How Does Your Magic Work?

A loyal reader writes:
Slowly developing world, characters, etc., but in Reddit's /r/worldbuilding, someone came up with this prompt: How does your magic work?
I (/u/Alkalannar) make the comment that goes with your old-school Actual Magic definition from How to Design Magic Systems. It has twice the number of upvotes as the next-most-popular. I am astonished, to be honest.
It's just a small thing, but finding this in Reddit of all places...are people finally admitting that they crave stories of good and evil, where magic is dangerous to the soul?
That encourages me to keep writing and listening to the muse.

Magic System

Magic System 2

Congratulations, dear reader. You're off to an excellent start.

People are tired of pink slime generic fantasy.

Sandersonian nuts 'n' bolts magic systems are wearing out their welcome.

The soul can't subsist on a steady diet of Gray and Grey or Gray and Black morality.

I used to think the key to creating a standout magic system was putting all the parts together like a Swiss watch.

Years of experience have taught me that magic's moral dimension and how it affects character is the most important consideration.

To see the culmination of multiple magic systems in apocalyptic conflict with moral stakes most modern novelists won't touch, read the epic conclusion to my award-winning Soul Cycle.

The Ophian Rising


Worth it Just for Wright's Story

Professional philosopher Dr. Eve Keneinan recently tweeted her review of Forbidden Thoughts from Superversive Press.

Here are some selected highlights.

Forbidden Thoughts 1

Forbidden Thoughts 2

Forbidden Thoughts 3

Forbidden Thoughts 4

Forbidden Thoughts 5

Forbidden Thoughts 6

Eve dispenses gracious praise and fair criticism. What more could a prospective reader ask for?

On a personal note, it was a total blast and a career highlight to work alongside all of my fellow Forbidden Thoughts collaborators. Readers will find a wealth of excellent stories inside, but I second Eve's assessment that John C. Wright's offering stands above the rest. He's on another level.

In defense of the editors, they purposefully arranged the stories in the order they appear for ease of reading. In retrospect, a premiere star-studded anthology may not have been the best place to experiment with story order. Hindsight's 20/20.

Of course, I too heartily recommend Forbidden Thoughts. John and Jagi's stories alone are worth the price of admission. Fans of Niemeierian fiction also get a coveted look at some of the back story for my award-winning Soul Cycle.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, and you haven't read Forbidden Thoughts, you're strongly encouraged to amend that oversight now.


They All Float

Johnston Profile

In the midst of a recent Twitter debate with author Jon Del Arroz over the comic book industry's blacklisting of Conservative Christians, Bleeding Cool Head Writer Rich Johnston made himself the latest candidate for the Witch Test.

Johnston Confession

Johnston Confession 2

Johnston Confession 3

Once again, the pure element rejects those who consort with evil. The Witch Test continues batting a thousand.

To Rich's credit, he didn't turn tail and run like all the other failed test subjects--at least not permanently. He's come back to snipe at my Twitter mutuals every few hours in the course of the day I gave him to make that simple profession of faith in Christ Jesus. Yet he refuses to say the words.

Neither Rich, nor any other Death Cult camp follower, can unironically make a positive statement about Jesus because they're painfully aware of the social costs incurred by openly practicing Christianity.

Rich spent a great many words denying Jon's assertions that anti-Christian bias exists, but his actions speak far louder. No man can serve two masters, and he's chosen his.

And despite his feigned principled exception to making public credal statements, his own Twitter bio contains brazen PopCult and Death Cult self-identifications.

The Death Cult is a heretical, Christianity-profaning religion that currently wraps itself in political trappings out of convenience. That's why Jon's valiant attempts to argue on the Left-Right spectrum just let Rich lead him around in circles, whereas applying the Witch Test shut him up for hours.

Don't bother debating politics with death cultists. Go straight to religion.




The defining claim of atheism is that God doesn't exist, but if you listen to them long enough, you come to realize that atheists never argue against God's existence.

In fact, there are really only two basic arguments atheists make. The first rests on the observation that the universe seems to work just fine without divine intervention.

Not only is this a straw man, since Christians do not in fact deny secondary causes, it reinforces the cosmological arguments for God. Rules imply a rule-giver. Once the atheist grants the existence of universal principles, he can't deny that they have an origin without violating the law of cause and effect he's arguing from in the first place.

The other argument in the atheist's bag of tricks, and by far the weaker of the two, relies on appeals to the problem of evil.

