Facebook Bans Larry Correia

Krasnov - Larry Correia

Exhibit #4,837,997 in the mounting pile of evidence that we are ruled by inbred idiots: Facebook placed best selling author Larry Correia under  a 24-hour ban for hate speech against an imaginary country.
So I just got a 24 hour ban from Facebook for Violating Community Standards, because I insulted the imaginary people of an imaginary country.  Which is kinda hilarious.
Long version. About a year ago an author friend of mine was putting up snippets of his alternative history story, in which the fictional country (Neu Saxony) experienced a terrorist attack.  One guy thought it was real, and a whole bunch of us ended up having fun arguing on behalf of our made up countries about who was really responsible.  It was pretty funny.
I ,of course, came to the aid of noble Krasnovia, a nation of peaceful sandwich makers, who were being falsely accused of these heinous crimes.  (We were obviously framed)
So a year later the memory reminder thing on FB is bringing this back up. Another friend of mine created this post:
Remember your brothers killed by Krasnovians.#OnlyGoodKrasnovianIsADeadKrasnovian
Interesting timing, considering Larry has just been nominated for a Dragon Award.

Whether that's a coincidence or not, we all knew Facebook's censorship wouldn't stop with political pundits like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and James Allsup.

Anyone who expresses an opinion the Death Cult deems heretical will be condemned to soft exile. Higher profile heretics like Larry will be targeted next, but they'll be getting around to you far sooner than most suspect.

Just wait until Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency. If you doubt Zuckerberg wants Libra to become the official scrip for the global company store he and his elite friends are rapidly turning the world into, you're not paying attention.

Getting the government to allow Libra will be akin to letting the camel get its nose in the tent. Once that threshold is crossed, FB's fun money will go from allowed to preferred to required.

And not just on Facebook itself. You think FB, Amazon, Google, and Apple aren't salivating over the prospect of a currency they control?

It may not end up being Libra, but ZuckBucks are at least the prototype for a medium of exchange that you'll have to use if you want to do business with Big Tech. Not coincidentally, they're also seeing to it that Big Tech are the only companies anyone can do business with.

This Libra rant may seem like a tangent, but hear me out.

Let's imagine the following conditions are in place.

  • Big Tech develops a cryptocurrency over which the government has no oversight.
  • The entire tech oligopoly and its cronies require that all transactions take place in said currency.
  • Big Tech's monopoly is so ubiquitous that there are no practical alternatives.
Now imagine you're doing a fun bit of harmless RP with your Facebook friends in this dark cyberpunk future, and the joke flies over the head of one of FB's subcontinental serfs.

You won't just get a 24-hour ban like Larry. If only you were that lucky! You'll lose access to your money until our rootless cosmopolitan overlords decide you've learned your lesson.

"OK, I'll just go back to USD." Better get a wheelbarrow for pile of dollars you'll need to buy that toilet paper. If Congress gives Facebook an inch, it won't be long until the relative value of Libra and the dollar resembles the current relationship between the dollar and the Venezuelan bolivar.

That's if you can even get paid in US dollars. New Zealand just made it legal for companies to pay their employees' salaries in crypto. What is allowed soon becomes mandatory. Don't hand me any "muh slipper slope!" canards, either. It's called basic pattern recognition.

I look forward to the impromptu Bible discussion on Revelation 13:17 in the comments.

For a stark vision of a future ruled by technocrats run amok plunged into war by regular folks who've had enough, read my hit martial thriller Combat Frame XSeed!

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier

UPDATE: Facebook has now banned Larry for three more days.

Facebook Larry Correia ban 2


  1. As long as there are physical stores that take cash and credit, the worst Big Tech can do with a cryptocurrency monopoly is keep me offline. And that might work out better for me, all told. :p

    1. It won't.

      If ZuckBucks are the currency, then being shut out from them means being unable to be paid or to pay, and that means you won't be able to pay your bills or get paid for your work- and that means no chance to work independently since your clients and your creditors require ZuckBucks.

      And being mostly silent online will be taken as a pretext to intervene, allowing busybodies to send the police to check on you regardless of where they live, making it impossible to get anything done due to state-executed scrutiny.

      Yes, even in the rural areas. Not having a phone, or a live Internet connection, will also be grounds for intervention; it's already considered suspicious to be disconnected by the blue-hairs, so this will only get worse when they control the purse.

      You won't be able to travel; you can't pay for tickets to use a service, or fuel your vehicle, if you're cut off from currency, and that's if you're even allowed to try.

      And if there's a regime of punishng those who allow the banned to get around being cut off, we'll see the present deplatforming problem go catastrophic overnight. Once they control ALL finance, that's the hard line and they know it.

      Which is why this has to be stopped now. Legal tender laws exist for a reason, and this is just that reason.

    2. As long as there are physical stores that take cash and credit

      Exactly Unconcord, “as long”. Then they stop accepting, what then?

      The fact that places like NZ are allowing this means that the conspiracy theorists that crypto is a Bankster Operation more plausible. Otherwise, why would banks and the governments they run be down for this? How can you convince a government goons to give up the power of the purse if they are not already part of the plot? This is a coordinated effort to make all money electronic, to remove physical currency, so that they have a manipulable currency that only they can manipulate and control at our expense.

    3. In the post I skipped straight to demonetization of dissidents for rhetorical effect, but there's an even more sinister implication of Libra that will probably be far more common.

      ILoH: *tries to buy AR-15 lower receiver online*

      FB POPUP: We're sorry. Your transaction has been cancelled. Please excuse the inconvenience.

      ILoH: GRRRR! *spends 30 minutes trying to get an answer from Libra's automated help desk.

