The Finders' Keepers

Finders glow in the dark

The next time a smug bug man or internet atheist ridicules the religious Right for starting a Satanic Panic back in the 80s, you can serve him this brimming glass of STFU.
The “Finders” were a CIA Operation, often described as a 1960s-style commune, in reality they were a cult that conducted “brainwashing” and used children “in rituals.” The FBI has now unsealed a 324 page document that details this operation and the US Intel Communities role in ritual child sexual abuse.
Here's the FBI document. If you think the description above is outrageous, buckle up, because we haven't even scratched the surface.

Here are some highlights:
[Redacted] has alleged that The Finders are involved in a well organized child abuse scheme, and that [redacted] in conjunction with the state department, and the FBI’s foreign counterintelligence section, conspired to cover up those abuses.
The F.B.I. has contact with the Finders since 1971 including a recent report dealing with the C.I.A. involvement with at least one of the members of the Finders passing information overseas concerning activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. When it became apparent that no Federal Laws were violated the F.B.I. vacated the investigation.
[Redacted] contacts MPD Intelligence and advises that all reports regarding Finders are to be classified at the Secret level. [Redacted] also advised that no information was to be turned over to the FBI WFO for investigation, and that the WFO would not be advised of the [redacted] involvement/contact.
On 6/14/93, The United States Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia declined prosecution of this matter and this case was closed. WMFO contact with U.S. Custom Service, WDC, indicated that customs SA [redacted] will not be available for interview until Monday, 11/8/93. WMFO is scheduled to review the MPD file concerning “Finders” on 11/4/93. Investigation continues at WMFO.
The Justice Department said Friday it is investigating allegations the CIA used a ″front company″ run by a commune to train agency employees and that the CIA blocked investigation of the group. The CIA denied any ties to the commune, called the Finders.
As always, Mister Metokur's good friend sums up this diabolical enormity best:

Mister Anti-Bully espionage

But the CIA facilitating a child sex ring wasn't enough. The Finders' nightmarish tale gets even darker.
[Redacted] he stated, has maintained that there is a nationwide conspiracy among individuals involved in Satanic worship and sexual child abuse, with members being located in Stuart, Florida area. To date, Sergeant redacted advised he had located no hard evidence of any organized sexual abuse in the area, but noted there is similarity in sexual abuse cases that have occurred in different parts of the country.
No need to fret, [Redacted], whoever prepared the FBI document dump on the Finders also threw in a map produced from the execution of a search warrant on McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, CA.

If the name McMartin Preschool rings a bell, it's because the school gained infamy as ground zero for the child abuse case that kicked off the so-called Satanic Panic.

360 children were alleged to have been abused at McMartin daycare. Many of the children claimed that they'd been subjected to sexual and satanic ritual abuse in a system of tunnels under the school. When investigators declared that excavations turned up nothing, the claim of secret tunnels became a byword for spurious ritual abuse claims.

Now, after a generation of ridicule, the FBI has confirmed the tunnels' existence, vindicating the children's testimony.

McMartin Tunnels

45 foot tunnel. 9 foot wide subterranean entrance found under west wall of the “Dog” room (Classroom 4 [redacted] classroom)… Tunnel proceeded south, then east 45 feet through Classrooms 4 and 3, and north, then east 10 feet within Classroom 4… Four large, upright containers were found in the tunnel under the arch, obviously hand placed. A 9 foot wide chamber was found along the tunnel under Classroom 4. Top of chamber and top of sections of the tunnel had layers of plywood covers with ta_ paper which has apparently been supported by cinder blocks and 2″ x 2″ and 2″ x 4″ wooden posts found underneath. Tunnel features made it evident that tunnel was hand dug.
7 Foot tunnel extending into the triplex next door. Tunnel extended from the bathrooms off the office and Classroom 1 to the front yard of the triplex next door… Children described entrance and exiting tunnel in triplex yard exactly where tunnel and exit were found. 1 39″ x 41″ area under a hole cut in this neighbor’s bathroom floor had been excavated and subsequently filled.
Other significant facts. A small, white plastic plate with three pentagrams hand drawn on top of light green paint was found by the archaeologists in the stratified dirt in the play yard. Per historical archaeologists, pentagrams were hand drawn by an adult and not part of the manufacturer’s design…
Note: Glendale Montessori in Stuart, FL, specifically mentioned in the FBI files, was considered another instance of the child ritual abuse "hysteria".

