Witch Test Still Inerrant

Meanwhile, on Twitter ...

Grime Knight

Once you understand the heretical creed of the Death Cult and learn to recognize their ritual cant and other verbal tics, knowing when to apply the Witch Test is easy. The strictures of their code do the rest. As members of an anti-Christian secular religion, death cultists can no more profess faith in Jesus Christ on the record than a devout Hindu can slaughter a sacred cow.

If you're wondering what Grime Knight's tweet refers to, here's the context. Members of a horror review group called Sci-fi & Scary tried to give author Jon DelArroz the dirt shoulder.

Their submission guidelines include this tidbit:

unbiased reviews

One of Sci-Fi & Scary's members defended this admittedly biased policy and prefaced her defense by claiming to be Christian. Ring any bells?

This not being my first rodeo, I discerned a duty to examine the scene for witches.

Nico Bell

Nico Bell 2

Result: a hodgepodge of squishy therapeutic deism with no mention of the Name of Jesus.

Correction: There were two results:

Sci-Fi & Scary Block

Now, to get newcomers up to speed, am I necessarily suspect everyone I give the Witch Test to of practicing the Black Arts? No.

Do I think it likely that they're more or less beholden to a Christ-hating death cult that's subject to demonic influence. Most certainly.

And lest anyone is tempted to chime in with, "They're biased against all religions equally, so it's OK," please rein in your urge to white knight for people who hate you.
  • Anti-Christian prejudice is evil.
  • Western horror is derived directly from the Catholic folklore tradition.
  • If you think they'd reject a story by a Muslim, I've got some oceanfront property in Chad to sell you.
Don't support people who hate you.

Support creators who strive to entertain you while devoting their God-given talents to the glory of God.

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What Can't Go On, Won't

If This Goes On - Heinlein

A reader makes a number of keen observations and poses a series of timely questions on the our current civilizational crisis.
Let's start with givens:1) Our side needs to avoid supporting those who hate us.2) Our side needs to fund those on our side who are trying to rebuild/recapture Christendom.3) Our side is very divided/atomized and very demoralized.4) Our side is too comfortable and addicted.5) Our side has been intellectually compromised through brainwashing, lies, propaganda and con-artistry.6) Our enemy is well coordinated, has penetrated every institution and has nearly captured every institution.7) The fact that they have done this without eating their own indicates Satan's hand in the matter.8) The underlying war is spiritual. The arenas are cultural, socio-economic, political, generational and religious.
And our proposed or acted upon solutions have been:1) Support independent creators in the publishing field.2) Support Vox Day on various projects.3) Support Mike Cernovich on two documentaries.4) Vocally support alternates to social media but never manage to pull the plug and move away from controlled territory (not sure it would be beneficial anyway in regards to doing counter-prop)5) Complain on social media, blog posts, blog comments about the satanists. Waste most of our time and energy debating about our complaints with the traitors/moderates in our camp.6) Still doing our independent thing.7) Purity spiraling and disavowals on the good on our side, and failing to eject the clear entryists on our side.8) No real leadership. What has risen have been cons or oppositionally-funded gatekeepers. 9) Only proposals made have been to support independent groups - nicely divided and not united - and to sit on our hands. Or you know, build your own internet service provider or payment processor. Keep complaining to those who refuse to listen. And prayer, which is very good but I don't know what that looks like or how well it is being heeded in our atomized Christianity where a Solemn Mass and a Hillsong Concert are considered equivalent Sunday worship to God Almighty.
Items 4 and 5 deserve particular attention. I maintain that pulling the plug and completely disconnecting from all converged platforms would indeed be counterproductive, if only because it's clearly what the enemy wants. See Facebook's 24-hour ban on Larry Correia.

Social media got Trump elected in 2016. Whether or not he acknowledges this fact, his enemies certainly do. Withdrawing from social media entirely would cede our only means of reaching a mass audience.

Regarding the fifth columnists LARPing among our ranks, wolves in sheep's clothing are even more dangerous than the enemy. Quislings like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and Will Chamberlain are paralyzing effective resistance to the globohomopedo elite with a big song and dance about how the real threat is socialism. It's imperative to stop listening to these saboteurs.
So where do we go from here? We can't keep this up, it will only be a slowing action as the wrench continues to tighten in one direction. And while we can pray for deliverance or for the chastisement, sitting around does not give God much to work with. There's no forum to have serious discussions on actually fighting the culture war. There's no leader who has the capacity to do it and wants to also do it. No unified, clear vision to unite behind. 
Lots of Spaniards probably got antsy during the planning phase of the Reconquista. The whole project ended up taking almost 800 years.

