Combat Frame Data: AZY-002 Heavy Armor Y

AZY-002 Heavy Armor Dolph Y
AZY-002 Heavy Armor Y

Technical Data

Model number: AZY-002
Code name: Heavy Armor Dolph Y
Nickname: Heavy Armor Y
Classification: prototype heavy armor attack combat frame
Manufacturer: Zeklov Corporation/Astraea
Operator: SOC Transportation Ministry
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19.5 meters
Weight: 145 metric tons
Armor type: laminar graphene over palladium glass/titanium/ceramic composite
Powerplant: x2 cold fusion reactor, max output 1796 KW and 967 KW, respectively
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 36,615 kg, 4x 15,785 kg, 2x 20,000 kg, 2x 15,875 kg, 2x 11,750 kg; top speed 2387 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 21, 180° turn time 0.81 seconds; legs: top ground speed 188 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: x2  large plasma sword, power rated at 1 MW, stored in charging racks on back;  x2 double shoulder plasma cannon, fire-linked, output rated at 4 MW total (2x 2 MW); x2 plasma autocannon, output rated at 3 MW, mounted on left forearm; heavy plasma cannon, output rated at 5 MW, mounted in chest; x6 laser cannon, output rated at 12 MW total (6x 2 MW), mounted on chest; x3 cutting laser, output rated at 3 MW total (3x 1 MW), mounted on left forearm.
Hand armaments: double-barreled heavy plasma rifle, output rated at 7 MW total (2x 3.5 MW), stored on back, powered by reactor contacts in fingers or graphcaps, hand-carried in use.
Special equipment:  BCI control system

General Notes

As soon as they were assigned to develop prototypes for Astraea/Zeklov's new flagship Dolph concept, the aptly named Heavy Team became embroiled in an internal debate. The question that divided the team into three competing factions was the age-old riddle of which was superior: offense or defense.

The three factions split into working groups X, Y, and Z. Each group resolved to settle the issue by producing a Dolph prototype that embodied its core design philosophy.

Group Y embraced the theory that a good offense is the best defense and the best offense. They started with a CF-015 Zwei Dolph and added as many integrated energy weapons as the frame would hold. Then they bolted on another layer of armor--more for the additional weapon hard points than for protection--and crammed in as many weapons as it would hold. These weapons included myriad plasma cannons and a sextet of powerful lasers based on data acquired from the enigmatic Harvester CF. A pair of large plasma swords each as powerful as the XCD-101 Ezekiel's signature melee weapon and a double-barreled plasma rifle capable of dishing out 7 MW of destruction supplemented the unit's integrated arsenal.

The group dubbed their creation the AZY-002 Heavy Armor Dolph Y. Though optimized for all-out attack, the CF's layered armor gave it XSeed-class protection. Though it incorporated a dual-reactor design similar to the simultaneously developed AZZ-003 Heavy Armor Dolph Z, The Heavy Armor Y proved somewhat slower due to reserving the lion's share of its massive generator output to powering its weapons. Thanks to its two powerplants and internal capacitors, the AZY-002 could fire its entire weapons loadout at once, though doing so left it completely drained.

Even with the help of an onboard A.I., the AZY-002's test pilots found its vast arsenal hard to manage. Group Y custom-tailored a batch of nanomachines that could be injected directly into a pilot's brain. These nanites would form a second neural net, enabling direct brain-computer interface with the AZY-002's A.I. In effect, a pilot using this system could operate the Heavy Armor Y's integrated weapons by thought alone, drastically reducing reaction times.

Though its exorbitant cost and extremely complex operation disqualified the AZY-002 from mass-production, Astraea/Zeklov managing director Sullia Zend assigned the sole existing Heavy Armor Y prototype to her executive CF team.


  1. "How many weapons does that thing have?"

    "Not enough."

    1. My first thought was going with Larry Correa in MHI.

      "How many gun laws does this break?"

      "All of them?"

    2. Brian
      Cool. So Neo'and John Wick's gun arsenala were rediscovered and crammed into the Dolph.

  2. All my favourite mechs overheat on an alpha-strike. This has the Wreckage Adequate Firepower Stamp of Approval (Provisional). WAFSAP.

  3. Hmm... seems like round two in an arms race. What will round three look like?