I've warned that the Death Cult has started coming for our children. I was wrong; they've been going after them for decades. And elements of our own government covered it up.

Jim does a deep dive into the FBI dump's sordid depths. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

Finding the Finders - Mister Metokur

This dire crisis transcends politics and ideology. Its roots are spiritual, and only by submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ will sanity and justice be restored to the West.


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  2. I wondered if you caught the stream, Brian. This whole thing is disgusting and makes me sick. Inquisition when?

    New decent human metric: Anyone who screams "citation please!!!" after seeing the FBI documents and moves the goal posts is not decent.

    1. Jim always deletes his streams from YouTube immediately after the show.

      He archives them on BitChute, which I've linked to above.

    2. The BitChute isn't playing for me at all. I'll try again this evening.

    3. Lower your shields if you're using Brave.

  3. One thing I've been convinced of in recent years is that the Satanic Panic was a psyop. Puritan Evangelicals and Catholics fell into the trap and ended up carrying water for degenerates in power.

    Now the Church's in influence is worse than ever, but those in charge are still engaged in the same debauchery and evil they always were. But only the first gets dunked on by midwit Xers and Ys while the other should have total control of their lives. It worked out too conveniently for those in power.

    Not to mention, when you look up most of these cases there are always things that don't add up. Son of Sam was certainly a group yet despite mysterious deaths after Berkowitz's capture no one has ever done digging on who Sam Carr actually was. Then there's this bonkers story that never made any sort of sense but somehow tunnel evidence was never found before this? Oh and we still don't know who killed Epstein.

    Said the idiot, "Hollywood and the media lied to me about everything, except Religion. That was the one thing they were 100% correct on."

    This revelation should have been obvious.

    As an aside, I've been scanning articles from when Gen Y became lumped in with Millennials, and the admittance that they were separate groups but were pushed into one for convenience repeatedly came up around 2000. This was because Ys were getting older and Millennials were so different they needed a new name. Even though they admit the two are different they still prefer to lump them together. Mostly because they didn't care about Ys anymore.


    Also note how wrong they were on defining both what Gen Y and Millennials would end up being. Not even close to correct.

    ""Generation Y was a [popular phrase] in 1993, a term which at that point identified correctly the last third of Gen X," Mr. Strauss said. "The notion has become familiar in popular culture and in marketing to refer to teenagers. But now Y is a little older-those marketing styles are either directed at current young twenty-somethings or they're applying the veneer of X to a short-lived effort to reach teenagers that is not going to work over time." Understanding the new generation as its own animal is key to reaching its members successfully, Mr. Strauss said."

    Y isn't part of said "New generation". We were dumped. They changed the terms for marketing purposes to sell you junk using Millennial marketing techniques, which is why they stopped working around 2000 or so. They admitted this back when it happened.

    There, now can we stop pretending Y and Millennials are the same demographic? They don't even describe either of us correctly!

    It would be nice to go one day without learning a new thing I've been lied to about.

    1. This isn't the first evidence of the tunnels. The late Dallas Bureau Chief Ted Gunderson had a UCLA archaeologist excavate the McMartin site a couple weeks before the place was bulldozed. He found tunnels that had been hand-excavated and hastily filled in exactly where the kids had said. That was in 1993.

    2. And yet still the wikipedia page hasn't been updated.

      I'm betting it won't be!

    3. Which part was the psyop? It seems like the Evangelicals and Catholics were exactly right. If anything, it was the dismissive reaction to them that was the psyop.

  4. Once again, I am given an ever-clearer answer to a question I did not wish to face: Are we ruled by monsters? Day by day, it grows more obvious that the answer is yes.

    1. We find ourselves in the perverse situation of being a Christian nation ruled by an anti-Christian government.

    2. Part of the problem comes from a matter of definitions. If the nation is the government, then what you just said is a contradiction in terms. But if the nation is the people, then what you said is a problem, but not an inherent contradiction.

    3. satan is prince of this world

    4. We have the unfortunate habit as Anglophones of using words with different meanings as though they were synonyms. Three that give us no end of trouble are nation, state, and country. We are a Christian nation, but we have suffered an anti-Christian state to form in the exoskeleton of the Republic we have lost. I think we are watching "the consent of the governed" stretch to its breaking point.

    5. The adversary is prince of this world, but only until the High King of Heaven returns in His power.

      When he shakes his mane,
      We shall have Spring again.

