Crotch Worship

Let this recent Twitter exchange serve to remind you that atheism is incompatible with traditionalism and nationalism.

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Materialist atheists are not of the Right because they do not share the Right's essential motives.

Historically, the Right were defined as those who supported throne and altar against rebellion. They know that Christianity is an essential pillar of all Western nations because only Christianity offers a coherent national origin story that also reinforces each nation's unique identity.

Atomized, hedonistic atheists, on the other hand, at best view the dissident Right as a vehicle to bring them a homogeneous high-trust society where they can indulge in recreational drugs and unfettered crotch worship.

They're barnacles hoping to ride out the storm on Peter's Bark while openly plotting mutiny as soon as they reach the shore.

As for my interlocutor's question, Who cares if Poland, Russia, and China stay Polish, Russian, and Chinese? The answer is Poles, Russians, and the Chinese.

Another reminder appears to be in order. Once again, atheists seeking to hitch themselves to the new Right's wagon have four choices--because late Moderns are all about choice.

  1. Confess that Jesus is the Christ and God has raised Him from the dead, and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.
  2. LARP for an hour each Sunday at the church of your choice.
  3. Shut up.
  4. Join the Left. They have all the sexdrugs anyway.

P.S. A few other Twitter users asked me for citations on China going majority Christian by 2050. I originally stumbled upon the prediction while doing research for Combat Frame XSeed. Those notes are on another device which I haven't had time to dig up yet, but another user and I found the following:

First, a 2014 article in the Telegraph titled, "China on Course to Become 'World's Most Christian Nation' within Fifteen Years"
Christian congregations in particular have skyrocketed since churches began reopening when Chairman Mao's death in 1976 signalled the end of the Cultural Revolution.
Less than four decades later, some believe China is now poised to become not just the world's number one economy but also its most numerous Christian nation.
"By my calculations China is destined to become the largest Christian country in the world very soon," said Fenggang Yang, a professor of sociology at Purdue University and author of Religion in China: Survival and Revival under Communist Rule.
"It is going to be less than a generation. Not many people are prepared for this dramatic change."
Next, a report from Pew Research which corrects for under-reporting on the part of China's officially atheist government to indicate that Christians may not be 2% of the population as was thought, but 5%.

Christians in China

That number may seem small, but bear in mind that A) Christianity has only been allowed in China since 1976, yet rose from zero to 5% in 35 years.

And that growth was mainly due to conversions. Religions have another, more effective method of propagation, which was largely denied to Chinese Christians--until 2015.
The first day of 2016 marks the end of China's controversial, 40-year-old one-child policy.
Although families will still require government-issued birth permits, or face the sanction of a forced abortion, couples in China can now request to have two children.
Based on historical trends, who is more likely to take advantage of the allowance to have a second child--atheists or Christians?
By 2030, China's total Christian population, including Catholics, would exceed 247 million, placing it above Mexico, Brazil and the United States as the largest Christian congregation in the world, he predicted.
"Mao thought he could eliminate religion. He thought he had accomplished this," Prof Yang said. "It's ironic – they didn't. They actually failed completely."
As do all who scheme to lay violent hands on Christ's bride.

Far, far better men than our effete ruling class have tried and failed to destroy the Church. Does Tim Cook think himself the equal of Julian the Apostate? Does Mark Zuckerberg fancy himself a new Napoleon? Can Merkel hold a candle to Mao?

The Church is the rock that endures while nations crumble. But she is also the eternal spring that nourishes those nations which remain in her embrace.

To weather the storm on the red horizon, we must repent and return to Jesus Christ through his bride the Church. Any other way leads to destruction.


  1. What do you see happening to all the Prots in China? From the numbers I see there's twice as many Prots as Catholics. Here it seems they're nearly totally hollowed out, even the 'conservative' one's don't even care about things like divorce at all (and I know because I went to a very conservative Southern Baptist church for a few months).

    1. In the short to mid-term? No idea.

      In the long term, of course, they'll rejoin the True Vine or wither.

    2. For Prots as for Micks, the decider of divorce, etc., stats, is not that they tick "Prot" on the census, but they attend, pray, and worship.

      For a given congregation, the withering of any Church that abandons Christ tends to happen is surprisingly short order.

    3. Very true.

      And the Church of Rome alone is indefectible.

  2. But @OK_ultra is over 9000 edgy! Take that, Christians!

    1. Edginess is overrated if our respective engagement ratios are any indication.

    2. Brian

      Is this the same Twitter handle as the one from @realpeerreviwe?
      That would be rather ironical given how that Twitter feed skewers the leftist academic papers.
      I also noticed how puerile that person is.


    3. Indeed. Dismissive anti-theistic word salad is super-edgy. Let them snark like it's 1749!

  3. Let's see, I can either believe in an omnipotent "sky daddy" or an ideology that created a hundred million graves in the 20th Century alone. Mister Logic says the skydaddy wins this round, again.

    1. No matter how many people they kill trying to do injury to Him, somehow it never works.

    2. Wreckage,

      The blood of the martyrs is te seed of the church.
      Not only in Rome but when the Ukrainian Catholic church was legalized once again, everyone was astonished at how MORE believers there were than was estimated.
      I wonder if the same will happen to China despite the odious treaty the Vatican imprudently agreed to?


    3. @wreckage: *nods* They're sore losers throwing a tantrum.

  4. To be fair to the atheist. If atheism is true, then crotch worship is the only thing that matters.

    I wish atheists would take their heads out from their own asses and be upfront about it. But then again, that would destroy the already-crumbling illusion atheists have built of themselves being the paragons and defenders of science and reason.

    1. If atheists had a scrap of integrity, they wouldn't relegate themselves to genetic dead ends en masse.

    2. Yeah, materialistically speaking, atheism is a dead end. Total reproductive failure. If I was a materialist.... I'd still be a Christian.