being a 15 year old movement, it has yet to produce a single hit, despite having the entire Oldpub machine behind it. That's the legacy this movement has.
These are pathetic times we live in.
But in order for the usurpers to cling to their cardboard thrones, they needed to make sure that escapism was off the table for up and coming writers. Want to get published by the big boys and have your big books sold in big book stores? Then you better get the hint, and write accordingly. After all, you won't have prisoners attempting escape their cells if they believe there's nowhere to escape to. This is how you get the lowest selling genre.
My comment: "Mundane science fiction" is an oxymoron.


The Seduction of Brand X

Murder Brand

Like many in his generation, Joe had always dreamed of working in television. Too introverted to be an actor, he chose instead to study writing and break into the industry as a screenwriter.

Though he never did master the finer points of prose or dialogue, Joe had a flair for putting ideas together in ways that solved longstanding storytelling problems. He also possessed rare marketing savvy which helped him cultivate professional relationships and build buzz for his projects.

Joe did have one major problem. He loved two-fisted, white hat vs black hat Westerns more than any other kind of story. Classic Western movies, TV shows, and radio dramas had saturated his childhood. He'd constantly daydream about cowboys, Indians, and gunfights--conjuring an intricate fantasy world that he frequented well into adulthood.

But this was the early 70s. Simple tales of good and evil had given way to morally ambiguous stories that the studio heads called "complex and nuanced". The Rural Purge had swept away popular shows like Petticoat Junction and Bonanza. The only shows getting the green light featured careerist urbanites--affluent, sophisticated, and nuanced.

Young Writer

Joe didn't give up on his dream. Using his self-marketing genius, he sold a pilot script for a neo-noir TV show about a detective entangled in a web of sinister intrigue. Critics loved the ambiguous ending and widely interpreted the show as an allegory for the tyranny of McCarthyism. That hadn't been Joe's intention, but he never corrected the critics.

The detective show pilot bombed, but it put Joe on the big producers' radar. His next script--a TV movie inspired by his youth in 1950s New York--was snatched up and rushed into production. The final product turned out to be a rather wholesome slice of Americana, but the suits didn't notice because Joe had made sure to write a few key characters designed to stroke the studio execs' egos.

This time, Joe's work drew impressive ratings. The vision of a more innocent, vanished America resonated with viewers suffering from Vietnam and stagflation-induced malaise.

With a hit under his belt, Joe pitched his own Western series to the network heads. They took him aside and gently explained that Westerns were over. Nobody wanted another boring story about the sheriff gunning down the train robber. They wanted nuance and complexity.

Once again, Joe didn't argue. He did his own thing, like always. A few calls to like-minded maverick writers and several investor meetings later, Joe had his series in pre-production under the aegis of his own production company.


The fruit of Joe's labors was Brand X, a Western TV series clothed in sci fi trappings. The TV executives greenlighted the pilot based on its superficial resemblance to the popular dystopian future genre. But Brand X brought much more to the table. Because the suits left Joe alone to pursue his vision, the pilot featured creative solutions to old problems, like how to make robot dogs cool again. It also had a heaping brimful of heart.

Response to the pilot was mixed, tending toward positive. The ratings beat Joe's detective pilot while performing somewhat below his 50s nostalgia piece. One of Joe's good friends, the director of a cult hit police drama, went to bat for him and suggested a young editor fresh out of film school. The network brass agreed to pick up Brand X for the fall season.

In September of 1973, Brand X made its prime time premiere. Thanks to a major quality boost from its new editor and an unforgettable theme song by Ennio Morricone, Brand X became an overnight smash hit which often took #1 in its time slot. The series played to adult viewers' nostalgia for the old Westerns while capturing a new youth demographic from Generation Jones.

Thus, Brand X entered the pop culture IP Explosion Phase. The network immediately ordered a second season, which Joe was only too happy to provide. As the financial end of his production company took up more and more of his time, Joe increasingly relied on veteran guest directors and legendary writer Edmond Hamilton to bring each episode to air.

