Combat Frame Data: YCF-00

YCF-00 Combat Frame Type 0

YCF-00 Combat Frame Type 0

Technical Data

Model number: YCF-00
Code name: Combat Frame Type 0
Nickname: Type Zero
Classification: prototype combat frame
Manufacturer: Seed Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY -6
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 17.5 meters
Weight: dry weight 50 metric tons, full weight 70 metric tons
Armor type: carbyne-laced titanium alloy with anti-laser mirror finish
Powerplant: x2 cold fusion reactor, max output 611 KW each
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2x 98,811 kg thrust each, top speed 2160 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 17, 180° turn time 0.90 seconds; legs: top ground speed 195 kph
Sensors:  radar, thermal, optical array; targeting laser and main camera mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: grenade launcher, mounted in chest, holds 6 flash/EMP grenades
Hand armaments: ramjet rifle, 12 smart rounds per magazine; carbyne zweihander, liquid-fueled, stored on back sword rack

General Notes

Soon after HALO's guerrilla war against the SOC escalated to devastating combat frame attacks, Malov Strauss deemed the Coalition's standard Guardian CFs incapable of defeating the separatists' next-generation XSeed units. The relentless lawman spearheaded a worldwide search for combat frames capable of confronting the XSeed menace.

While combing through the old Seed Corp archives, independent CF engineer Brent Burnard made a surprising discovery. According to combat data from the Kazoku War, Sieg Friedlander's CF-01-1 combat frame test type possessed fighting capabilities in the XSeeds' league. The Type 1 had long since been lost, but Burnard unearthed an even more incredible secret: Tesla Browning's original combat frame prototype still resided on Earth. The engineer immediately ordered the YCF-00 shipped from storage in Chicago to the Brussels Air Base.

In terms of mechanical specifications, the Type 0 is nearly identical to its immediate successor, the Type 1. Both early CFs feature powerful thrusters fed by twin external drum generators. Both carry the standard weapons load out of a ramjet smart rifle, a chest-mounted EMP grenade launcher, and a rocket-assisted zweihander. The only visible difference lies in their armor. While both units are silver in color, the Type 0's armor has been polished to a mirror shine. This touch appears purely cosmetic but is in fact a defense measure designed to prevent target locks on the Type 0 with laser-guided weapons.

This rather flashy design feature would have grave consequences for Malov and Simon Trent when the SOC Customs Director first piloted the Type 0 against Trent's XCD-101 Ezekiel.

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  1. I still think that the designer of the sword (was it Tesla Browning) was channeling a bit of FF7, because that looks a lot like Cloud's Buster Sword. Still, you have to respect a mech that's willing to go toe to toe using a non-energy melee weapon.

    For the rest, I hold that the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition must be destroyed.

    1. A pervasive theme in the XSeed series is that global culture collapsed in the 21st century and still hasn't fully recovered, so folks in the CY era look to the AD era like early Medievals looked back to Rome.