    6. It’s not a habit, it’s a rhetorical tactic. I’m blanking on the name, but the tactic is to redefine the definitions and meanings of words and symbols. Nation means tribe, a people. State is the government in a defined territory. Citizen is one who is usually a National who has particular rights and responsibilities in a state. All of these definitions were deliberately messed up.

    7. I think you mean the "motte and bailey" tactic - a semantic bait-and-switch. I agree your definitions, though I hadn't thought about citizen. Country should mean the territory itself, but is often conflated with both the nation and the state.

    8. Deliberate ambiguity would be the best term I can think of for that, Durandel.

      No, Reader, it's not "motte and bailey". That's where you make large, difficult-to-defend claims when unchallenged and then cut back to small, "all I meant was" when someone challenges you, all the while intending to return to the larger claim when after the challenger is gone.

      For instance:
      Motte - man-made global warming is going to kill us all in 12 years if we don't completely destroy our economy!

      Bailey - what? Do you deny that the temperature is rising? How do you know the average temperature hasn't risen 0.5 degree in the past 20 years? Do you think because it's cold out now, the average temperature hasn't changed? That's all I'm saying.

    9. I think the term I was looking for is “amphibole”.

  5. Calling for these people’s execution sounds more and more sane and sound by the hour. Evil has no place at the table. Evil can’t be tolerated. And evil should be given a chance to repent, and then executed. Bring on the Inquisition and the Crusaders.

  6. Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

    Deus Vult

    1. I have to rewrite that a little bit:

      Let the heavens fall so that justice is done.

    2. "d.j." you first. what makes you different than the people being spoken of here, if this is what you say?

  7. I remember the satanic panic, and all the smoke screens and confusion tossed in. Some group or groups made a complete mess of the process, and we only see now. Bulldozing the preschool seemed extreme. Makes you wonder how much forensic detail got landfilled.

    JD Cowan nailed it. Another purpose was to discredit the Church and support the cult of Reason. 'It's absurd, nothing to see here, just those God phreakz.' We can read, pray for the healing of those home-grown people's souls, and pray for justice; keep following the trails so justice in this world can be done, also.

    1. The hardest red pill to swallow is that religious Right were correct about everything.

    2. Well... Pokémon didn't turn me into a Satanist, but J. K. Rowling, whose books I once defended against my fellow believers, has ensured I will never ever allow them anywhere near my own offspring.

    3. Not everything--I remain convinced that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a positive influence on my childhood :) --but more than a lot of people would like to admit.

    4. It wouldn't be hard to convince me that megachurches aren't as much of a psyop as the angry fundy churches composing of 5 members that somehow always get on the news.

      All those "satanic" boycotts I'm convinced at this point were all lead by these poseurs and shills and the boomercons fell in with them because they didn't know any better.

      No one with a brain could ever believe Pokemon was satanic unless they were lying or massively ignorant of the property.

      JK Rowling, however, tipped her hand with everything she's done since the series has ended.

    5. Well, I think one possibility is just that JK Rowling has become Susan Pevensie ...

    6. There are occult elements in the HP series from the start, but many are used in naive ways, which tells me Rowling probably wasn't a full-fledged member of the death cult...yet.

      Once you reach a certain level of fame, fortune, and influence, someone will inevitably approach you with an offer for your soul. It won't be obvious what you're bargaining for, at the time. (If you're not a Christian, you probably won't notice all the red flags.)

      For JK Rowling, who was richer than the Queen herself, the death cult had no choice but to recruit her into their ranks. I believe something like this happened to JK shortly after she'd written her HP books.

    7. Bulldozing schools and conspiracies seem to go hand in hand.

    8. Exorcists have nothing nice to say about Harry Potter. She was likely a witch already when she wrote book one.

    9. Gives a whole new meaning to, "Read another book."

    10. I'm not surprised excorcists have nothing good to say about Rowling; certain people who are already susceptible will get tipped in the wrong direction by anything even hinting at magic.

      With that said, with all of my anger at J.K. Rowling and all of the arguments I've read against the series, I still can't read the final book as anything but almost explicitly portraying Harry as a type of Christ, and the books GENERALLY being pretty superversive. The silly pseuodo-latin chanting and nonsense potions are not remotely close to real magic, and blood magic and human sacrifice are portrayed as unambigously evil.

      Of course, I still everything related to her or that franchise generally since she made it abundantly clear she despises me and mine.