It's always far easier to destroy than to create, and the enemy spent at least a century undermining the West's foundations. The mess will not be cleaned up quickly--possibly not in your lifetime.

The reader is still operating under the assumption that the people reading this--and the millions of other like-minded folks out there--just need the right organizational structure, the right plan, and the right leader to rise up and cast down the Death Cult in a final, climactic battle. Ain't gonna happen.

First, God is the Lord of History. His will is sovereign. Our job was to glorify Him in such fashion and according to such gifts as God decreed. Instead we've spent at least the last 300 years royally fucking up.

God's standard response when a people turn their backs on Him is extensively documented in Scripture. He lets their enemies rise up against them, takes away the Kingdom, and gives it to someone else who'll be faithful.

Understand that with the legalization and celebration of infanticide, sodomy masquerading as marriage, and the sexual warping and exploitation of children, that outcome can no longer be averted.

We can always shorten the duration and severity of the chastisement, since God always offers mercy, but we need to get our collective act together first.

That is the true utility of prayer. It's not, "Please, Lord, make the H1Bs and Guatemalans go away so I can afford to binge Netflix in my McMansion." It's, "Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner! Grant me increase in humility, patience, perseverance, and strength that I may grow in virtue and direct my every action to Your glory!"

If even a tithe of virtuous, masculine men remained in the West, we would not be facing disaster, degeneration, and war. To know the problem's cause is to know the solution.
I can build the forum. I can propose ideas. But these are skill sets I currently don't possess. Is that all I can do? Pray, build, hope good people show up to help the effort rather than a bunch of gammas come in and muck the place up? I plan to enter both local parish/diocesan politics and local secular politics once we can settle, but that's still a few years away. I have a hard time watching our side just take it and spin. What efforts are done are vanity projects usually, a way to make a living, and less about mission.
It's enough. Most of us probably aren't going to be fighting boldly in actual combat for the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods. Thinking otherwise is pride.

Much more beneficial, and much harder, is to live humbly for God and our families.
What's your take? What is the next step in trying to actually get our side to unite, to coordinate, to build plans and new platforms/institutions and then make them happen? To build communities, to develop systemic war strategies against Leviathan, and try to find end runs around things like the Mark of the Beast before it happens?
My next, and ongoing step, is to daily put myself to death, take up my cross, and follow Him who showed the Way before me. Imagine if we all did the same.
God bless, and may our Lady, on this Solemnity of Her Ascension/Dormition, watch over you and protect you.
Thank you for your thoughtful questions. May Our Lord bless your through the irresistable intercession of Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces.

P.S. Prayer may be contemplative, but it brings the spiritual water that nourishes active fruits. I fully intend to stay at my work in the vineyard. Here's a sample.

Nethereal - Brian Niemeier


Facebook Bans Larry Correia

Krasnov - Larry Correia

Exhibit #4,837,997 in the mounting pile of evidence that we are ruled by inbred idiots: Facebook placed best selling author Larry Correia under  a 24-hour ban for hate speech against an imaginary country.
So I just got a 24 hour ban from Facebook for Violating Community Standards, because I insulted the imaginary people of an imaginary country.  Which is kinda hilarious.
Long version. About a year ago an author friend of mine was putting up snippets of his alternative history story, in which the fictional country (Neu Saxony) experienced a terrorist attack.  One guy thought it was real, and a whole bunch of us ended up having fun arguing on behalf of our made up countries about who was really responsible.  It was pretty funny.
I ,of course, came to the aid of noble Krasnovia, a nation of peaceful sandwich makers, who were being falsely accused of these heinous crimes.  (We were obviously framed)
So a year later the memory reminder thing on FB is bringing this back up. Another friend of mine created this post:
Remember your brothers killed by Krasnovians.#OnlyGoodKrasnovianIsADeadKrasnovian
Interesting timing, considering Larry has just been nominated for a Dragon Award.

Whether that's a coincidence or not, we all knew Facebook's censorship wouldn't stop with political pundits like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and James Allsup.

Anyone who expresses an opinion the Death Cult deems heretical will be condemned to soft exile. Higher profile heretics like Larry will be targeted next, but they'll be getting around to you far sooner than most suspect.

Just wait until Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency. If you doubt Zuckerberg wants Libra to become the official scrip for the global company store he and his elite friends are rapidly turning the world into, you're not paying attention.

Getting the government to allow Libra will be akin to letting the camel get its nose in the tent. Once that threshold is crossed, FB's fun money will go from allowed to preferred to required.

