Did It Get Stupider in Here?

Dr. William Lane Craig Refutes Stupid Arguments

The asylum inmates have been restless lately. It's like there's something in the water making people spout nonsense. Each passing day brings new revelations proving that Alex Jones was right after all.

A major cause of the degradation of public discourse is the decades-old phenomenon of schools not only failing to teach people how to think, but actively teaching them not to think. At the same time, so-called educators condition children to regard their emotional spasms as critical thought.

The perennially clownish internet atheist is everybody's favorite example of this systematically enforced Dunning-Kruger effect. Picking on fedora tippers is beating a dead horse, but if they insist on presenting me with the easy button, I'm going to press it.

Here's an illustrative exchange between a chapter of the No Sky Fairy brotherhood and Dr. Eve Keneinan.

Metaphysical Musing

NB: Whenever internet atheists start exchanging high fives and celebrating how they "obliterated" your arguments, all the while projecting like a CinemaScope, you know you've won.

Enlightenment Propaganda

Once again, the Enlightenment rears its ugly head.

Eve makes many salient points in that one tweet, but one is particularly relevant to this post. An educated person would know that the Scholastics never debated how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But the internet atheist thinks they did because he's not educated.

It's worse, in fact. He, like almost everyone, is maleducated. They're actually getting stupider, but they don't know it.

Meanwhile, "muh free markets!" gang has their panties in a bunch.

Free Market Absolutism

Now, my debating partner denied being a libertarian, so we'll take him at his word. He did admit that his arguments sound like Libertarian arguments, so they're useful as object lessons.

Libertarianism is a prime example of a passion-driven cult whose members have convinced themselves they're operating on pure reason. But their belief system has all the hallmarks of a religion.
  • Cult: free market worship
  • Code; the NAP
  • Creed: the writings of Rothbard, Hayek, Mises, etc.
They even have a plan for salvation. Abolish government, institute absolute private property rights, and let society organize itself based on a voluntary contract basis. Accomplishing these steps is said to be the cure for all social ills. In this way, Libertarians are just as utopian as Communists.

Of course, no Christian heresy would be complete without a Devil figure. For Libertarians, the government fills the role of Old Nick. But while Christians acknowledge that Satan was at least created good, for Libertarians, government has always been, and can only be, evil.

Disclaimer: I usually hate it when BoomerCons try to roast Lefty sacred cows like the green movement and Communism itself by labeling them as religions. When Conservative Inc. doe it, they always adopt the Leftist frame that assumes all religion is inherently irrational.

That's not my purpose here. I'm holding a mirror to people who affect unimpeachable rationality, often while scoffing at religion, to show them they are what they hate.

The idea, for example, that government needs to be intensely scrutinized while trillion-dollar corporations should be left to do as they please is about as rational as rubbing magic crystals. They need only look out their window to see that government vs corporations is a false dichotomy.

It's not the government banning dissenters from social media, condemning them to soft exile by tearing up their debit cards, and shutting down 8chan. It's megacorps willingly acting as hatchet men for the feds.

The first 20 minutes of this video by propaganda expert Devon Stack puts the lie to the quaint notion that we'd live in a meritocracy where anyone could be Sam Walton or Bill Gates if not for federal regulations. Drop what you're doing and watch it now.

The individual is not sovereign. We are ruled by an incestuous elite class wielding generational power. Atomized consumers are helpless cattle in the face of such power.

Only the family and the Church can impose checks on Caesar and Mammon, which is why the elites have been working tirelessly to destroy both for generations.

We need a new elite who share our worldview and have incentives to look out for our interests. My hit martial thriller series Combat Frame XSeed gives a glimpse of what that might look like--as well as the chilling alternative.

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier


  1. Another home run here Brian.

    I’m frustrated by the Western nations/peoples inability to mount a legitimate counter offense against the elite degenerate satanic psychopaths who run our governments, businesses, churches and other institutions. Or rather, I’m annoyed our resistance and offense will have to be slow, steady, quiet, ever watchful as these pukes set themselves up for failure once they get comfortable and entropy slips in.

    We’re gonna need a lot more ammo.

    1. We’re gonna need some TOW missiles too

    2. Ch age my mind after listening to Devon. Never mind, we have to sacrifice ourselves to take these people out, I just don’t know how.

      For family men, if we really fight they’ll:
      Target our jobs
      Target our kids
      Jail or kill us

      So you have to have something in place as backup occupation and something to take care of your wife and kids should you pay the price.

      I think the Church used to fill that, not sure, since I never saw such a Church. Certainly does not exist now.