Season 2 of Brand X won critical praise beyond any of Joe's prior works and is considered the series' high point by most fans. Joe privately took exception to this, since his creative involvement in Season 2 didn't go much beyond pitching broad ideas at script meetings and approving outlines. He never hesitated to accept the credit his fans extended him, though.

By 1974, Brand X had spawned a spinoff comic book, toy line, and breakfast cereal. Joe's financial acumen had reserved him a healthy cut of the profits, so he felt he had nothing to lose by asking the executives for a raise. The suits low-balled him, citing Season 2's success as proof they could replicate Brand X's magic without him.

Joe finished out his contract with Brand X Season 4, which fans came to regard as an imperfect but welcome return to form. He wanted to prove he could still make blockbuster shows on his own, but the fact that he never really had, compounded by his slow drift out of touch with his audience, resulted in a B- product.

The suits brought in M*A*S*H scribe Larry Gelbart to write the fifth and final season, ensuring that Brand X would go on to the TV afterlife of perpetual syndication.


Unencumbered by its original creator's scruples, Brand X mushroomed into a multimedia empire throughout the late 70s and early 80s. A Saturday morning cartoon and an unreleased Roger Corman feature film joined the ongoing toy, comic book, and snack food lines in the glut of Brand X merchandise.

The ride came to a stop in 1984. Brand X reached oversaturation, and the public lost interest. Where once robot dogs, mutant showgirls, and psychic lawmen had lined store shelves, Brand X faded to a syndicated TV show that gave twentysomethings nostalgia pangs when the USA Network aired it on Saturday afternoons.

But Brand X hadn't yet reached the end of the trail. After changing hands a number of times, the venerable series' movie rights were acquired by SONY, who announced a new Brand X movie set to premiere in 1997. Fans eagerly embraced the studio hype machine, buying up the new tie-in novels, toys, and video games in advance of the hotly anticipated release.

Wild West Aliens

Brand X: Back in the Saddle debuted to critics' jeers, which were drowned out by overenthusiastic fans' rapture over their beloved franchise finally getting a theatrical release. As the novelty wore off, fans grudgingly admitted that the convoluted plot,  the addition of a sassy female gunfighter who often upstaged the male lead, and a bumbling sidekick named Squatchie probably weren't the best artistic choices.

Nevertheless, moviegoers turned out in droves for Brand X: Rise of the South. The film series' sophomore installment widened the story's scope to encompass an evil conspiracy bent on reviving the Confederacy and sparking a second Civil War. Critics complained that the all-CG army of Johnny Reb-Bots fell into the Uncanny Valley, but everyone agreed that the darker tone and more mature themes improved on the first film. The tie-in single and accompanying video by R. Kelly hit #25 on the R&B charts.

By the time Brand X: The Reckoning hit theaters, excitement over the series had started to die off again. Fans still turned up to see "the last one," but the related toy line and new animated series DVDs underperformed. By 2003, Brand X was once again moribund.

Brand X received yet another lease on life in 2012 when Disney bought out all rights to the IP. The House that Mickey Built announced a new movie trilogy, a concurrent anthology series, a rebooted novel universe, two new TV  series--one animated and one live action--six new Marvel Comics tie-in series, and more! Joe even bestowed his blessing from his private island via Skype.


Disney made waves by hiring upstart indie director Taydon Wolf to helm their five hundred-million-dollar Brand X movie. Descended from a long line of Hollywood producers, Wolf won industry plaudits for digressing from his introduction of Dame Judi Dench at the Golden Globes to opine that, "This room looks like a Wehrmacht staff meeting." Early production photos from the set garnered praise for showcasing Wolf's vibrantly diverse casting.