And not just on Facebook itself. You think FB, Amazon, Google, and Apple aren't salivating over the prospect of a currency they control?

It may not end up being Libra, but ZuckBucks are at least the prototype for a medium of exchange that you'll have to use if you want to do business with Big Tech. Not coincidentally, they're also seeing to it that Big Tech are the only companies anyone can do business with.

This Libra rant may seem like a tangent, but hear me out.

Let's imagine the following conditions are in place.

  • Big Tech develops a cryptocurrency over which the government has no oversight.
  • The entire tech oligopoly and its cronies require that all transactions take place in said currency.
  • Big Tech's monopoly is so ubiquitous that there are no practical alternatives.
Now imagine you're doing a fun bit of harmless RP with your Facebook friends in this dark cyberpunk future, and the joke flies over the head of one of FB's subcontinental serfs.

You won't just get a 24-hour ban like Larry. If only you were that lucky! You'll lose access to your money until our rootless cosmopolitan overlords decide you've learned your lesson.

"OK, I'll just go back to USD." Better get a wheelbarrow for pile of dollars you'll need to buy that toilet paper. If Congress gives Facebook an inch, it won't be long until the relative value of Libra and the dollar resembles the current relationship between the dollar and the Venezuelan bolivar.

That's if you can even get paid in US dollars. New Zealand just made it legal for companies to pay their employees' salaries in crypto. What is allowed soon becomes mandatory. Don't hand me any "muh slipper slope!" canards, either. It's called basic pattern recognition.

I look forward to the impromptu Bible discussion on Revelation 13:17 in the comments.

For a stark vision of a future ruled by technocrats run amok plunged into war by regular folks who've had enough, read my hit martial thriller Combat Frame XSeed!

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier

UPDATE: Facebook has now banned Larry for three more days.

Facebook Larry Correia ban 2


Did It Get Stupider in Here?

Dr. William Lane Craig Refutes Stupid Arguments

The asylum inmates have been restless lately. It's like there's something in the water making people spout nonsense. Each passing day brings new revelations proving that Alex Jones was right after all.

A major cause of the degradation of public discourse is the decades-old phenomenon of schools not only failing to teach people how to think, but actively teaching them not to think. At the same time, so-called educators condition children to regard their emotional spasms as critical thought.

The perennially clownish internet atheist is everybody's favorite example of this systematically enforced Dunning-Kruger effect. Picking on fedora tippers is beating a dead horse, but if they insist on presenting me with the easy button, I'm going to press it.

Here's an illustrative exchange between a chapter of the No Sky Fairy brotherhood and Dr. Eve Keneinan.

Metaphysical Musing

NB: Whenever internet atheists start exchanging high fives and celebrating how they "obliterated" your arguments, all the while projecting like a CinemaScope, you know you've won.

Enlightenment Propaganda

Once again, the Enlightenment rears its ugly head.

Eve makes many salient points in that one tweet, but one is particularly relevant to this post. An educated person would know that the Scholastics never debated how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But the internet atheist thinks they did because he's not educated.

It's worse, in fact. He, like almost everyone, is maleducated. They're actually getting stupider, but they don't know it.

Meanwhile, "muh free markets!" gang has their panties in a bunch.

Free Market Absolutism

Now, my debating partner denied being a libertarian, so we'll take him at his word. He did admit that his arguments sound like Libertarian arguments, so they're useful as object lessons.

Libertarianism is a prime example of a passion-driven cult whose members have convinced themselves they're operating on pure reason. But their belief system has all the hallmarks of a religion.
  • Cult: free market worship
  • Code; the NAP
  • Creed: the writings of Rothbard, Hayek, Mises, etc.
They even have a plan for salvation. Abolish government, institute absolute private property rights, and let society organize itself based on a voluntary contract basis. Accomplishing these steps is said to be the cure for all social ills. In this way, Libertarians are just as utopian as Communists.

Of course, no Christian heresy would be complete without a Devil figure. For Libertarians, the government fills the role of Old Nick. But while Christians acknowledge that Satan was at least created good, for Libertarians, government has always been, and can only be, evil.

Disclaimer: I usually hate it when BoomerCons try to roast Lefty sacred cows like the green movement and Communism itself by labeling them as religions. When Conservative Inc. doe it, they always adopt the Leftist frame that assumes all religion is inherently irrational.

That's not my purpose here. I'm holding a mirror to people who affect unimpeachable rationality, often while scoffing at religion, to show them they are what they hate.

