The Real Jobs Crisis

It's not the overall employment numbers. It's the work force participation rate, particularly among men.

FRED male workforce participation

While the administration touts low unemployment, American men are being forced out--and are increasingly opting out--of the job market.

Though the continued importation of unskilled laborers from south of the border and H1Bs from the subcontinent represents a betrayal of the American people by our rulers, immigration alone doesn't explain why men are dropping out of the workforce.

For the real answer, we must refer to this graph:

FRED workforce participation by sex

It's no coincidence that the massive influx of women into the workplace mirrors the mass exodus of men.

Not even self-proclaimed TradCons will admit it, but men as a whole are averse to taking part in goal-oriented group activities with women.

The reason shouldn't surprise any honest student of human nature. The sexes are different and have different innate strengths and preferences.

Men form associations to pursue those organizations' stated goals.They thrive on competition.

Women join male-created organizations to socialize and gain male attention. They are generally risk-averse and anti-competitive--except when it comes to gaining male attention.

The results of introducing women into the workplace en masse should be obvious. What do you think will happen to a company when a majority of their labor force is socially motivated rather than outcome-motivated?

Now imagine if your company had no HR department.

This is why feminist propaganda deceiving women into thinking that eschewing family and pursuing careers will bring them fulfillment.

Instead it pressures women into a competitive environment, which makes them miserable and makes displaced men feel useless, which makes them miserable.

All the while, the family and the workplace continue to degrade.

The universal vocation of all human beings is to perfect the virtues necessary for living out their divinely ordained state in life. Succeeding in this endeavor is the only way to find happiness. Failure guarantees misery.

The Death Cult's propaganda is designed to make you miserable. Don't take advice from people who hate you.


  1. Most couples I know are "educated" women who make decent income while the men make less money, if they work at all. Such a thing would be rare and rightly ridiculed a few decades back but it's apparently becoming the norm.

    I saw a video from Jesse Lee Peterson a few days back saying not to marry "educated" women because they will try to compete with you as a man and I think I might follow that advice.

    1. Women are out-earning men, and a majority of college students are now female. A woman finds a man who is less educated and earns less than her as unattractive as a man finds a post-wall land whale.

      Is it any wonder birth rates are so low?

    2. It's not just attraction.

      You also have the propaganda mill constantly telling Westerners not to breed even though the diverse and varied Western peoples are the smallest minorities in terms of population.

      You have consumer culture that makes all relationships into consumer preferences, including children.

      We have countries that make it difficult to have large families, from the difficulty of living on one income to finding a car that can carry more than 3-4 children (especially in Europe).

      We punish the productive over the parasitical. We are going through this right now as my family transitions from me being in school full time to me working full time. Switching to non-state benefits sucks. We'd be rewarded to the tune of about $50,000+ in state assistance if we legally divorced.

      And we could go on.

    3. This is what happens when a people's cultural confidence is stripped from them.

      The Japanese have had much the same problem since the end of the war; less because of propaganda than because we destroyed an essential part of their national identity. I'm not talking about the bombs.

      The Death Cult has been as destructive to Christendom as WWII was to the Japanese. Ponder that fact for a moment.

    4. Or as Vox Day is fond of saving, Soviet Communism was less damaging than Western Liberalism.

      Both have been more devastating than any war, especially in the categories of human life and suffering.

    5. Odd, just saw Red Ice posted this today, "Why White People Aren't Having Kids"


  2. Hmmm, it's almost as if a certain group of people pushed this advice in film, music, tv and books all in an effort to destroy Christendom from within.

  3. You know, this is part of why I wonder how Trump will do on the labor front. He keeps touting economic numbers, but the only people who seem to be benefiting are the upper business and financial investment classes and low wage immigrant laborers. The middle class, and American men as a group, have not benefited from the Trump Bump.

    1. It depends on who his opponent is.

      If it's Warren, Trump's in trouble, and he knows it.

    2. Trumponomics is aimed at a structural reversal of the situation. Moving capital back to the US and reducing the influx of already oversupplied labour - ie balancing labour/capital demand - is the logic that makes it all sensible.

      But the benefit is going to be at the bottom end first, not the middle. He's aiming for the working class vote, not the upper working class or middle class.

    3. It would target the crushed middle if he closed the borders. No legal or illegal immigration. Instead, he keeps boasting about the numbers for legal immigration while we currently have (not entirely his fault) record numbers of illegal immigration.

      I’m kinda pissed that even in my small city area, everywhere I go feels like an international airport. I don’t know my neighbors anymore. And much of the work here is being done by H1B visa holders, or foreign students who stayed after getting their masters or PhDs at our colleges.

      So the local culture is gone. The local trust is gone. Jobs on the low to high middle are being given to foreigners for the benefit of the local corporations. Foreigners groups here demonstrate high nepotism, doing clear hiring biased towards extended family/tribe members.

      I’ll vote Trump just because I well know Socialism is evil. But when The Man shows up saying he’ll cast these parasites and invaders out, lectures to me about how mean that will be will be unheard by me, as I want this land to go to my children, not a foreigner’s kids.

    4. Yeah. That's the difference between immigration and invasion. 5%? 10%? No problem. Here in oz 28% of adults were born overseas. The only thing stopping it from being civil war is the fact that they're often Brits, Canadians, Americans etc. .... but it's still too much.

  4. Brian, Durandel

    Dr Marshall Taylor has recently published a book called Infiltration. He argues since the Enlightenment there's been a concerted effort to infiltrate and destroy the Church within. Like a wasp egg.

    Speaking from personal experience I don't want a female boss or supervisor. I've had my career badly damaged because of them. I've had problems that never cropped up with male bosses.

    Women out earning men has created a pernicious cycle where the former insult and show deep contempt for their spouses. Like why can't you make money,you're lazy lazy and all the emo theatricality.
    Never mind the fact that the same women just don't reflect why. O and these women are deeply miserable and quarrelsome because competition is physically and mentally demanding. Women have outstanding talents but competing like a man isn't in their nature as God intended.


    1. My own work experience has lead me to conclude that I prefer less women in my team than more. Funnily enough, most of my former female coworkers have tended to feel the same.

  5. Durandel,

    Yup.it's a cycle of mother hen followed by momma bear and ends in waterworks theatre And starts all over again. Until men become fed up.


  6. “No HR department”

    Something for me to keep at the forefront of my mind when I move into my eventual business ventures