Brand X: The Wakening debuted in 2014 to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The story, which concerned a ragtag band of freedom fighters resisting the New Confederacy that had conquered the Southern, Central, plains, and mountain states, was hailed as relevant and mature. Fans of the TV series praised Wolf's use of classic Western cinematography. Bleeding Cool crowned BXtW the best entry in the series, awarding it an 8.5/10, in contrast to BXtR, which they'd given a 9/10.

But grumblings from the fringes hinted at trouble in paradise. Longtime Brand X comics fans protested the move from DC to Marvel and the concurrent erasure of more than 30 years of continuity. The Brand X: Legacy limited series by Sense of Gender Award winner N.K. Jemisin confused many readers with its second-person voice, stream of consciousness narrative, and random digressions into chiastic verse. Readers who complained that the daunting story was necessary to understand the events bridging the film series were denounced by Wolf as "meth-addled skinheads."

The release of Wolf's follow up, Brand X: Reparation was initially scheduled for Christmas 2016, but was delayed until the following July due to weather issues during location shoots. The delay certainly had nothing to do with the entire cast and crew suffering a simultaneous breakdown over Donald Trump's election. The finished film suffered as a result, earning only a 19% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics certified the movie Fresh™ at a combined score of 91%, owing to its complexity and nuance. BX:R star Ti Ha i tSʰakᵑ took to xir Twitter account to remind moviemakers that moviegoers were no longer their audience.

Production on Disney's third Brand X movie ran into problems early on when multiple states where filming was scheduled to take place passed cannibalism and bestiality bans. Multiple companies, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, and ESPN joined Disney in protesting these vile attacks on religious freedom. All threatened to take their business elsewhere unless the states in question not only legalized, but mandated, consumption of human flesh and sex with dogs.

All five states' Republican governors compromised, allowing Disney to draft new legislation which made cannibal buggers a legally protected class but gave the RNC ten points off the back end. All five bills sailed to legislative approval.

The large cost in time and money devoted to the legal battle left Brand X 6 behind schedule and over budget before production began. Wolf made a highly public exit from the project, declaiming on The View that it was a waste of his time to make movies for people who'd probably OD on heroin before they could buy tickets.

In the wake of the director's departure, Disney briefly shelved the project before retooling it as a soft reboot. Filming on Brand X; X starts in May. The reboot stars Idris Elba as John Wayne as Genghis Khan, who must defend Chinese railroad coolies from the predations of a Christian cult led by a vampiric Abe Lincoln. Disney will donate one dollar of every ticket sold to the SPLC.

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XSeed Book 3 Preview

The following is a preview of the forthcoming third book in my mecha thriller series Combat Frame XSeed:

