The String Pullers

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The Z Man lays bare the fraud of Western democracy.
An ugly as the Trump era has been, it is civil and decent compared to what is happening in Europe. The Italians are now watching their political class submarine the will of the people in an egregious series of deceits by the Five Star Movement. The Italians voted for a populist, anti-EU coalition. Instead, the Five Star Movement cut a deal with the internationalist, pro-EU party to sabotage the nationalists. The result is the exact opposite of what the people voted for in their last election.
In Britain, the government put a choice before the people back in 2016, as to whether remain in the EU or become an independent nation again. The public chose nationhood by a respectable margin. In any democracy, getting 52% of the vote, particularly in a highly popular election, is a solid majority. Here we are, more than three years on, and the political class is still debating whether to accept the election results. In other words, the elected officials are deciding whether the election results matter.
To make matters worse, you now have members of one party actively colluding with members of other parties to undermine the orderly process in Parliament. Up until this week, the “remainers” could plausibly claim they are operating within the democratic process, despite thwarting the will of the people. Britain is not a pure democracy, so the pols have some leeway. Now, they are in active revolt against the system that they are sworn to uphold, in an effort to upend the result of the Brexit referendum.
In all of these cases, the question that never gets asked in the media is who is bribing these people to carry on this way. The most likely reason Five Star finked on its voters is the leaders too bribes from Brussels. In Britain, the “remainers” are certainly on the payroll of global enterprise. Those paymasters are most likely foreign. In the United States, of course, both political parties are wholly owned by the donor party. No one in the media bothers looking into it, as they are owned by the oligarchs as well.
The tell is that these shenanigans always work one way. You’ll never see the party of the globalist suddenly have a crisis of conscience and defect to the nationalists. It’s always the other way. There are no “remainers” siding with the Brexiteers in order to respect the will of the people, despite their own misgivings. In Washington, no globalists have switched teams to support Trump. In the charade that is democracy, the fink is always played by the same character in exactly the same way.
The one clear benefit of Donald Trump's election has been confirmation that elections don't matter. It's the international string pullers who decide public policy.

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  1. "Elections don't matter."


    The Z-Man is a little TOO pessimistic without offering any plans or alternatives to go along with the heaping handfuls of blackpills, but boy does he articulate the problems very well.

    1. He offers alternatives, but they're often in separate posts from the ones where he describes the problems.

      Lately he's been focusing on waking up normies to the fact that every institution has turned against them and appealing to organizations that hate them is a waste of time. The solution is to realize that the old institutions are now illegitimate and to gradually start building new ones.

  2. They are creating the conditions that not only make Arthur Dormio possible, but necessary.

    1. The leader of what's coming next probably is in high school right now.

  3. -"The one clear benefit of Donald Trump's election has been confirmation that elections don't matter."

    Its this thought that haunts me when I consider 2020, though not in quite the same way. I think the Trumpslide, as they call it would happen in an unbroken system. Polls are propaganda, after all. And I think most Americans really are behind him.

    But will the election even be fair and honest? That's what I worry about. Is it Trump's election to lose? Or is it the Globo-progressive's election to steal?

    1. Trump has already borne his essential fruit. He proved the futility of working within the system because the system is now a machine built to prop up the global elite at the expense of every nation's middle class. Trying to solve our problems by voting is like trying to pound railroad spikes with a screwdriver.

      Change will only come when 10-12% of the population internalizes that fact.

      That said, I do hope Trump wins in 2020. At least he's not actively hunting down and arresting his supporters.

      After Trump, le déluge.

    2. Thanks to the Spygate/Muh Russia imbroglio, to say nothing of Punished Kavanaugh, we've seen in detail just how these weasels operate. And it's not just the usual corrupt and moronic politicians -- the rot is total and complete.

      Worse, their operation is full of soy, lies, narrative, backstabbing, dirty cops, dirty DOJ lawyers, anonymous sources, crying "journalists" -- just weak and degenerate all around. These people aren't worthy to run a township, let alone a modern state. There's no putting that realization back in the bottle.

      But it's what you'd expect from a group of people allied with the ur-gamma Satan.

    3. All true.

      You know what else is true? If we don't beat them, we're worse than they are, and they deserve to win.

  4. Brian

    Europe will plunge into a civil war. The elite have such an animus towards their population.
    The ordinary people are starting to understand that just about every institutions are broken and illegitimate.
    Events bear out Taleb's point 14 Institutions that are relevant will be renewed.


    1. It will be interesting to see what the English people do when Johnson and Farage bungle the new elections, resulting in a hung parliament and a new Brexit referendum--which the elite will ensure Remain wins.

    2. I think you're too pessimistic there Brian. At this stage the bulk of the problem people fear the law and still believe they can control the process. They are not superhuman sociopaths, more like Borderline Personality Disorder. At this stage, barring something like the imposition of martial law, the will of the people will triumph, albeit via slow grind.

      The current displays significantly weaken the social standing of the Remainers in the UK, being weak, cowardly, and a tacit admission that they lack support - which then becomes a tacit admission that they believe they have the right to rule WITHOUT support.

    3. No one in Parliament labors under the illusion that they rule anything. Their bosses in Paris and Brussels care nothing for the will of the people.

      Look at the Salvini imbroglio. Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen bribed M5S to throw La Lega under the bus and get in bed with their former rivals the PD. We have leaked docs from EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger offering to loosen debt regulations on Italy in return.

      The EU is a Franco-Germanic empire ruled from Brussels. Their puppets in Parliament will do as they're paid.

      But you misread me. I don't view any of this with pessimism. Democracy always descends into tyranny. A necessary step toward ending Clown World is cutting one's attachment to converged institutions that have been weaponized against us.

      That's why I said it will be interesting to see what happens when the English people realize their form of government is beyond reform.