      Also, if you fight, you’ll likely be on your own. I’ve said a number of times to my gun owning relatives that they can talk all they want about rising up if the government comes for their guns, but at the end of the day, the boots will just come door to door, it’ll be your local police man whose kid goes to school with yours, and you’ll surrender as your neighbors watch through the curtains saying “I hope they don’t come here next.” Courage is a virtue, which in this sin-ridden society means it is rare to find.

      So prayer it is...but we have to fight and resist on some level. Is that all that can be done? Pray and fight a culture war on the fringes? I’d rather die fighting these people than let my children and my descendants be the play cattle of these bastards.

    3. It's frustrating, no doubt about it.

      People on our side often liken the Death Cult's conquest of America to a chef slowly boiling a frog. That's not entirely accurate.

      The trap we fell prey to is more like an elaborate con game. As the name implies, a confidence trickster operates by winning the mark's trust. Then he starts making seemingly reasonable requests. By the time you've signed your deed over, you're totally baffled as to why you're out in the street.

      Now expand that con to a civilizational scale, extend it out over a century, and imagine multiple such cons running in various areas of society. That's how deep the enemy's op is.

      The cons perfectly played on human nature while complementing each other. On social issues, the enemy plied us with a series of promises that everyone would be happy if we just made this one little compromise, which was billed as an end in itself. But each compromise led inevitably to the next, and even though everyone became increasingly miserable, we didn't dare reverse any of the prior compromises, because the cons being run in the media and academia made it unfathomable.

      That's why I hold Conservatism in contempt. Conservatives could have stopped the con at any time up until 20 years ago. But they fell for it and helped enshrine each disastrous compromise as a sacrosanct American tradition.

      Where we are now is the result of past generations making the wrong choice every single time. In that light, it's not surprising that things are so bad.

      The only thing for it is to face reality and accept that the West was lost before many people reading this were adults. At this moment, you live in occupied territory under a vicious elite that hates you.

      That's why slow, steady, and quiet is the name of the game. The model is the French Underground, not the French Revolution.

    4. That's why slow, steady, and quiet is the name of the game. The model is the French Underground, not the French Revolution.

      Well then we need to start planning. I grant that our enemies had the Price of this World running their coordination, but to give the Devil his due there was a plan or plans and they executed them well.

      Our side still seems shell shocked. Without the beginning of some plan I think most will just retreat into their shells.

      I'll take my prayer even more seriously, and really ask God to show me what I can do. But we need to start something, even if the first part is to collate and present all the likely culprits and players, and the way they likely executed this, so that we can start planning the counters.

      I like the counter attack in scifi/fantasy...PulpRev. I like the counter salvo in comics and tv by Vox Day with AltHero and Unauthorized, etc.

      But overall it feels lose, divided, unorganized.

      Anyway, glad to be in the Paris catacombs with brothers such as yourselves and those I have found near me.

    5. Durandel,
      In a spiritual battle, prayer is a call-for-fire. Ask Planned Parenthood how ineffectual coordinated prayer is. They have a hundred fewer offices because of rosaries and pater nosters, I think. :)

      The LORD is a man of war. The LORD is His name.

    6. This is more than spiritual. Our example should be Lepanto. Pray the rosary, followed by drawing our swords and loading the canons.

    7. To be (slightly) flippant: I'm neither Catholic, nor an artillerist, so will loading all my rifles while reciting the Our Father, the Gloria, and the In Nomine suffice?
      To be serious: You have a point. OTOH, Jefferson noted in the Declaration that revolutions don't always turn out well, so I think it behooves us to try prayer and dialog as much as possible for as long as possible, before we have to cross ourselves and shoulder arms.

    8. That’s the talk of a coward. You want to keep dialogue up while the enemy encircles your camp, cuts off all exits, and blocks all supply lines.

      A wise man understands when talk has to end. When dialogue is not an option since the other side is only using dialogue to distract and delay you from taking action rather than actually engage you in an exchange of ideas. Dialogue in and of itself is only sufficient as a tactic if said tactic is fruitful. If it is not, then you need to pick a new avenue for victory, or accept your defeat.

    9. Btw, when I use Lepanto and talk about swords, understand this is metaphor. Our best offense against our enemies may merely be to organize our side and organize building up a separate culture. Having our kids only do certain jobs in order to infiltrate/capture institutions or build parallel ones to support our interests. Or maybe we do need to revolt and make them bleed. I don’t know, I’m only stating that complaining on the internet, doing individual pet projects and praying might not be enough. It’s not enough to believe and pray, you have to live it too. It’s that last one I see our side wanting to avoid, including myself at times.

    10. I am well aware that dialog with the Hard Left is useless. That is not what I am proposing. I apologize for being unclear. I am also not proposing that we consider anything resembling legislative compromise on RKBA. I am proposing trigger and fire discipline. If we jump off too soon, the folks in the middle will see the shelling of Fort Sumter, not Minutemen at Lexington and Concord.