The idea, for example, that government needs to be intensely scrutinized while trillion-dollar corporations should be left to do as they please is about as rational as rubbing magic crystals. They need only look out their window to see that government vs corporations is a false dichotomy.

It's not the government banning dissenters from social media, condemning them to soft exile by tearing up their debit cards, and shutting down 8chan. It's megacorps willingly acting as hatchet men for the feds.

The first 20 minutes of this video by propaganda expert Devon Stack puts the lie to the quaint notion that we'd live in a meritocracy where anyone could be Sam Walton or Bill Gates if not for federal regulations. Drop what you're doing and watch it now.

The individual is not sovereign. We are ruled by an incestuous elite class wielding generational power. Atomized consumers are helpless cattle in the face of such power.

Only the family and the Church can impose checks on Caesar and Mammon, which is why the elites have been working tirelessly to destroy both for generations.

We need a new elite who share our worldview and have incentives to look out for our interests. My hit martial thriller series Combat Frame XSeed gives a glimpse of what that might look like--as well as the chilling alternative.

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier



Despite decades of evidence to the contrary, some Conservatives and Libertarians still refuse to learn that they cannot defeat the Left by accepting the enemy's philosophical premises while scolding their own side for being too effective.

In short, they'd rather police their erstwhile allies for wrongwinning than actually win.





Freedom is like moral currency. Its value solely depends on the value of the objective goods it gives you access to. Once you subscribe to the Classical Liberal error of setting up freedom as an absolute, the only internally consistent endpoint is nihilism.

Of course, being inconsistent Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians draw lines in the sand which strike Leftists as arbitrary, because within the mutually accepted frame of absolute freedom, they are.

However, the Left's self-styled "opponents" tend not to take well to having that fact pointed out.


You can't really blame him for unfollowing and subtweeting that snide parting shot. Directing fire at the Left involves a modicum of risk.

Then again, the fake right has proven so timid and feckless, it's no cause for concern when they do turn their rhetorical guns on you.

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier
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Staggering Apostasy


Considering the Catholic hierarchy's widespread dereliction of duty, is anyone honestly surprised by the laity's staggering apostasy?
[N]early seven-in-ten Catholics (69%) say they personally believe that during Catholic Mass, the bread and wine used in Communion “are symbols of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.” Just one-third of U.S. Catholics (31%) say they believe that “during Catholic Mass, the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus.”
Because it still apparently needs to be said in an age when official Catholic doctrine can be readily accessed by anyone at any time, whoever receives the Most Holy Sacrament of the Blessed Eucharist receives the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, truly present under the accidents of bread and wine.

There is an accurate, venerable, and useful word for Christians who deny the Real Presence in the Eucharist. That word is Protestants.

You would think that Catholic clergy, of all people, would take pains to prevent such an error from spreading.

Now, when I first heard of this survey, I immediately said, "I bet that heretical majority disappears if you correct for weekly Mass attendees."

Weekly Mass-goers

Three interesting points jump out from this chart:

  1. A clear majority of weekly Mass attendees hold correct Catholic Eucharistic dogma.
  2. More weekly Mass attendees hold the correct teaching than know it is the correct teaching. That's the power of ritual. They're picking up the truth via other means than verbal instruction, because we can be damn sure their pastors aren't preaching the doctrine.
  3. Because they're not hearing it preached, a disgraceful number of Catholics who attend Mass weekly are formal heretics.
In light of the Catholic hierarchy's utter failure, it now falls to properly informed laymen to repair the extensive damage decades of clerical neglect have done to the Church. So be it. I have embraced the challenge in my own life. Let the call to just and mighty deeds invigorate you!

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Tosca Lee's Judas

In case any Christian authors are still seeking oldpub book deals, this account fro best selling Christian author Tosca Lee should disabuse you of that ambition.

Tosca Lee

Based on the reviewer's comment, I'd imagine the book he refused to review was Lee's Iscariot, a novel about the apostle who betrayed Christ.

It seems another reminder is needed. Very well, I'll keep reminding Christians that we're at war with a fanatical death cult bent on our total destruction until it finally sinks in. No servant is greater than his Master. They hated Him first. He chose us out of the world, so the world hates us.

No, we cannot reason with them. No, we will not be left alone in the ghettos we're building for ourselves. No, the cavalry is not coming to save us.

Both wings of America's bifactional ruling party are coming together to strip the rights to speak and bear arms from "white supremacists", which everyone knows means "people Leftists don't like". We also know they hate the Christ and His followers more than anything.