    11. "All those "satanic" boycotts I'm convinced at this point were all lead by these poseurs and shills and the boomercons fell in with them because they didn't know any better."

      Or maybe they knew more than you do. Occult influences in media can be extremely subtle. You can't give a free pass to a series just because you like it. At any rate, the Religious Right was the only one who was actually trying to warn people about satanic activity and they turned out to be vindicated. Dumping on them for not being hip enough doesn't make any sense. How else are they supposed to raise the alarm about occultism in the media besides exposing and boycotting? Especially when it has real world consequences.

    12. I hope our host doesn't mind me answering this, but I just noticed this response now.

      The problem with the "Christians were fighting against the satanic culture alone" theory is that it's not true.

      You can look through archives, or research videos by those such as Apollo's Artifacts, to show that the media was whipping up the frenzy at the time. They were on the side of sensationalism and pushing everything being satanic... except in very specific cases that should raise eyebrows. The Finders, McMartin Preschool, and the Son of Sam killers being a few of them. Everything was satanic! Everything that is, except the things that most likely were.

      Once it looked like something was wrong at McMartin, the lawyers began flubbing the case and the media turned on the children and the parents. They've been guffawing over "satanic panic" and those stop Christians ever since. Stunningly, no one blames the media for their role in muddying the waters and covering up for worse things before flipping around to the reverse POV.

      So yes, I do believe Christians of the '80s were manipulated, and their leaders didn't look into anything. If they did they would still be talking about the above topics, but they stopped when the media began laughing at them.

      So yes, I do believe the religious right were pawns. It worked wonders shifting all the hysteria onto them, didn't it? Heck, they still get blamed for PMRC and ACT, one of which was run by Al Gore's wife, and the other was spearheaded by a Jewish woman. How many Christians fell in line behind those two jokes? And yet they're the only ones blamed for it.

      The reason the media has Christians on the ropes is because we let them do it. They did a good job convincing us why we should give them power, and we gave it to them.

      We're fighting people we gave power to, and yet we still rave about how "conservative" subversive products from Hollowwood are. It would be sad if it wasn't so laughable.

  8. The great irony of the HP series is all the accidental truth Rowling told before going full gay-headmaster. The self-mutilation of Tom Riddle is a prime example what of the evil soul does to itself. My favorite story for sheer irony in contrast to contemporary British politics, however, is Boy Hero and the Magical Minors' Militia.

  9. Brian,

    So this explain why the CIA has been monumentally inept at its spy operations throughout the cold war
    Those Ivy league boys with their progressive ideology didn't want to spy or other boring stuff.
    They wanted to remake man in the Progressive image


    1. More like the CIA exists to take the blame when other, oh-so-secret organizations mess up.

    2. Nathan


      I'm old enough to remember when the Satanic panic happened. The details were lurid and even as teen I didn't buy it completely because I'd been reading about similar over the top conspiracy stuff during the 19th century.

      I also read a lot of Fredrick Crewes articles on the the whole repressed memory syndrome in the NY review of books.

      He made a cogent case at the time against it. Now I'm willing to reevaulate my own thoughts on the subject.



  10. A friend of mine, who retired from the military, and recently passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer, used to speak of certain things he knew and saw while in the service.

    If he had a few drinks in him, sitting by a campfire, with a couple of trusted friends, he would reveal a little of what he had seen. He was adamant about human trafficking at the federal level. He also said that there were 'dark factions' within our own Defense/Military community.

    While he never mentioned Satanism directly, when he turned 30, after he did a stint at the Pentagon, he rediscovered his religion.

    Stilicho has it right:

    Fiat Justicia Ruat Caelum

    1. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

    2. Thank you foe sharing. If you read each and every missing person case it is easy to see a military correlation. I have been studying it but how do I prove it

  11. This may be off-target, and apologies if anyone is offended, but another 'conspiracy theory' received a MASSIVE re-evaluation in September:
    "A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7"
    This is a professional evaluation of the NIST's claim that WTC 7 was brought down by fire. Their conclusion:
    "The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building."

    That means explosives, and that means NOT Al-Qaeda.

    There are more conspiracies afoot than anyone realizes.

  12. What a con job. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation run by pedophiles and intelligence operatives. Remember the media is the enemy.They run coveror for these monsters...

  13. Don't expect us to take your read on the FBI docs seriously if you can't read the sidebar here, Anonymous.