      LIBRA BOT: Your transaction was declined because you tried to make a purchase that's disallowed by the Libra Group's community guidelines. To learn more about our guidelines and what kinds of purchases aren't allowed, click here.

      And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you implement a national gun ban without passing a single bill or even getting a court decision.

  2. Let's cut to the quick: If somehow *everything* forced the creative right offline, could we overcome?

    1. No. We are too divided and uncoordinated...too individualistic to fight the globalist collective.

      We’re at the point where only miracle can fix this, but I don’t think there is enough faith around for God to grant it. Maybe that will change.

    2. Best I can figure is that is out came to that, our output would localize, and the best we could hope for is notoriety within our own communities.

      And TBQH there is an appealing element in that; in so far as I like the odds of saving one community at a time, creating cohesion in local areas and making regional culture make a comeback. But, whoof, the odds.... The scale... Staggering.

    3. It depends on how you define "overcome".

      Anyone who expects some climactic battle that will reset America to 1950 needs to disabuse himself of that fantasy, and fast.

      Aside from its penchant for radical individualism, another vice the Right needs to grow out of is the constant drive to seek a decisive showdown with the Left for all the marbles.

      The Left already took all the marbles one by one. There is no scenario in which we keep a republic of 50 united states. The future is either an amicable divorce, a messy divorce, or a brutal dictatorship wherein any pretense of popular sovereignty is dropped, and the Imperial capital rules the provinces by force.

      We are not going back to the Constitution. We are not going back to Classical Liberalism. Your choices are Russia, Brazil, or South Africa.

    4. That said, you both have valid points. What's probably coming next is some kind of crisis--a war, a financial collapse, disintegration of social order, etc.--that finally ends the bread and circuses.

      This is where the grifters and the LARPers are separated from the serious people as we enter a sifting time when everyone has to choose. Anyone who hasn't been outlawed already will be given a choice: Join the Death Cult and get access to the new monetary/social/entertainment system, or be permanently exiled.

      Know that a LOT of people our side would swear by will take a deal and sell out. That's not a condemnation. People have families; wives and kids. Anybody with dependents who says he knows how he'll answer when Agent Glows-in-the-Dark offers him the poison chalice is lying.

      This process is what's known as "boiling off". Most people will take the deal. A not insignificant minority--probably tens of millions--will not. That will leave the Death Cult with a massive outlaw population of mostly white, mostly single, mostly young men with nothing to lose.

      Internet or no internet, shit will get real then.

      NB: I do not advocate initiating violence. Boomers and Conservatives have a lot to answer for precisely because they were repeatedly warned there'd be blood in the streets, yet they obstinately refused to stop it while they had the chance.

    5. @ Brian - love both responses above.
      The first one could be another post and expanded upon. I guess the second could too but the first needs to be hammered home.

    6. Do any of the creatives who read this blog try and put out work in their local community? Selling comics at local comic book conventions? Printing zines, trolling for advertisers, and leaving them around coffee houses or similar? Or offering to write a column for your local parish bulletin? We aren't 100% post-retail yet. Strike while the iron remains lukewarm, you can't set your watch by the apocalypse.

      Perhaps the takeaway should be that we all ought to invade our own communities. I can say that from my own experience re: zines/comics that local promotion is not beyond the average person's reach. It just takes a lot of patience and elbow grease. And, it confers a certain amount of local preeminence if you keep producing regularly. You WILL attract younger people's attention.

      This is a thing we should care about, since our generations have been pretty shabby at turning out leaders of any kind. If you have the means to at least be "that guy with the zine" in your local area, maybe y'all should consider it.

    7. Mr. Neimeier,
      You list our possible outcomes as Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. What are the salient features of each and what differentiates these options from one another?

    8. Russia: The American Empire breaks up into a number of separate states. A strong man emerges in one or more of the resulting nations to usher in a new Caesarism.

      Brazil: Society stratifies into A) a melange of de facto peasants who compete with each other along racial lines for scarce resources, and B) an overclass composed of our current rulers who lead lives of fabulous luxury behind walls defended by armed guards. This is the future our elites are striving toward.

      South Africa: the elites' plans blow up in their faces, and they, along with the rest of heritage America, are overrun by diversity, which proceeds to confiscate their land and tear them apart with power tools.

    9. Is it just my imagination, or is Brazil a predictable prelude to South Africa?

    10. Not necessarily. They did elect Bolsonaro, which is a bit of a white pill.

  3. Which of these nightmare scenarios is unavailable under the current arrangement of government controlled currencies? While I understand the idea of a single all powerful organization replacing all world currencies could be frightening, there are some major hurdles to the scenario described. The US Dollar is the first one, and if it goes away the resulting wars will probably make Libra, or frankly anything but bullets beans and gas, a secondary concern. Then there's every other currency, Yuan to Euro and their governments. Not as powerful as the USD by any means, but there's a good bit of trade in them. Finally, to prevent competitors from rising say a GoogleBuck, you'd need force of some sort, at which point why not just have the government do the same backed by the USD. Of course, it could be that all the big tech are in unity and launching a plan to make FB the lord of all digital transactions. However, I don't see Amazon or PayPal going along easily with that plan. Seems far more likely that FB would get a first mover advantage, others follow, then a number of people start engaging in arbitrage. Multiple currencies backed by different organizations, it's just that some of those orgs are corporations.

    1. I'll be the first to admit I'm not an economist or a finance expert. The floor is open to anyone more knowledgeable who wants to field this one.

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    1. I have an account, but it's been dormant for months.

  5. Reinhard Von Loengrahame did nothing wrong.