An executive aide wearing a stylish white blouse and black skirt ushered James into a meeting room the size of a business-class hotel suite. No windows broke up the gold diamond wallpaper pattern. A middle-aged man with a gold cross on his gray lapel sat behind a wide walnut table between a pair of sullen men in dark suits.
That’s Chang in the middle, thought James. Those two suits must be security. I doubt they’re here to protect him from me.
The governor’s aide gestured to a chair across the table from the three officials. “Please have a seat,” she told James.
Can a guy get some coffee around here?” he asked. The aide turned and strode back across the soft green carpet.
Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Trent,” said Chang. “I apologize for interrupting your Sunday morning.”
James’ shrug rumpled his white jacket. “Makes no difference to me. I’m between jobs right now.”
The aide returned with a piping cup of aromatic coffee. James accepted the paper-thin ceramic mug.
Thanks, Kid,” he said with a wink.
Kid—as James would thenceforth always think of her—slightly raised the corner of her mouth.
James took a long swig of the smooth, bold contents. The warm beverage energized him.
We are aware of your misfortune,” said Chang. “You have our condolences.”
James took another swig of coffee before answering. “That’s kind of you, but it was just a mining job. I’ll land on my feet.”
A nervous look passed between Chang and his security goons. The guy on the left, who looked like he only had a few years on James, fiddled with his silver pen. The older, pudgy one on the right breathed a heavy sigh.
You’ve not heard of the attack on Yarkand Mining Commune?” Chang said at length.
James frowned at the Governor. “Heard about it? I lived it. Didn’t Simon and Faust tell you they went in to extract me?”
Chang pursed his lips. “I was referring to last night’s attack.”
The cup slipped in James’ suddenly slack hand. His fumbling fingers set the mug down, but not before he sloshed coffee on the polished tabletop. “Last night?”
Kid leaned in to clean up the spill with a white handkerchief.
Correct,” Chang said slowly. “Just after midnight, a surprise kinetic strike destroyed the main ore receiving facility. Current estimates place the death toll at one hundred and thirty-two. Since you worked at the mine until recently, we hoped you might have some useful insights.”
James pounded the table, inadvertently spilling more coffee. Kid waited, probably expecting more messes to come.
Damned Socs,” cursed James. “I knew they were passive-aggressive bastards, but launching an orbital strike on their own mine?”
Actually, the attack was launched from the ground,” Chang corrected him. “The Coalition is blaming HALO.”
That doesn’t make sense,” said James. “Only grounders and Soc screwups work the graveyard shift. There were no worthwhile targets.”
Yarkand is vital to Western China Region copper production,” said Chang. “The SOC claims that Arthur Wake ordered the strike as an act of sabotage with no care for the human cost.”
James snorted. “Arthur’s a jerk, but he’s no idiot. That receiving facility’s been in operation less than a year. They can rebuild it in a month and use the old one in the meantime.”
Chang and his men conferred quietly. James had grown up speaking Coalition-standard Mandarin, but the Fels’ weird dialect combined with their hushed voices foiled his eavesdropping.
The Governor turned back to James. “I must ask a difficult question, Mr. Trent. Think carefully before you answer. Are you accusing the Coalition of staging a false flag attack on their own facility?”
If I was gonna pull a false flag,” James said, “that facility is exactly the place I’d hit. I bet most of the hundred and thirty dead were grounders, right?”
Yes,” said Chang, “as most of the casualties from this morning’s missile strike on Hong Kong were likely to be.”
James felt as if his leather desk chair were sinking into the floor. Lightning in a clear sky … “Did the missile attack happen around six?”
Chang nodded. “0600 precisely. Details are still emerging, but multiple Coalition satellites recorded three conventional warhead detonations in Victoria Harbour. An unmanned cargo vessel took heavy damage, but a nearby dockworkers’ barracks was completely destroyed.”
I saw three lightning flashes directly overhead right before your guys picked me up,” said James.
So did countless other witnesses,” said Chang, “including the Coalition. They’ve accused my government of launching the attack in solidarity with HALO and Wehrbund Bavaria.”
James folded his arms. “It definitely wasn’t you guys—unless you have invisible missile launchers that can fire from midair.”
The SOC claims to have photographic proof that the missiles originated from our space launch site.”
It’s just a bullshit excuse for the Socs to invade Hainan.”
We know,” said Chang. “That’s why we’d like you to provide an official statement on the Yarkand mine’s internal security, layout, and procedures. We need to make a case countering the SOC’s claims and bring it to the public at once.”
James bowed his head and gave a sharp exhale. “I’d love to help you out, but the Socs have my mom. She’ll be in danger if it gets back to them I shared confidential information.”
Another anxious look passed from Chang to his security advisors and even Kid, who stood beside James.
At last, Chang spoke. “The ore receiving facility wasn’t the only target at Yarkand. The attackers also destroyed the main detention center. All of the prisoners were killed, including your mother.”
James’ mind raced. His mouth fell open, but no words emerged. A sudden shock left him numb, as if he’d touched a live wire.
Why?” he finally croaked.
The Coalition interprets the detention center’s destruction as a symbolic blow. They attribute the nearly exclusive grounder casualties to Arthur’s ruthlessness and HALO’s stupidity.”
James stared into Chang’s dark eyes. He struggled to keep from trembling form rage. “Tell me what you’re gonna do about this.”
Chang opened his mouth to speak. His security goons each laid a hand on the Governor’s back, but he waved them off.
This information is top secret,” Chang confided in James, “but you deserve to know. My administration has been advancing plans in cooperation with Wehrbund Bavaria to build our own Combat Frame force. Lieutenant Frazer destroyed our carbyne plant, making XSeed construction unfeasible, but production has begun on an original CF line co-designed by Chaz Ritter and Ivan Eckhart.”
I volunteer,” said James.
Chang raised a cautioning hand. “Thank you, but we already have a professional pilot corps. There’s not enough time to train you before our new Stapfen combat frames enter service.”
I’ve been operating bipedal ore haulers for years,” argued James. “They use the same basic controls as CFs. Hell, I’ve got more time behind the stick than Faust!”
Mr. Hayden has combat experience,” said Chang.
James stabbed a finger at the Governor and each of his men in turn. “I helped my brother take down a custom Soc CF. He had an XSeed. I had a truck.”
Chang and his cronies conferred again.
We will consider your application,” said the Governor.
James sprang to his feet. “You can consider my—”
The door swung open behind James. A young woman with raven-black hair and pale skin stormed into the room. The hem of her cream-colored skirt churned as she approached. Kid rushed to clean up the coffee spill and turned to greet the newcomer.
Chang rose and bowed. “Your Majesty, what a pleasant surprise.”
Lenora von Bodensee gave the Governor a curt nod and met James’ stare with ice-blue eyes. “Why do you want to fight?”
James drew himself up. “The Socs killed my mother. They’re slandering my brother. I want justice!”
Follow me,” Lenora said with a grim smile.

