The Final White Pill

White Pill

Computing Forever joins the small but growing ranks of prominent YouTubers who are abandoning atheism and returning to the faith of their fathers.

CF's account of his teenage break from his childhood Catholic faith, his wanderings through the dark valleys of atheism and Leftism, and the life-altering event that brought about his return are covered in this video. It comes highly recommended for anyone who's grappling with despair over the state of the world.

I found it striking how CF reached many of the same conclusions we've been discussing on this blog, including:

  • The blue pill --> red pill --> black pill progression, and how the final black pill is really a white pill.
  • Atheists, even red-pilled atheists, cannot hope to overcome the sinister forces that are destroying the West, partly because those forces use atheism as a weapon.
  • Christianity formed the basis for Western morality, and only Christian morality can defeat the poz.
  • Far from being tyrannical, the Church provides a bulwark against state overreach by grounding human rights in a transcendent source the state can't threaten, bribe, or overrule.
  • Communism is a servant of the evil, nation-wrecking forces now assailing us. Its aim is to replace God with an all-encompassing Big Brother state.
  • A nation's religion is how that nation explains itself to itself. Nations need compelling origin stories to remain coherent. The European nations' strength is derived from Christianity, which plugged them into the ultimate origin story--the birth of Christ.
  • Those who glorify mass consumption, excess, drug abuse, and porn have been duped into serving the enemies of civilization.
  • Trying to argue with Leftists on their terms is a mistake. Their aim is to get you talking politics to the exclusion of religion. In encounters with the Left, skip over politics and go straight to religion.
  • Conflating the Catholic Church's corrupt hierarchy with her timeless doctrines is a category error. Rejecting the Church due to the misdeeds of its human officeholders is exactly what the enemy wants you to do.
  • Vague spirituality is no substitute for the time-tested Christian moral framework.
Bonus: CF delivers a lovely bit of exegesis on the Lord's Prayer from an angle I'd never considered.

Give it a watch.


  1. I didn't hear about this. God is great!

    This is what I've been saying about the black pill being necessary for so many. Without Christ, without purpose, there is no hope at all. Taking in that last pill puts everything into perspective and brings it full circle. Now you have something to fight for.

    It's amazing how much this sort of thing has become more and more common over the last decade. It really is the only good news currently going on at the moment.

    1. Black pill=dark night of the soul.

    2. "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

      God will use suffering, brokenness, and the chance to see their own insufficiency to bring folks from "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'" to "Oh Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner." Those whom He loves, He also chastens.

  2. I love that you've essentially identified the white pill as the Eucharist! Especially since I literally just left First Friday exposed adoration.

    I also followed this exact pathway. The Holy Spirit's renewal is in full swing!

    1. Sweet! I just left First Friday Mass earlier.

  3. Brian

    And this comes on the heels of Roosh's conversion as well as the passage if the heartbeat law.

    The Holy Spirit has called these men back because through their street creds their talents will persuade a lot of millennials to reconsider their life trajectories.
    Heaven strikes back and Askan is on the prowl


  4. Another pleasant surprise. I never thought the day would come where the hedonist Roosh and the self-proclaimed skeptic Dave Cullen would find their way back to Christ. I've been told by many people in my life that miracles don't happen and yet the impossible has happened. News like this is what reinvigorates my own faith.

  5. I was raised on red pills all my life. Mark Steyn was the first black pill. I, too, have made the Politico's Regress.

  6. Praise God! Let more come to the White Pill!

  7. The Old English version: Und ne geled thou us on costnunge... (as best as I can remember it.)

    The last word apparently is "costning," which for the most part implies trying, testing, tasting, and temptation in most of the Germanic languages, and which seems to lead to the later term "cost." Or at least that's how I always understood it: Temptation has an inherent cost as with all things, but an additional loss that goes with the metaphysical / spiritual maliciousness behind it. There's carelessness, and then there's cruelty; though the two seem to interchange quite often. But either way, both incur a deeper temporal and potentially eternal cost.

  8. This is a small point, but I noticed how composed and well-adjusted CF looks in the thumbnail. Compare that to the streamers YouTube recommends to unauthenticated users: https://i.ibb.co/Rh9YpRx/1.png

    "Public" YouTube is Soy City.

    1. YouTube has been recommending videos by Destiny to me incessantly lately. They're just messing with us now.

  9. Even without Grace, the Church represents a competing moral authority to the State. A simple and even atheistic but honest look at European history shows even the corrupt and worldly material power structures of the Roman Catholic Church as being essential to the development of European freedoms and the European conscience.

    What does a materialist empiricist do when social atheism consistently fails as a predictive model? Well, if he is rigorous in applying the tools he has to the pursuit of truth, he abandons systematic atheism. It must be either incorrect in principle or incorrect in formulation.

    1. Taki's Mag just posted an article advocating for a "Secular Right".

      The secular conservative's take on Christianity: "Sure, it works in practice, but does it work on paper?"

    2. Yeah, the Right isn't sufficiently unprincipled or philosophically vacuous, we need to push hard on those issues.

      But are you sure it's not more like "Sure it works in practice and on paper, but will it possibly make it emotionally difficult for me to abandon my principles, despise my base, and be aroused by my friends repeatedly fathering offspring on my wife?"