The first part of Cardinal George's prophecy has come to pass. His Eminence died peacefully in bed. The second and third parts--his successor dying in prison and his successor dying a martyr in the public square--are on track for fulfillment.

Don't indulge in self-pity. These woes wouldn't be upon us if Christians hadn't turned our backs on Christ en masse. Chastisement now seems unavoidable. But it can always be mitigated. The sooner we reject the world and return to Christ, the sooner Clown World ends.

As for Christian authors and readers? Why give your money to publishers who hate you and despise God? Publish yourself, and support newpub authors.

Combat Frame XSeed - Brian Niemeier


High Noon

High Noon

If you want sterling example of top-down social engineering, look no further than the death of the western.

The western genre dominated novels, magazines, comics, and movies for decades. Contrary to common misconceptions, westerns never faded in popularity. One day, the word came down that westerns were over. These days, this once noble genre is a haven for vanity projects by over-the-hill actors.

Our overlords hate the western. Gary Cooper's iconic 1952 film High Noon shows why.

The quintessential White Hat Western, High Noon stars Cooper as retiring Marshal Will Kane. After five years spent cleaning up the flyspeck town of Hadleyville, Kane is ready to depart on his honeymoon with his new bride Amy, played by future princess Grace Kelly. A deadly serious wrench is thrown in Mr. and Mrs. Kane's plans when news reaches town that Frank Miller--a gang leader, not the comic book writer--is on the inbound noon train.

To say that Kane and Miller have a history is putting it mildly. It was Kane and his posse who broke Miller's stranglehold over the town and sent him up the river. Now a miscarriage of justice has set Miller free and gunning for revenge against the Marshal.

That's a conflict-laden, high-stakes story in and of itself. It only gets more compelling when every single citizen of Hadleyvillle, including Kane's deputies and even his wife, refuses to help him confront the returning gangsters. We get an intriguing character study every time Kane approaches someone for help--a study in rationalizing cowardice. By the time the climactic showdown begins, Kane's odds are down to four against one.

Internet pundits are fond of declaring various films from Network to The Muppet Movie to be parables of our troubled times. In the case of High Noon, the parallels are chillingly accurate.

Here we have a town facing an existential threat. A gang of rootless sociopaths is coming to take over and bring in every vice and racket under the sun. The people know exactly the kid of fate they're in for. They suffered the same tyranny before and only freed themselves after a long, bloody, and hard-fought struggle.

Now the man tasked with defending the town from descending into a thugocracy comes around asking for volunteers to help him fight the invaders. One by one, they all say no.

The soggy denizens of the local saloon actually welcome the gangsters. They look forward to enjoying the debauchery Miller will usher in.

Both of Kane's remaining deputies are willing to help at first. But one makes his help conditional on taking Kane's job when the fight is over. Knowing that anyone so venal isn't worthy of the responsibility, Kane rejects his offer. His other deputy stands firm at first but backs out when nobody else shows up.

The congregation of the town's church vocally supports Kane. At first, I thought we might actually see Christian men fighting in defense of their homes and families. No such luck. Cowards masquerading as Kane's friends, enabled by a milquetoast preacher, rationalize taking the cowardly way out with legalistic rhetoric and BoomerCon style buck-passing.

Even Kane's new bride decides to abandon him because she swore off all violence and became a Quaker after seeing her father and brother shot dead.

Meanwhile, a Mexican immigrant who openly hates the town prepares to move on after extracting all the value she could.

It's not hard to see today's death cultists and popcult paypigs in the degenerate saloon patrons. They're the fifth columnists eager to open the gates for usurpers in exchange for a fix.

The deputies and the judge who turn their backs on the problem perfectly represent our corrupt law enforcement and court system. Today the authorities are too busy making up crimes to prosecute innocent citizens for to go after real criminals.

Reverend Millstone is the picture of a Church hierarchy that's so out of touch they don't even know there's a problem, much less how to tackle it.

Like I mentioned before, the cucks in the congregation who whine that they pay their taxes so they don't have to fight outlaws are Conservative leaders who stand on principles that somehow always mean giving the Left everything they want.

I trust that the woman who marries a man only to abandon her husband the second the chips are down needs no further exposition.

There are two important differences between the story of High Noon and the saga of Clown World we each face every day.

In the movie, Mrs. Kane comes back to stand by her man.

And in real life, we have no Will Kane to fight for us.

For a thrilling tale of outlaws--IN SPACE--read my acclaimed weird adventure novel Nethereal now!