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Witchfinder Z

Wherein the Z Man finds the witches who are driving the Death Cult:
In the case of impeachment, it is an outgrowth of the “resistance” movement that started on-line immediately after the 2016 election. This was launched initially on Twitter by the sorts of women that have become a feature of modern life. These are the bitter, childless types, who have reached middle years without having fulfilled their purpose as women, so they are in a perpetual state of rage. Some are crazy for other reasons, but these female rage heads are a stock character now.
The word “resist” is an important clue. When one is on attack, resist is not the word you use to describe your efforts. The word “resist” is always used in the context of defending something from an aggressor. That’s how they came to view the 2016 election. It was an assault on their ideological worldview. Since their sense of self is deeply entangled with that worldview, 2016 was felt like an assault on their person. They feel that they are resisting an intrusion into their most personal of space.
It is this sense of being a victim, that their person has been violated by Trump, that is behind the impeachment rage. These people look at Trump entering Washington in the same way they view a rapist violating them. Since there is no way to make it whole, they can never forgive the violation. Their vengeance is perfectly justified, as they are infinity aggrieved. Trump entered into a zone they view as exclusively theirs, as if he violated their personal space, so he must be resisted at all costs.
Something similar has been happening with social media. The first social media platforms were message boards and comment sections on sites. The first heavy handed moderation happened on the left-wing sites like Daily Kos, which was popular in the Bush years. Anything that deviated from official dogma was removed and the poster was banned. That was their space and you dirty right-wing extremists had no right to enter their space with your filthy racist ideas.
The Democrat Party is not motivated by ideology. The Big Tech oligarchs are not motivated by profit. Both are part of the same insular cult enforcing in group vs. out group preference.
Ed Dutton ... gave a great speech in Oslo ... comparing them to witches. He's an eccentric guy, but there's some very serious points he's making. It's important to understand that there's a sexual component to this. We have a lot of crazy women who are causing a lot of damage.
The Left these days is a very feminine thing It's a lot of middle-aged women who have completely lost their damn minds causing all kinds of mayhem. And it's not just chaotic mayhem, either. There's a method to it.
Here's the video. The witch discussion starts at the 25:00 mark.

