End of the Amazon Revolution

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If you travel in the circles where this blog is read, you already know that yesterday Amazon nuked preorders for Jon Del Arroz's and Declan Finn's latest books.
Amazon shut down Jon Del Arroz’s Glorified novel along with Declan Finn’s Deus Vult novel from publisher Silver Empire.
Publisher Russell Newquist was informed that both books, which were scheduled to be released on November 1st, were removed from Amazon and Kindle.
Having worked with Russell Newquist before, I can affirm that Amazon blaming this debacle on his negligence is textbook DARVO behavior. Russell says he uploaded the files weeks ago.

Assuming the publisher of a best selling series inexplicably forgot to upload the third installment after books 1 and 2 launched without a hitch, the ones with the most to lose--the authors--would be crawling down his throat.

But they're not. They're looking right at Amazon.

And it's not as if the accused megacorp doesn't have a history of such censorious behavior.
While Amazon claims the pre-order for the books were cancelled because of missing a deadline, Newquist believes it’s suspicious that Amazon “canceled two controversial Christian Fiction books at once.”
It's mind-boggling how much of our elites' seemingly random behavior makes perfect sense once you realize they hate the Christ.

Speaking of diabolical antics, some Death Cult dregs scuttled out from under their rocks and into the comments to run the usual gaslighting routine.

False Binary

Whenever you see Leftoid ritual cant showing up in a smug denial of what everyone can see with their own two eyes, it's a good bet you're dealing with someone who is, at minimum, demonically obsessed.

Still, we can't pin this job on Satan alone. The question now is who did his dirty work?

I'll put the question to my readers. Who do you think got Jon and Declan's books banned from Amazon?
  1. Rogue bluehair in an Amazon wage cage
  2. Degenerate centurion LARPnig #ComicsGate spinoff
  3. People in high places took notice of Cruci-Ficton; shut it down!
You decide!

One more seemingly insignificant detail: Last week a File七百七十 troll popped up in this site's back catalog to spam some old posts.


Usually the Rascal scooter and kiddy diddling clique keep to their Dorito powder-encrusted warrens unless something shakes the hive. But despite any major awards drama, piracy charges, or defamation suits, a certain witch's familiar tried some drive-by vandalism in my comments.

In and of itself, I'd chalk it up to a fluke. But both of the targeted posts dealt with a certain prior round of Amazon shenanigans.

We know that the CHORFs have enough idle pensioners and Chinese bots to hate mob Amazon. The question is, why now?

They may just have noticed the clear and present threat posed to them by muscular Christian fiction.

Whoever the culprits turn out to be, it's clear that the publishing revolution sparked by Amazon has already borne its essential fruit.

Oldpub is dead. The gatekeepers are gone. What comes next for authors is a neo-patronage system that's already taking shape.

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  1. Brian

    Over at Rawle's site I proposed that we update the samidzat methods for the 21st century. One way would be to use our obselect/outdated phones as meditation transfer devices.
    My biggest concern is how to pay the content creators since the payment processors will eventually block all non conforming entertainment.


    1. Pay attention to Andrew Torba. Yes, the Gab guy.

      He's not the man he was when he broke with VD. He's had to take some knocks, he learns quickly, so this is on his radar and he likely has something going on in the background to address it.

      Which means the Death Cult will go after the banks next, and that's the last line of defense for them.

    2. Gab is pretty impressive these days. Maybe it's due to Neon Revolt evangelizing the normies who follow Q to set up accounts over there. I am making a conscious effort to keep my account active, because it seems like a good resource for the future.

    3. Bradford
      Forewarned is firearms. But how exactly do we thwart the bad guys and their plans for the banks?

  2. Given the options, I think option 1 is mutually exclusive with 2 and 3, but that 2 and 3 might not be mutually exclusive with each other. Different actors in this farce might have different motivations. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to blame some poor option 1 sap for their attempted de-platforming, however.

  3. What I want to know is why did they use the same lie about the content provider pulling it?

    Is it because it makes it harder to restore things? That's possible, but it also signals to everyone who's paying attention that they're lying.

    1. I know when Paypal deplatforms a wrongthinker they like to go full DARVO as well. I suspect this is less a conscious tactic and more the sort of twisted reflex one develops when one becomes habituated to living in a castle of obvious lies.

    2. That's how you know this isn't banal human evil.

      They're not only compelled to lie, they take pleasure in compelling others to repeat the lie.

  4. Cultists are responsible. Whether social justice, entertainment product, corporate, or all three, it is functionally the same.

    These companies will die because they are terminal with cancerous politics out of touch with reality at their forefront. And they cannot stop because it is their only source of existential meaning.

    The sooner we move to the next era of art the better.

  5. Amazon's pre-order system amounts to the content provider navigating a poorly designed and documented interface, with your product getting cancelled at the last minute as the penalty for missing one check box.

    1. When I was forced to transfer my POD operation from CreateSpace to KDP, I was gob smacked by how slipshod their user interface is.

    2. That's deliberate. When you're a huge company based online, any poorly designed web interface is some sort of public humiliation ritual.

  6. Mark me down for bluehair landwhale who hates it that men won't date her because she smells bad.

  7. Speaking of cancellation,

    Here's Macmillan's CEO' defense to embargo his company's ebooks from libraries for a period of time and draconian restrictions


    Libraries are now responsible for tradpub's profit losses and are no different than pirate sites.


    1. They're really grasping at straws now. If libraries were going to kill tradpub, they would have done it thirty years ago, before the Internet brought the libraries, and every other conceivable form of mass entertainment, into our living rooms.

    2. Psssst, don't tell anyone I told you this but I heard from a guy who heard it from another guy that there are ways of obtaining tradpub ebooks for free that don't involve libraries at all. I wouldn't use such methods myself. If it's worth reading, it's worth paying for. I'm just saying that libraries aren't the problem, high prices and low quality are.