Philosophers and theologians have been engaging with the question of why a good God allows evil--theodicy, to use the fancy term--since before biblical times. But as they do with the question of God's existence, atheists pretend Christians didn't come up with numerous solutions to the problem centuries ago and forge ahead as if they've discovered a silver bullet "gotcha" question everybody missed for years.

I've heard a lot of smart people say that the problem of evil posed a serious challenge to their faith. That's because arguments for atheism based on theodicy are rhetorical devices masquerading as dialectic. They derive all of their punch from evoking an emotional response in the target.

The question, "How could a good, all-powerful God allow children to starve?" doesn't even address the issue of God's existence. It assumes God exists and instead casts doubt on His goodness and/or omnipotence. Again, it's not really an argument for atheism. The point is to give believers a case of cognitive dissonance.

Now, one might argue that a creator who lacks perfect goodness and power leaves us with an imperfect demiurge. The obvious objection to that line of reasoning is that it just kicks the can one step further down the road, because a contingent demiurge still requires an Absolute First Cause.

Even more damning to the atheist wielding theodicy as a bludgeon, arguing from the problem of evil also assumes Christian morality. Blind evolutionary forces don't care if children starve. Such cases are neither good nor bad. They just mean those kids didn't have what it took to survive.

But our atheist takes it for granted that children starving is wrong, even as he accuses God of hypocrisy in order to undermine the believer's rationale for judging child starvation to be evil.

If we grant the premise that evil's existence refutes God's goodness and/or omnipotence, then God is not God. Therefore, His precepts do not bind in conscience. Therefore Christian morality is wrong. Therefore the believer was wrong to be scandalized by starving kids in the first place.

It's self-negating.

How do Christians resolve the problem of evil? As I mentioned above, scholars have had a long time to work on theodicy, and myriad solutions exist.

The simplest is this: God exists, and evil exists.

That answer might sound facile, but remember, it's up to atheists to prove those statements contradictory. They never actually do. They just glibly assume it.

They also pretend like there's some Scripture passage where God says evil isn't real, and His people will never suffer. In fact He says the exact opposite time and again. The Bible is the story of God's tireless efforts to deliver His people from evil, culminating in the Passion of Jesus Christ, which solves the problem once and for all by giving men a way to make suffering redemptive.

"But God created everything, right?" I can hear some of you say. "Doesn't that mean He created evil?"

The first part of that objection is correct. God alone has the power to create something from nothing. But whereas I've affirmed throughout this post that evil exists, that statement is only true in a metaphorical way.

It's the inverse of how God is said to exist as a matter of convenience. More properly speaking, God is Being. Since God is good, and God is being, good is being.

The flip side of that syllogism is that evil has no independent existence. Instead, evil is an absence of the good; a lacking of something that should be.

Where does evil come from? Remember that only God can create things. Men can't create anything. Or, phrased another, equally correct way, men can create nothing.

Human beings--and unfallen and fallen angels--are agents of causality. While we can't create ex nihilo, we can mar and destroy already existing goods.

It's men and fallen angels who bring evil into the world, not God. It's all on us.

Happily, bringing something out of nothing; good out of evil, is God's specialty. He's already taken the worst evil ever committed--His own sorrowful Passion and death--and turned it into the salvation of mankind.

O happy fault, that gained for us so great a Redeemer!


It's All on You


Best selling author Jon Del Arroz delivered an urgent plea for sanity on the part of comic book fans in a recent Periscope.