      I am not convinced that it's too late to bring moderates over to our view of things. It is they, and not the Hard Left, who are the real audience for any fruitful dialog that remains between the Right and the Center-Left. Conversely, I am very convinced that when and if our national shouting match becomes a shooting match it will get very ugly, very quickly. Civil Wars are the least civil wars imaginable. If it is cowardice to hope to avoid that and employ any honorable means to that end, then I suppose I am a coward.

  2. "That's why slow, steady, and quiet is the name of the game. The model is the French Underground, not the French Revolution."

    Only until we are strong to bring off, shall we say, the French Counter-Revolution. And unlike the beloved Counter-Revolution, we keep up the fight until victory is permanently won. Even if, God forbid, it takes ten thousand years or more to accomplish.

  3. Durandel,

    Waiting to be picked off by a confiscation squad is certainly silly. Given that those same police, out of uniform, might be gun owners themselves and sympathetic to the plight of the folks whose homes they'd be ordered to invade, the sympathy of the gun-owners for the children of the police is useful feedback. I think it tells us that, in this thought experiment, the gun owners and the police both been set up and maneuvered by a common enemy into fighting folks who aren't naturally their enemies. That, in turn, tells us that they should refuse to be moved about like pawns on the board. Instead, they would do better to identify the actual enemy, take the initiative, and deal with them. Remember Clausewitz: War is the continuation of politics. Remember also that civil control of the military apparatus is one of our founding principles, like the consent of the governed. The civilians passing orders into the military hierarchy are a schwerpunkt, as are their more vocal activist constituents.

    Speaking purely hypothetically, of course, what if, within 72 hours of the implementation of a mandatory confiscation or registration scheme, half of the prominent gun control activists in this county were dead, with the only ones left alive at the end of the first week or so being cops, kids, and clergy? I include the cops because while some big city police chiefs and sheriffs are basically just politicians with badges, their fellow cops will close ranks around them if citizens start hunting them on the basis of their gun politics. I include clergy because it is sacrilege for a layman to raise a hand against a minister of the Gospel, even if that minister is a heretic. Kid are kids, of course, and just aren't valid targets under any circumstances. Their Demanding Study Buddy faculty advisors might be, however.

    What if the local, state, and national infrastructure of PACs, parties, and any NGOs (except those tied to a church or denomination) which called for gun control were systematically targeted and degraded, starting right down at the local precinct? I expect that the bludgeon they might imagine they're holding would go a bit floppy at the same time, because a lot of cops would be staying home or going up to the shop just long enough to hand in the badge. Some folks in the "Trump resistance" think gun owners will never actually use their "weapons of war," and therefore shouldn't be allowed to keep them, because the gun owners haven't done so yet. I don't think the American Left understands just how patient the deplorables have been with them. How long would the gun controlers' retain the will to persist if being known as a vocal proponent of civilian disarmament were recognized as an effective death sentence?

    The proponents of gun control seem to think this is fight they can win. The quickest way to end it, if it starts, may be to show them that gun owners can and will fight back by showing them how much they have to lose, and to make the demonstration immediate and personal.

    1. Nope. They are still too comfortable to bother sticking their necks out. The majority are cattle, who are willingly are debt-milked in exchange for our modern day flesh pots.

      Fat, Western slaves with guns are just as useless as fat, Egyptian slaves with short swords and tools. You’d get a bigger rise out of the average American by taking away their smart phone and internet than you would from taking away their guns.

      We have baby murder centers every where, in every state, city and just about every county. I’d see anyone doing anything about the slaughter. Soon we’ll have euthanasia. If we already kill the innocent every minute, and soon the depressed and diseased, what’s a gun owner or two?

  4. While we certainly have too many baby murder centers, unless you're counting every pharmacy that might fill a prescription for abortifacient drugs, I think you've exaggerated their ubiquity. If you are counting pharmacies, I concede the point. The Death Cult seems to have won at the strategic level. Even so, did not Jesus say, "I have overcome the world"? Didn't the LORD tell Elijah that He had 7000 men in Israel who had not bowed the knee to Ba'al? There is always a remnant, even if the Lord's prophet can't see them himself.

    Though they may be winning on the large scale, they also seem to be losing at the tactical level. Pay attention the tone and volume of their rhetoric when 40 Days for Life starts up again in earnest here in about 6 weeks. Ask yourself: do the prophets of Moloch sound like people who are sure they're winning?

    To quote Chesteron, "The Cross cannot be defeated, because it is defeat."

  5. Note: I disavow and discourage any call to initiate violence.