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Merkel - Berlin

The sidelining of popular Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, which I mentioned in yesterday's post, appears to have been orchestrated by top EU oligarchs in Berlin and Paris.
Several Italian newspapers reported on efforts by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European officials to prevent early elections in Italy — solely to stop Salvini from becoming prime minister. Merkel reportedly ordered leaders of the PD to reach a coalition agreement with M5S. "Make the agreement and stop Salvini," she reportedly said.
A leaked document showed that outgoing EU Budget Commissioner G√ľnther Oettinger had offered to relax EU rules on public debt in exchange for "a pro-European government that does not work against Europe."
Writing for the Italian daily Il Giornale, political correspondent Andrea Indini noted:
"Berlin's interference with the decisions of the Democratic Party are not surprising at all. As we have reported in recent days, the first meeting between M5S and PD dates back to July 16, when Ursula von der Leyen was elected president of the European Commission, thanks in part to support from M5S and PD. Von der Leyen is not just any person, she is Merkel's clone. Her election is part of a strategy executed alongside French President Emmanuel Macron to split the nationalist bloc in Europe. It is certainly not a coincidence that, moments after Salvini pulled the plug on his government, [former Italian prime minister and former European Commission president] Romano Prodi, faster than a slingshot, called for Italy to be governed by an 'Ursula Coalition' that is formed by the same political forces [M5S and PD] that helped to elect von der Leyen.
"That there are international interests behind the formation of the new coalition government is now clear to most. 'The Democratic Party is at the service of foreign countries,' Salvini said last night during a rally in Pinzolo. 'They think we are all sheep and slaves, ready to wait for what they say in Brussels and Paris, but the League defends the Italians, because we are free men.' At this point Salvini has no choice but to play the next match against the opposition with the weapons he has available. His men have already made it known that they will pass nothing in the Parliament that comes from M5S-PD, but above all from those who sponsor them: Merkel, Macron and Ursula von der Leyen."
We should have known that the risible accusations leveled against Trump for colluding with foreign powers to rig US elections was projection on the globalists' part. Here, the EU, Germany, and France have been caught red handed interfering in Italy's political process.

Note, too, that these creatures are incessantly bleating about "threats to democracy" while they themselves scheme constantly to undermine the people's will. Salvini and his League enjoy massive popularity, yet now the Italian people must endure a government espousing the exact opposite policies they voted for--perhaps for up to four years.

The old institutions are dead. They are like the corpses of our ancestors risen to feed on the blood of the living. Electing new politicians is as useful as choosing new people to become vampires in the hope they can steer the coven in wise directions. Neither reform nor management is possible. They will be destroyed--through either their own corruption and incompetence, or by the nations they oppress.

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  1. I have a thought for you. Years back, reading gardening blogs, I ended up reading the doomsaying of a Grand Druid, which included the necessity of food gardening, but also some interesting theory.

    The idea is that "magic", of a, shall we say, hermetic rather than contractual kind, is basically deep psychology. Hit the right primitive unconscious triggers and you can get a person to do amazing things, via spontaneous changes in their behaviour. This is what ritual is about, in this view. It got me thinking about ritual in life, but that's another topic.

    Hitler almost certainly trained in some sort of occultism. Just consider his Reich's grasp of symbolic motivators; where did that all come from, all at once? Well, it was, in a way, ritual magic. Now, in this view it can ONLY affect the mind. Thus, Hitler was fine building a new German consciousness, but couldn't overcome the (known and noted in German military doctrine of the time) PHYSICAL impossibilities of war with the inert but titanic British Empire.

    In between it seemed his magic would be unstoppable.

    The current Germanic sorcerers are in the same position, IMO. The new empire of the EU is held together entirely by psychology/magic.

    I'm not saying it will, one morning, blow away like smoke... but it could.

    1. It definitely could. I'm old enough to remember when everyone said the Soviet Union was unstoppable. Then one day, it was simply gone.

    2. That's reminiscent of Anton laVey's Satanist "love potions" and similar. The man admitted freely that ritual, stage setting, and context were doing all the heavy lifting. He even scorned the idea that supernatural forces were being invoked at all.

      These people who trade with the devil really do get an awful return on their investment.

    3. LaVey was probably doing a sloppy shoplift of someone else's magical philosophy. He strikes me as a lazy attention whore. I agree though; poor return indeed.

  2. Brian,
    Frankly I.m so unsurprised. Look at what FrauKanzeller did to Greece during their economic meltdown.
    Yankee carpetbaggers were positively benedictine compared to the Germans.
    The disdain the Northern Germans have for the southern Europeans is no secret.

    Makes me wonder if there isn't a secret alliance between the Nazi descendents and their collaborators and the commies to resuscitate the Nazi Soviet pact v 2,0.


    1. "The disdain the Northern Germans have for the southern Europeans is no secret."

      It's even known here in the States.

    2. Careless whisper

      The Austrians and the Barvarians are far less jerks than the Northern ones The Austrians because they ruled Spain for a time. The Barvarians because they're more laid back and Catholic.
      Not perfect but the Northern Germans are just full of themselves. And obnoxious.


  3. My favorite quote finds more and more occasion to be used nowadays

    “The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it [in Minecraft]” -Corneliu Codreanu

    1. Ah yes, who could forget the sage words of noted Minecraft enthusiast Corneliu Codreanu?

  4. So much of Europe’s problems and heresies come from northern Germany.

    I pray for Salvini, and I’m glad this has not stopped him. He’ll win eventually, so long as they fight for what is Good, True and Beautiful.

    A side story to all of this is the denouncement made towards Salvini by the Vatican and other politicians. They hate him for espousing his faith and invoking our Lady and Christ in his public speeches.

    1. Matteo is a prime example of the laity providing correction when corruption afflicts the hierarchy.