The Conservative Case Against Conservatism

Anybody with half the awareness of a sea cucumber knows the sole purpose of establishment conservative orgs is to deny anyone who might mount an effective resistance to the Left a platform.

National Review under William F. Buckley's reign used to fill this same role. But even the Buckleyites have realized that Zoomers don't read NRO. Besides, they'll never be able to afford cruises.

To compensate for the declining reach of their legacy outlets, Conservative Inc. came up with a new gatekeeping racket. Turning Point USA bills itself as a rallying point for up-and-coming young Conservative go-getters. In practice it is a way to ID and silence troublemakers.

"Troublemakers" in this context means "anyone who anything remotely interesting in even a marginally engaging way."

The problem is, the cavalcade of Buckley Mini-Mes hawked by Conservative Inc. as the fresh faces of young Conservatism haven't managed to attract an audience beyond the ossified Boomers who still read Human Events. Your spinster aunt gets a kick out of Charlie Kirk, Will Chamberlain, and Matt Walsh, but your nephew just pops in his earbuds and cranks up America First.

TPUSA has gotten so desperate that they've dropped the mask and initiated an internal purge at the behest of their Death Cultist masters. Just this week they fired eTHOT Ashley St.Clair for appearing in a photo with their arch-nemesis Nick Fuentes.


That TPUSA is doing the bidding of the Leftist hall monitors at Right Wing Watch is all you really need to know. "The Conservative Case Against Conservatism" used to be a meme. Now it's a pathetic reality. There's no fig leaf big enough to cover that kind of rank capitulation.

Still, controlled oppo stooge Will Chamberlain gave it the old college try.


Special guest appearance by CJ Pearson as the handle of the rake Chamberlain stepped on.

And Killstream host Ethan Ralph--himself no stranger to deplatforming--delivered the kill shot:


What's gravy for the goose is gravy for the gander, Will. I expect your resignation on your desk by the end of the day.

Nick the Knife does the autopsy:


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  1. Boomers wish to live a Necromantic life through their younger proxies. I'll be goad when they're gone.

  2. Most the people in that photo are grifters anyways. That said, this is just another example of Conservative Inc. bowing to their true masters on the left all the while playing lip service to the right. In the end though conservatives conserve NOTHING.

    1. I certainly have little use for St.Clair beyond her utility in wising normies up to clowns like Chamberlain.

      The fact that Conservative Inc. considers even being seen with Nick Fuentes an excommunicable offense speaks volumes in his favor.

    2. "The fact that Conservative Inc. considers even being seen with Nick Fuentes an excommunicable offense speaks volumes in his favor." That's for sure. It's almost as if these groups have to run ideas by right wing watch before making a decision. It's laughable.

      These groups and people will never provide answers though. I'm just reminded more and more that the fight is in the culture war. I'd rather support people like you and Vox (as well as many others of course) than the Charlie Kirk's of the world. You create. They complain and retreat. It makes me want to jump into the game as well.

  3. That one white nationalist is kinda tan.

  4. In essence, they are deathly allergic to nationalism; which, in democracy, is the only morally acceptable form of organization.

    1. Yes, because nationalism is orthogonal to the Liberal-Conservative axis their continued relevance depends on.

  5. For me, the question I am most curious to answer about Conservative gatekeepers is are they paid opposition pretending to be on our side, or do they willingly do the bidding of their enemies for free in exchange for being the favored bacha bazi boy at the democrat watering hole?

    Reading that post by Vox of that writer Robert L Dabney (kinda reminded of Chesterton, except American and devoutly Protestant), Conservatism has been doing this for centuries, making me think it might be a kind of mental/emotional/spiritual disorder.

    1. The Z Man has done a lot of work plumbing that question. It seems the answer depends on the bow tie in question.

      You have guys like Ben Shapiro, who are paid actors reciting a script for their legacy media and think tank paymasters. Lil' Ben receives a handsome stipend from Commentary Magazine, and he was put together like a shell corporation by a Hollywood producer.

      Then you have dupes like David French who are so strongly conditioned to believe that Conservatism is opposed to Liberalism that they're immune to the proof that they're just Liberals but slower.