One for the Books

The record-smashing crowdfunder for Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming has reached its triumphant conclusion. Thanks to you, the backers, this third campaign surpassed even my lofty expectations.

When I began receiving inquiries about the third XSeed Indiegogo campaign on a more or less weekly basis, I knew that our third time out would beat the second and probably the first.

What I didn't expect was blowing both previous campaigns away to raise almost as much as the first and second combined!

2nd Coming Final 550%

For authors interested in crowdfunding, this campaign provided a wealth of useful and interesting data. The third outing's meteoric growth suggests that some readers hold off pulling the trigger until book three, when they're confident the author will finish the series. Adding signup links on the Indiegogo page garnered a decent number of new subscriptions. Thanks to fellow author Adam Lane Smith for the idea!

In another crowdfunding first for me, Twitter became the #1 contribution source. I've been upping my Twitter game lately, and it's paying dividends.

Thanks again to everyone who backed the project! Perk fulfillment began during the campaign, but if you're not among those who'd already received the first two XSeed eBooks, check your email.

Once again, readers have helped support independent science fiction. We've got lots more mecha fun and surprises in store in the coming months. Keep your eye on this blog, and if you haven't subscribed to Nova Frontier yet, I strongly advise doing so to get the inside track on Combat Frame XSeed news. Subscribe via the link in the back of either eBook, and get the CY 2 Gaiden bonus story for free!

For those who missed out on this campaign, don't worry. The first two exciting XSeed books are both available from Amazon. Read them now to get ready for Book 3's launch!

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier


  1. 1. Offer what people want. Perks as well as the writing.

    2. Let people who want what you're offering know what you're offering. Of course you don't necessarily know who's going to want it, so let as many people know as possible.

    3. Deliver on your promises in a timely manner.

    4. Profit.

    Congratulations, Brian! I'm looking forward to seeing how this gets topped next time.

    For the rest, I hold that the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition must be destroyed.

    1. A concise and useful primer for any author planning a crowdfunding campaign.

      And we are definitely going to top it next time ;)

  2. That's a nice chunk of change. I like that (like many indie and newpub authors) you're willing to talk about successes instead of hoarding them, as though other people's success would somehow harm you... man, I hate that attitude so much.

    1. *nods* It's residual insecurity from the Oldpub Crab Basket mentality.

      What's coming next culturally is going to come out of indie. I don't blow my horn about it a lot, but I do a lot behind the scenes to help new indie authors get established. And I do it partly because one of them is going to create the next Star Wars.

    2. Brian

      Congrats! I look forward to book 3.
      I find crowdfunding books so much fun and so satisfying. The amount of new authour ND stories has been nothing but phenomenal.

      My only gripe is I wish I had more money so I could sponsor many more deserving cultural content creators.


  3. Congratulations! I hate not being able to fund the IGG but I'll definitely buy it from Amazon. Can't wait to see the next campaign get even more success.


    Congratulations, Brian!