Church and State

Not a Christian

Over the weekend, Team Fedora Tipper got a couple of anti-Christian hashtags trending on Twitter. That's nothing new, since these people define their identity by their hatred of Christians.

What is interesting about Christian-bashing on the part of internet atheists, and the Left in general, is how their rhetoric has taken on an implicit--and sometimes explicit--moralistic character.

Here's a tweet from some vapid New Zealand MP claiming that the Holy Family were "Palestinian refugees."

The Death Cult understand neither their enemy nor themselves, so it's quite the spectacle watching them obliviously sermonize, complete with moral appeals to a faith about which they know nothing.

Such ill-informed preaching, particularly coming from a government official, represents another unforced tactical error on the Death Cult's part. Their Enlightenment forebears conned Christians into accepting separation of Church and state to unilaterally disarm ourselves in the culture wars.

By prompting Christians to think about politics in terms of their faith, the Left risks forfeiting the advantage of granting themselves the freedom to speak politically in religious terms while Christians are reduced to engaging in politics solely with economic arguments.

Smugly browbeating Christians with pig-ignorant takes on their own religion is so colossally dumb, I can't immediately grasp why the Left would do it.

All I can come up with is that it's a striking example of premature Leftist overreach. They were supposed to have gained total victory by now, and their time preference is so high, they're doing a touchdown dance on our twenty yard line.

I'm not the only one who's noticed an air of thinly veiled desperation surrounding Leftist rhetoric these days. When you're in a utopian cult that believed legalizing infanticide and butt marriage and electing a black president would usher in the end of history, seeing the prophecies fail must set you on edge.

There's also Leftists' growing dissatisfaction with Big Tech deplatforming anyone to the right of FDR. Concerning as we may find the Adpocalypse, the Left is beginning to realize that kicking Alex Jones off YouTube, banning MILO from Facebook, and shutting down Laura Loomer's Twitter account hasn't made the boogeyman go away.

The Left find themselves in a worse position, after a fashion. Before, all they had to do to keep tabs on what Paul Joseph Watson was up to was skim a Buzzfeed hit piece peppered with out-of-context tweets. Banishing him from their sight just let him slip into the shadows. He could be hiding in the laundry hamper for all they know.

The realization is dawning on a lot of ordinary people that we've been losing because our self-styled leaders keep honoring gentlemen's agreements with the Left that categorically prevent us from winning.

A smart movement whose leaders cared about the rank and file's interests would seize the advantage offered by exile to the underground. Thus the Conservative Inc. quislings will have to be deposed first.


  1. Brian

    Sin makes your stupid;pride comes before the fall; dike follows nemisis.
    The left is overreaching because evil just can'take help itself due to the absence of vitrues


  2. Conservatives really need to stop worrying about being "too right-wing". They will stop being "too right-wing" to those careening at full-speed into leftist oblivion.

    Despite what the manosphere has become, I'm thankful for it. If not for Roosh and Return of Kings, I never would have fell down the rabbit-hole of right-wing thought. Never would have found Vox Day, Social Matter, as well as more reactionary thinkers. If not for the manosphere, Conservative Inc. would have kept me from going "too far right". That realization has made me hate the mainstream conservative movement far more than the leftist death cult.

  3. An atheist (or at least non-Christian) arguing with me that the Book of Numbers somehow supported the notion that life doesn't begin at conception was a highlight.

    Consider this: Atheists are now ignoring science and instead have started appealing to Scripture to justify their radical devotion to the death cult.

    I love the irony. Maybe God placed the dinosaur bones in the ground to test us too.

    1. "Consider this: Atheists are now ignoring science and instead have started appealing to Scripture to justify their radical devotion to the death cult."

      It's voluntary self-subjection to the witch test.

  4. The cartoon at the top was eerily close to a conversation I had with a far leftist. He told me he liked Jesus's thoughts on illegal immigration even if he didn't believe in the religion. My guess is he thought I would fold once he invoked the Savior's name on me.

    I asked him what it was that Jesus said. He sputtered for a moment then changed the subject. It's funny how quickly you can call these clowns on their BS.

    Sadly, the topic change robbed me of the opportunity of asking him a followup question: "What about the commandment to not covet your neighbor's property?"

    Illegal immigrants coming to the US because they desire America's wealth are clearly violating that commandment and are not good Christians. I really would have loved to have heard the guy's answer to that one. He'd probably earn the gold medal in mental gymnastics trying to cross that minefield.

    Let's not forget that a lot of the ones coming north claim to be Christians and then turn out to be Santa Muerte worshiping syncretists.

    But that's a rant for another day.

    1. At first I bought the line that they're just coming here in search of a better life, and the immigration crisis is all the globalists' fault.

      Then it was pointed out to me that many of the current wave of migrants are economic opportunists abandoning the graves of their grandfathers for a quick buck.

    2. "the current wave of migrants are economic opportunists abandoning the graves of their grandfathers for a quick buck."

      I say the same thing about Yankees and Commiefornians invading Texas and the Deep South. It sidesteps "muh racism" while drawing obvious parallels to foreign immigration into the USA.

      That national politicians, including Trump, haven't made similar points is because the clear remedy for the states being invaded is secession. Or put differently, even absent foreign immigration, another civil war was baked into the cake.

  5. Atheists are smug because they are more tolerant than you.

    Just ask them how much child rape they think we should tolerate for some fun and games.

  6. It does seem that the present rift in the death cult is about methods more than anything, with the up-and-coming high time preference morons on one side, and the geriatric low time preference subversives on the other. The former group seems incapable of executing slow-boil strategies, so they instead storm the walls in broad daylight.

    The House is the obvious example, but it's also happening in the lower ranks of the Federal Judiciary, where you'd think lifetime appointees would exercise more restraint. Justice Thomas has already opined on Orange Man Bad injunction mania, which seriously threatens what little credibility the judiciary has left.

    On the plus side, Conservatism Inc style gatekeeping is irrelevant when everyone's storming the walls.

    1. AOC and Omar are priceless gifts we should cherish--and use to full effect.

      Dissidents living in deep blue states where voting Republican means throwing your vote away should take part in Democrat primaries and vote for the most insane candidates.