The Best of Fedposting

The news broke earlier this week that the FBI served 8chan with a search warrant pertaining to their investigation of the San Diego synagogue shooting.
Certain users of online forum 8chan may want to lawyer up, after a recently unsealed affidavit reveals that the FBI served the website with a search warrant in April for the IP addresses and metadata information on Chabad of Poway shooter John Earnst, along with "all of the individuals who responded to his posts on the forum. 
Gator, longtime co-host of the #Killstream and interim host of TRR Tonight, combed through the 8chan affidavit and unearthed some truly embarrassing instances of fedposting.


Your tax dollars at work:


Bonus: It looks like former Adult Swim TV star, mad prophet, and perennial active shooter Sam Hyde is at it again. Can no one bring his reign of terror to an end?


  1. At this point, you can only laugh at the hilarious redundancy that is government incompetence.

    I remember reading a post on the website Above the Law (I think) where the writer tried to argue that the whole Trump-Russia-Collusion investigation was a good thing even though it wasted huge amounts of money because that means fellow attorneys made lots of money.

    HA! And attorneys wonder why their profession is so universally hated.

    1. Now we see the funny side. Now we're always smiling :)

  2. Some more info:


    Couple this with the cry-in they had when their candidate lost and you've got quite the bunch running things these days.

    1. They give vapid, entitled sorority girls a bad name.

  3. Brian

    So it's not enough that the FBI tried to overthrow Trump now they tried to infiltrate 8chan and screwed up,

    FBI LARPING 19th century Okhana agent provocateurs in the 21 st century