It's encouraging to see someone as thoughtful and erudite as the Z Man reaching the same conclusions as those who frequent this blog. When even atheists see witchery afoot, we'd do well to ready the cucking stools.

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Sacrificial Lambs

MILO McInnes Loomer Sacrificial Lambs

With the MAGA movement going the way of the Tea Party and the Death Cult's hatchet men in Big Tech increasingly flexing their muscles, we're now able to view the heady days of 2016 in historical context.

One of the most tragic yet edifying spectacles of the last presidential election cycle was the motley gang of misfits who popped up to stump for Orange Man. Some of them might have made careers on Fox News in an alternate timeline. Most missed their calling guessing people's weight at Carnivals. All of them bet their fortunes and sacred honor on the President, and all of them crapped out.

The archetypal example is Milo Yiannopoulos. His Breitbart editorship and Twitter accounts--while he had them--and his ill-fated college tour arguably moved the needle for Trump more than any other MAGA roustabout.

By his own admission, MILO also fell the farthest. The Death Cult even used him as an object lesson in their witch burning manual.

There's no lack of other examples. Gavin McInnes went from an edgy ex-punk turned Catholic rabble-rouser to a guy streaming from a closet--or perhaps partly out of one. Laura Loomer started out crashing productions of Shakespeare in the Park and actually fell from there. Like many female celebs after their fifteen minutes are up, no longer getting attention has driven her nuts.

Which is a more honorable fate than the cucky groveling chosen by Loomer's old partner in crime Jack Posobiec and Canadian actor Stefan Molyneux.

And that's nothing compared to lunatics like Scott Adams, who'd have trundled off to Mexico to start a UFO religion had be been born a generation earlier.

But even that disgrace pales before outright cons run on hopeful voters by the likes of Lauren Southern.

Now, most of these MAGA camp followers weren't malicious. By and large they were niche figures kicking around social media in 2015 wondering why they weren't famous yet. A handful were talented enough to have gone mainstream in another world.

What they couldn't have known was how gravely mistaken their conception of the world was. Back in 2015 everybody still thought we were operating under the old terms of a functioning democratic republic. Under the old rules, the majority wins but makes concessions to the losers so they'll be disposed to cut a deal when control of the government flips again.

Operating under those assumptions, which are drilled into all of us in grade school, it made sense to think that betting big on Trump would yield proportionally big rewards. To the sorrow of the MAGA coattail riders--and his voter base--Blormpf has proven scandalously bad at rewarding his supporters.

That's not entirely the President's fault. He, too, almost certainly bought the rosy fiction of how the system is supposed to work. The truth is we're ruled by a spiteful, insular elite that rigs every election like a Globetrotters vs Generals game.

Flukes do happen. The story of 2016 is the story of Trump buying the Washington Generals and hiring new players and coaches to break their losing streak. Only after he's taken his team to the championship is he informed that there's no trophy, no endorsement deals, and in fact, no game. His players aren't even interested in winning, since they've always been paid to lose.

No analogy is perfect, and the Washington Generals fail as stand-ins for the GOP because only an idiot takes Globetrotters games for serious athletic contests. The MAGA sacrificial lambs fall is more like the sad tale of suckers who gambled their life savings on Butch Coolidge from Pulp Fiction. The fix was in, and their boy won anyway. But because the mob aren't the most gracious losers, the champ had to cut a deal with the legbreakers running the racket that stripped him of his privileges.

The most salient lessons of 2016 are these: The political system is fully in the Death Cult's hands. The Death Cult will not suffer current or former heretics in their midst.

We can't expect to overturn the Cult-enforced moral anti-order at the ballot box. Nor will accepting their premises and arguing on their terms avail us. Our rulers long ago abandoned Christianity, and so they hate us. The only remedy is new rulers guided by the light of Christian morality and dedicated to a Christian moral order.

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