Nethereal - Brian Niemeier


Autopsy of the Alt-Right


It's been almost two years since the Alt-Right imploded. The alternative right wing movement serves as a useful case study in dissident politics. One minute, guys like Richard Spencer and Chris Cantwell seemed like they were on top of the world. The next, it all came crashing down.

When analyzing the Alt-Right's failure, most commentators point to the Charlottesville debacle as the moment the wheels came off. That may have been the point of no return, but it wasn't the root cause. A catastrophe as big as Charlottesville requires making all the wrong decisions at all the wrong times. Such total failures of planning and leadership don't just happen overnight.

It's like sifting through the wreckage of a plane crash. Sure, the crash killed the passengers, but it didn't cause itself. Identifying what went wrong is a matter of investigating structural faults and human error.

Rather than any single event, the place to look for the Alt-Right's bane is in its ideological structure and the people piloting the movement.

Watch Dave Cullen's interview of Dr. E. Michael Jones for a big hint at the fundamental flaw in the Alt-Right's core philosophy. Guys like Spencer urge white people to embrace some abstract concept of "whiteness" as their main identity. But as Jones points out, whiteness worship unmoored from any religious or national identity is idolatry--a crude form of paganism.

Big brain bugman "biological realists" have a point about IQ and crime statistics and diversity shattering social trust. But there's a crucial question they never address, because they don't have an answer: Why?

"The US must return to pre-1965 demographics to maintain an average IQ above 90."

"OK. Why?"

"So we can have functional democracy and a post-industrial lifestyle."

"Great. Why?"

"So I can have low taxes, recreational drugs, and internet porn."

Because most of the leadership are materialist reductionists, their arguments boil down to, "muh stuff!" And we're right back to soft paganism.

Shallow materialism cannot stand up to a fanatical death cult. As biological realists will grudgingly acknowledge, human beings are wired for belief. Destroy their faith in God, and they don't believe in nothing, they'll believe anything.

The death cultists are willing to risk their lives for the Revolution. No one will risk his life for a ranch house in the exurbs, an Audi A9, and a terabyte of fat porn.

Here's a thought experiment: If Andrew Anglin could snap his fingers and make the US 90% white tomorrow, would the nation's existential crisis be solved? Only an idiot would say yes. A majority of white Americans accept the underlying assumptions of multiculturalism, and a good 25% actively hate themselves. The ideological factors that led to the current crisis would remain.

The argument that biological realists usually give at this point is that every nation has the right to define its membership, and America is no exception. They'll emphasize that the Naturalization Act of 1790 limited citizenship to white people. If white folks prefer to live with their own kind, they say, that preference should be respected, just as it is for Israel.

At that point, the dissident rightists who delight in pointing out how Conservatism accepts the Left's frame adopt the frame of Liberalism themselves.

Arguing for an ethnostate based on rights and group preferences is an appeal to liberty, not the good--the a priori error of Liberalism. The dissident Right couldn't escape the long shadow of Liberal ideology after all.

Biological realists may sneer at Christian nationalists, but show me a nation successfully standing up to the globalist elite on the basis of biological realism alone. To the contrary, I can name a number of nations that are successfully defending their national identities--pretty much all of which at least pay lip service to their Christian roots. Hungary, Poland, Italy, Russia, and--against biological determinist dogma--Brazil are putting America and most of Europe to shame in terms of resisting the poz.

But not even nationalists who embrace Christianity as a necessary component of Western civilization aren't totally off the hook. Their premise falls into the same soft idolatry and Liberal frame as the materialists'.

To be serious about embracing Christianity is to acknowledge that all nations exist primarily to render worship to God according to their particular gifts. The nations of the West are no exception.

Returning to Christ in order to save the West gets our priorities backwards. If the West will not offer God worthy praise and adoration, it doesn't deserve to exist.


The Mass Media Fear Factory

Media Fear

An off-the-cuff Twitter thread I tweeted yesterday has gotten a fair bit of play in the wake of the recent mass shootings.

Basically, I saw everyone in my timeline freaking out as per their conditioning, so I thought a reminder of how keeping everyone in a state of fear is the mass media's job.

Point out the blatant propagandizing of the news today, and people of the Baby Boom generation and older will voice their nostalgia for the days of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. Back then, we're told, they just reported the facts and let viewers decide.

Paeans to the golden age of journalism are, of course, pure fiction. The media has always been a powerful tool for shaping public opinion, and the people who've controlled it have invariably abused it.

The Hearst Syndicate starting the Spanish-American War is the favorite example. But Hearst wasn't the first newspaperman to incite a war.

