Together or Separately Again

This post would be evergreen even if current events didn't make it especially timely. Word to the wise.


The legacy media propaganda machine is currently mobilizing for a two minutes hate against Dr. Jordan Peterson. Apparently the good doctor went on the Beeb to point out some basic facts about economics and human psychology that your average high school student used to take for granted.

The journo they sent in to trap him ended up turning herself into a living example of Peterson's points. That's not surprising, because the anti-intellectual cult the Left is beholden to requires them to take it on faith that anyone outside the cult is either stupid, insane, evil, or all three.

I didn't watch the debate itself. Though I've sampled my share of "must-watch" Jordan Peterson videos, I've never heard him say anything particularly interesting. His specialty is doling out what used to be called common sense to young adults whose society has utterly failed them on every level.

That's not a knock against Peterson. We've had a couple of generations raised without fathers in deed or in fact, and he fulfills the vital role of imparting useful life skills and counteracting media and academia-inflicted brainwashing. Which is why the media has to destroy him.

As others have pointed out, the press is geared up to run the MILO script on Peterson. They know that further debate is useless--not that they ever meant to beat him in a good-faith contest of ideas; rather they tried and failed to trip him up. So they're trotting out the tactic that's been their go-to gambit since #GamerGate: make vague, unsubstantiated claims of harassment, blame Peterson's fans, and smear him by association. His continued presence is a painful reminder of their humiliation, so the game now is to get him de-platformed and disemployed.

I hate to break it to the hacks in the press penning their hit pieces as we speak, but it won't work this time. Peterson has two things that past conservative victims of the hate mob lacked: tenure and his own massive platform that doesn't rely on old media.

That's good for Peterson, but what about past and future casualties of SJW shriek swarms who lack the same protections? As I've noted before, they're pretty much screwed. After all, the Left wouldn't bother trying to disemploy and de-platform hatefact purveyors on the Right if Conservatives didn't indulge them.

It's been said before, and it bears saying again: Conservatives' main weakness is their critical lack of solidarity. It comes from the nasty individualist streak in their capitalist and Liberal influences. I've seen right-leaning business owners flatly refuse employment to like-minded friends because the job-seekers' unemployment exceeded an arbitrary 18 month limit. Even an otherwise solid guy like Stefan Molyneux, who speaks passionately about the need to put winning first, says he won't hire people who've "lost momentum".

One big advantage of being on the Left is that, if you check the right boxes and recite the proper credal formulas, the cult looks out for you. Note the curious phenomenon of lefties in media and business "failing upward". SJW editors from protected groups who bankrupt venerable sci-fi magazines don't have to apply at Target. They're given cushy writing assignments at Marvel Comics. When their unreadable books are inevitably cancelled, there'll be junior college associate professorships waiting to break the fall.

Conservatives who publicly speak uncomfortable truths are in for a rougher ride. First, the bow tie-bedecked moderates can be counted on to show up and virtue signal at the victim's expense. "Sure, he denounced the harassment," they'll say, "but if he meant it, he'd disavow his unruly followers who're causing all the trouble." Always conveniently forgotten is the fact that it's the Left who are stirring up fake outrage to distract from their loss.

After that, the employer will decide it's best to discontinue their working relationship with the victim because nothing says "sound, long-term business planning" like sacrificing a productive employee who reliably adds value to the company for the sake of dispersing an angry mob that would've lost interest and gone away on its own if management had just ignored them.

The abandoned ex-employee whose name is now mud in the industry where he was a twenty-year veteran is then told to apply for a minimum-wage job so he can at least "re-enter the workforce". At that point, one of two things happens:
  1. He finds that all available entry-level jobs have already been filled by women, minorities, and illegal aliens thanks to affirmative action laws that Conservatives were too spineless to repeal and immigration laws they were too lazy to enforce. (And capitalist employers love them because they're cheaper!)
  2. He gets the minimum-wage job, earning less than he did on unemployment and food stamps. The aforementioned factors keep him from getting promoted, and he's right back in the unemployment line in a few months when the almost certainly temporary job ends.
But at least the disemployed hate mob victim is doing his best to avoid relying on collectivism and pull himself up by his bootstraps!

Individualism is poison. It was introduced into right-wing thought by the enemy, and they count on it to keep their opposition atomized, cut off from support, and vulnerable to their Alinsky tactics. 

Don't play along. Are you a business owner or manager who knows someone who's been disemployed by SJWs? GIVE HIM A FUCKING JOB.

But what if he's been unemployed for two years?

It doesn't matter.

But what if he drinks?

Doesn't matter.

But what if he stole from his last company to buy meth?

Who gives a shit?

If you're hiding behind any of these excuses, you clearly don't understand that this is bigger than him, you, or your precious little company. Culture warriors need something to fight for and resources to fight with. Yes, the ideal is planting oak trees we'll never live to nap under. We still need a reliable support structure to have our backs while we're digging.

Standing up for the truth at grave personal risk is heroic. But imagine if it didn't have to be. Heroes are always a tiny percentage of the population. The easier you make it for ordinary guys to speak plain, obvious truth, the more soldiers we'll have on our side. 

Still don't feel comfortable offering Frank an internal position now that he's been out of the game for a while? Come up with a make-work position and give it to him on a contract basis. Let him know it's temporary, and he'd better leave any bad habits he's picked up at the door because you're doing him a massive favor. Unless he's a total screw-up, he'll get the hint. That way, Frank can fill the employment gap on his resume with a job that's technically in the industry. He can use the time and money you're giving him to hone his skills on the job or get more training. If he puts in any effort at all, he'll be able to get a real job in his field before the contract runs out.

Or you can throw Frank to the wolves and hope they don't come back for you next time.

With this final novel, Mr. Niemeier has created a work of art and beauty that I believe will stand the test of time.


  1. This is what all rightwing people need to grasp and grasp right now: the only way we're going to survive and beat the beast is to directly support each other. And I mean that on a national scale. Just look at how Owen Benjamin has developed a community around himself that not only supports him, but often work together for each other. This is the only way we'll be able to move forward as those in power constrain every method of earning a living. We need to drop "Bootstrap ConservAUTISM" and let go of the fear the enemy creates to keep people in quiet cages.

    1. And the Americans need to contact with their Anglosohere counterparts. Outflank the left by going worldwide. So if someone's out of a job in one country can work in another.
      Then connect with Continental European counterparts who also need help


  2. If even once you steal from your employers to buy meth, odds are excellent you're a total screw-up. But at least the short-term stern-contract employment mitigates the consequences, and offers an actual chance at redemption to the few who'd take it at that juncture. Count me as a fan.

  3. I take it you disagree with Vox's take on Peterson?

    I'm not trying to drive a wedge or anything, I'm just curious how widespread Vox's stance is among the right wing.

    1. I stopped paying attention to Peterson entirely when it became clear he's being groomed as a gatekeeper for Conservative Inc.

    2. Personally I think Vox overstates the case, but it's still a case that shouldn't be ignored. Even then, if someone's getting mobbed, they should be defended.

  4. "Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

    Look after your own, or be damned to hell. Don't worry, I'm sure it stops applying in any way shape or form as soon as someone's not a blood relative!

    1. If it did, we'd have some kind of crazy high trust society!

  5. Can a man call himself a follower of Christ if he does not extend second chances?