Combat Frame Data: GCD-02 Heavy Armor Gemini

GCD-02 Heavy Armor Gemini

GCD-02 Heavy Armor Gemini

Technical Data

Model number: GCD-02
Code name: Gemini
Classification: general purpose heavy armor combat drone
Manufacturer: Lunar Underground
Operator: HALO/Lunar Underground
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: x2 integrated strong A.I.
Height: 24 meters
Weight: 182 metric tons
Armor type: "1D" carbyne laminar armor 
Powerplant: x3 cold fusion reactor, max output 1796 KW, 1727 KW, and 276 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 36,615 kg, 2x 20,000 kg, 4x 36,615 kg, 4x 20,285 kg, 2x 25,000 kg, 2x 11,750 kg; top speed 3000 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 48, 180° turn time 0.82 seconds; legs: top ground speed 198 kph
Sensors: VISOR (Visible & Infrared Scanning Optical Receptor) mounted in head
Fixed armaments: x2  plasma sword, power rated at 0.52 MW, stored in charging racks on back; triple rifle, mounted on left forearm, barrel 1: 70mm autocannon, magazine-fed, also draws from internal reservoir holding 1000 graphene-tungsten rounds, barrel 2: plasma cannon, output rated at 4 MW, graphcap magazine or reactor-fed, barrel 3: 8 MW laser cannon, reactor-fed; x2 3-tube micro-missile pod, shoulder-mounted, holds 6 missiles per tube, graphcap warheads charged from tertiary reactor
Optional hand armaments: tower shield, reinforced with 200 carbyne layers, equipped with internal ion field projector, mounts x2 plasma spike, main head output rated at 1.1 MW, secondary head output rated at 0.60 MW, carried in right hand
Special equipment: Combining system, ion field projector

General Notes

On the rare occasions when the fighting got too heavy for the GCD-01A Castor and the GCD-01B Pollux to handle alone, the twins twins could play a powerful trump card indeed by combining to form the GCD-02 Heavy Armor Gemini.

The Gemini was a true titan of a machine. Standing head and shoulders above most combat frames, the combination of a combat drone with an already heavy armor-equipped combat drone produced a walking fortress impervious to all but the most devastating attacks.

The GCD-02 wasn't lacking in the offense department, either. It combined Castor's dual 70mm-plasma rifle with components of Pollux's weapon and power systems to produce a three-barreled weapons system capable of firing 1000 graphene-coated tungsten rounds, a withering 4 MW plasma beam, and an ion field-defeating 8 MW laser. Gemini also retained Castor's pair of micro-missile pods, but unlocked their full potential with a dedicated generator which charged the graphene capacitors in their warheads. Fully charged, these graphcap micro-missiles delivered an explosive punch with only slightly less overkill than the XCD-103 Eisenpferd's graphcap missiles. For close combat, Gemini carried a pair of plasma swords and mounted two plasma spikes on its carbyne and ion field-reinforced tower shield.

Though among the heaviest units in operation in CY 40, the GCD-02 boasted impressive speed and agility thanks to the abundance of drive and maneuvering rockets that studded its armored exterior. A trio of fusion reactors kept up with the enormous energy demands of Gemini's propulsion and weapons systems.

Like its constituent combat drones, the GCD-02 maintained a crew of two A.I. pilots. Brother machine intelligences Castor and Pollux used their long-practiced combat synergy to consistently outwit and surprise the enemy.

Thanks again to Build-a-Mech backer D.J. Schreffler for commissioning this outrageously cool design and to ArtAnon for realizing it! The final CY 40 Second Coming BaM debuts next Friday!

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  1. First, I thanked Brian.

    Second, ArtAnon.

    Now, I want to thank the rest of you. Fellow fans and readers.

    I've enjoyed seeing your reactions, not just to mine, but to all the mechs. For the other BaM-backers, I've greatly enjoyed seeing your ideas. I like to think I set a high bar with the Kurfürst. And everything I've seen from the rest of you has been at least as cool. The bar has consistently been raised with each new book's round of BaMs. And for the reader ideas that make it in to other things: the superheated chainsaw wings of the Veillantif and the capacitor missiles for the Eisenpferd in particular I found neat (and the missiles were neat enough I had to have them myself, so thank you!).

    It seems so little to say Thank you. It doesn't truly convey the gratitude I have to the community here. I don't know that I have the words for it, so I'll just let it end here.

    1. And for the rest, I hold that the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition must be destroyed.

    2. DJ

      Thanks for unleashing your mechs in Brian's pages. I'd hate to be an opposing mech pilot fighting Gemini.
      It's so much fun to see and read about these original mechas.