Contrary to popular belief, the French Revolution wasn't a peasant uprising. The peasants were too weak and disorganized to take on a world power. It was defectors from the minor nobility and members of the ascending middle class who teamed up to topple the king. Pamphlets and newspapers passed around in the coffeehouses were their primary weapons.

Going back even further, the Protestant Reformation is often credited to the printing press, but the same technology helped ignite one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in European history.

It's no different today. The low-work, high-pay, incestuous character of the contemporary newsroom has just made the propagandists worse at hiding their intentions.

The latest spate of shootings by atheist Leftists egged on by fedposters is a great example. Five minutes on any news channel or social media feed will show you that the mainstream media is using these crimes as a handy club to beat white people--which the shooters were--and Christian conservatives--which the shooters were not.

So eager were the priests of the ruling death cult to condemn their sworn enemies that they were easily and hilariously duped, at length, by an obvious prankster.

It should be self-evident by now, but the mass media isn't there to inform you. Its purpose is to keep people in a constant state of low-grade panic--fluctuating within tolerances.

Why keep everyone afraid? Ask any accomplished salesman. Scared people don't think rationally. They're far more suggestible and manipulable. Watch any insurance commercial.

What the Boomers miss are the days when the media would openly use this tactic to sell beer and toothpaste while keeping the real propaganda subtle. Now that the entire TV ad revenue model has been proven fraudulent, the corresponding decline in journo IQ has torn the curtain away from their whole operation.

While you're better off not consuming news at all, here's a surefire way to tell if you're being manipulated. Is the lead story about some massacre/accident/natural disaster three states over? If so, and unless you have family in the affected area, the news is irrelevant. Act accordingly.


Combat Frame Data: BC-06CFSM

BC-06CFSM Military Guardian Space Type
BC-06CFSM Military Guardian Space Type

Technical Data

Model number: BC-06CFSM
Code name: Military Guardian Space Type
Nickname: Guardian
Classification: mass production space use combat frame
Manufacturer: Browning Engineering Corporation
Operator: Coalition Defense Force
First deployment: CY 30
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 16.5 meters, 17.5 meters with antenna
Weight: dry weight 64.4 metric tons, full weight 75 metric tons
Armor type: ceramic/titanium alloy composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1440 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 20,000 kg, 2x 34,500 kg, 2x 19,800 kg, top speed 1574 kph; 180° turn time 1.05 seconds
Sensors:  radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head; expanded optical sensor suite mounted on fin on head
Fixed armaments: x2 30mm Vulcan cannon, fire-linked, mounted on shoulders
Optional hand armaments: plasma rifle, output rated at 1.27 MW; plasma sword, power rated at 0.39 MW, stored in recharge rack in skirt armor, hand-carried in use; missile launcher, loads 1 air-to-surface or air-to-air missile

General Notes

Much like the Coalition Customs Bureau and their Space Guardian, the Coalition Defense Force received its own space-use Guardian variant. The military Space Guardian boasted the same upgrades as its ground-based predecessor, including slightly better armor, improved sensors, and a selection of hand weapons.

Also like the law enforcement version, the military Space Guardian had a pair of vectored-thrust nacelles in place of lower legs. This innovation gave the BC-06CFSM respectable speed and maneuverability comparable to previous wartime CFs.

Though rather lacking in offensive power, the Space Guardian met few threats beyond its abilities until HALO unleashed its next-generation XSeeds on the space colonies in CY 40.

Combat Frame Data: BC-06CFS

BC-06CFS Guardian Space Type
BC-06CFS Customs Guardian Space Type

Technical Data

Model number: BC-06CFS
Code name: Customs Guardian Space Type
Nickname: Guardian
Classification: mass production space use combat frame
Manufacturer: Browning Engineering Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition Customs Bureau
First deployment: CY 29
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 16.5 meters
Weight: dry weight 60.2 metric tons, full weight 70.8 metric tons
Armor type: ceramic/titanium alloy composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1349 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 20,000 kg, 2x 34,000 kg, 2x 19,300 kg, top speed 1574 kph; 180° turn time 1.05 seconds
Sensors:  radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: x2 30mm Vulcan cannon, fire-linked, mounted on shoulders

General Notes

When the Coalition Customs Bureau ordered a new line of patrol and interdiction combat frames from the recently incorporated Browning Engineering Corporation, BEC determined that dividing production into two types--one for ground use and one for space use--would result in greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and performance than producing one general-purpose design.

The BC-06CFG Guardian Ground Type was soon followed by its BC-06CFS space-use variant. Always one for efficiency, Browning reused as many components as possible from the original template. The Space Guardian was essentially the same unit as the ground type down to the thighs. The knees and lower legs were replaced with a pair of variable geometry nacelles equipped with extra thrusters. The nacelles could be straightened for maximum speed or angled to increase maneuverability. During landing, the endcaps folded over the unit's "feet", and the nacelles bent back, allowing the Guardian to stick to the deck with magnetic knee pads.

As per standard postwar policy, Space Guardians were lightly armed with only a pair of shoulder-mounted 30mm autocannons for defense. More than a match for the civilian shuttles favored by smugglers, these weapons proved ideal for the Guardian's mission role--until the outbreak of the HALO Conflict in CY 40. To its dismay, the SOC found that even its military-grade Guardians were hopelessly outclassed by HALO's One-series XSeeds.

Combat Frame Data: BC-06CFGM

BC-06CFGM Guardian Military Variant

BC-06CFGM Guardian Ground Type Military Variant

Technical Data

Model number: BC-06CFGM
Code name: Military Guardian Ground Type
Nickname: Guardian
Classification: mass production ground use combat frame
Manufacturer: Browning Engineering Corporation
Operator: Coalition Defense Force
First deployment: CY 30
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 16.5 meters, 17.5 meters with antenna
Weight: dry weight 75 metric tons, full weight 91.7 metric tons
Armor type: ceramic/titanium alloy composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1308 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 9,900 kg, 2x 26,050 kg, 180° turn time 1.45 seconds; legs: top ground speed 190 kph
Sensors:  radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head; expanded optical sensor suite mounted on fin on head
Fixed armaments: x2 30mm Vulcan cannon, fire-linked, mounted on shoulders
Optional hand armaments: plasma rifle, output rated at 1.27 MW; plasma sword, power rated at 0.39 MW, stored in recharge rack in skirt armor, hand-carried in use; missile launcher, loads 1 surface-to-air missile

General Notes

Not to be outdone by their colleagues in law enforcement, the Coalition Defense Force commissioned a military version of the basic Guardian used by the Coalition Customs Bureau. BEC obliged with the BC-06CFGM Guardian Ground type, Military Variant.

The Military Guardian featured enhanced armor, an expanded visual senors suite, and an array of optional hand armaments including a plasma rifle, plasma swords, and a single-shot missile launcher. Lacking an organized enemy to fight, the CDF Guardians were mainly relegated to guard duty and parades.

Until the HALO Conflict of CY 40.

Combat Frame Data: BC-06CFG

BC-06CFG Guardian Ground type
BC-06CFG Guardian Ground Type Customs Variant

Technical Data

Model number: BC-06CFG
Code name: Customs Guardian Ground Type
Nickname: Guardian
Classification: mass production ground use combat frame
Manufacturer: Browning Engineering Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition Customs Bureau
First deployment: CY 29
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 16.5 meters
Weight: dry weight 70.8 metric tons, full weight 79.2 metric tons
Armor type: ceramic/titanium alloy composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1308 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 9,900 kg, 2x 19,800 kg, 180° turn time 1.45 seconds; legs: top ground speed 190 kph
Sensors:  radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: x2 30mm Vulcan cannon, fire-linked, mounted on shoulders

General Notes

As the Coalition consolidated its hold over the earth and stepped down from a war footing, the task of maintaining order increasingly fell to government police agencies. A peacekeeping combat frame better suited for the new era was called for. The Browning Engineering Corporation answered with the BC-06CF Guardian line.

The basic model Guardian was designed for much the same patrol and pacification role as the venerable CF-05 Grenzmark C. Since SOC agencies were policing, not conquering, the grounder population, efforts were made to make the Guardian less intimidating. The standard version carried no visible weapons. Its only armament was a pair of fire-linked autocannons recessed within the unit's shoulders. It was also shorter and featured a visored face instead of gladiator style helmet.

Intended for ground patrol, the standard Guardian came equipped with purposefully under-powered rocket thrusters making it capable only of rocket-assisted jumps. Sustained flight capability was reserved for the space-type variant. The unit did boast respectable ground speed equivalent to a Grenzmark II.

The Coalition put a premium on rolling out their new Guardian combat frames worldwide as quickly as possible. Working under tight deadlines, BEC lightly armored the new units with ceramic-titanium composite material capable of resisting most hand and vehicle-mounted arms fire. Complaints did arise of faulty knee joints requiring frequent maintenance, but since opposition from military-grade CFs wasn't an issue, the Guardian proved more than adequate for its assigned task.

Not wishing to be left behind, the Coalition Defense Force soon commissioned their own Guardian variant.