Here's a sampling of Jon's wisdom, somewhat redacted for time and clarity. Be attentive!
Marvel made this announcement about...they're giving JJ Abrams and his son a miniseries Spider-Man book or something like that, and they hyped it as some big thing. They put a pretty good artist on it, etc. And everybody went ballistic...and they tie it into the Star Wars outrage and all that. And it's just like, geez, guys, why do you care what they're doing with their books at this point? Why are you still buying their books? Why are you still reading their books? It makes no sense.
It's a habit. It's like a nicotine addiction, and it's showing your weakness at this point if you care about what they're doing with a freaking Spider-Man book. It doesn't matter anymore. None of it matters anymore.
There are alternatives. You can go do something else. The fact that you as a 30 or 40 year-old man care about this is just a sign of being a loser...You need to stop caring about this. It doesn't matter anymore. We have solved the problem.
That's what I've seen with the general comics culture. It's a bunch of dudes who are 30, 40, 50, whatever, who are addicted to these properties which are just brand names that were purchased by Disney and Warner Brothers, that you read...when you were a kid. Those don't exist anymore...You can move on at this point. Or, you can go back and go buy those old collected editions of those old books and reread those if you like them so much. Whatever.
It's fan fiction, right? Stan Lee is dead. Steve Ditko is dead. This is not their character anymore. It's Disney's licensed property at this point. Which, because of our weird copyright laws in America, they can keep these in perpetuity as long as they keep publishing this stuff. That's all they're doing is maintaining copyright by pushing these out to 10, 20 thousand people. Who cares? Doesn't matter. Don't read it.
[Abram's book] is gonna sell because there's a celebrity name and because it says Spider-Man on it, right? And all the little gamma losers are gonna buy it...because  "I bought every Spider-Man since 1972!" Well, great. You're part of the problem. It doesn't make any sense that you're still doing that.
That is just the biggest waste of money I could ever imagine and the biggest loser behavior I could ever imagine. How could you still be invested in that?
The next level of marketing is because you guys are outraged and you are promoting the book over and over and over and over again...All you're doing is amplifying their message that this book is coming out. Now this book, which was not a big deal...is now going to be a big thing because everybody's talking about it. And now it's a political tribe cause. You made it into a political tribe cause because you are signaling that your #ComicsGate, or whatever you want to call it, tribe, is anti-this book. And because you're anti-this book, you're signaling to the other people on the internet that they must therefore be for the book, and therefore these people who wouldn't have even cared about it whatsoever...now it's a cause.
Same with the movie Captain Marvel. You already did this. You propelled this movie from a B movie to a billion dollar property.
The outrage stuff, the clicks, need to stop. You need to stop clicking on videos that talk about this or that DC book or this or that Marvel book, or "Oh, my gosh! Maybe they're gonna have a gay person in this next movie!" Nobody cares. It's not interesting. It is not helping anything. It's not helping the culture, and it's time to move on.
There are lots of good cultural properties out there now. I have a ton of them. If you hate me because I tell the truth or...because I won't sugarcoat stuff for the YouTube guys who you're big fans of, that's fine. Don't buy my books. Go buy somebody else's. But stop talking about this stuff, and start talking about the new stuff in culture. 
Because the old stuff is just old, guys. It's over, alright?
It's a lie that was sold to you by the comics industry to care about these "legacy characters" no matter who the writers were. And they did this, and they kept that numbering system going as they changed these things through the years, so that you would keep buying this, and you wouldn't actually care about the creators or care about the stories themselves. It's a corporate shill thing, and of course the corporate shills are going to bring in the big name corporate shills. That's it.
They're never going to change that. You're never going to have an impact on that. It's not going to stop that, so it's time to change your behavior, because that's the only thing you can control.
Stop caring about whatever Spider-Man thing is happening. Stop caring about whatever Batman thing is happening. Start caring about real creativity and real content. It's on you. Trust me. It's hard. You gotta rip the Band-Aid off. You gotta go to your comic shop and say, "I'm cutting all Marvel. I'm not doing this anymore." 
Stop reading that stuff. Disconnect from all of it, and just get into stuff that's actually gonna change the culture and actually gonna do something positive for once. You can do it. I believe in you!

Watch the whole video.

The comic book-reading and moviegoing public has been meticulously conditioned by mass media and now ubiquitous machine learning algorithms to self-sequester within PopCult ghettos.

Whether the original motive was mere profit-seeking, the results have been disastrous as people increasingly invest the sort of passion and energy rightly reserved for religion into various pop culture-based identities.

Jon is right. With indie offerings of higher quality and in higher supply than ever before, there's no excuse for giving money to people who hate you.

The key to rooting out vices is to perfect the opposing virtues. We'd all do well to start exercising more fortitude.


Combat Frame Data: AZY-002 Heavy Armor Y

AZY-002 Heavy Armor Dolph Y
AZY-002 Heavy Armor Y

Technical Data

Model number: AZY-002
Code name: Heavy Armor Dolph Y
Nickname: Heavy Armor Y
Classification: prototype heavy armor attack combat frame
Manufacturer: Zeklov Corporation/Astraea
Operator: SOC Transportation Ministry
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19.5 meters
Weight: 145 metric tons
Armor type: laminar graphene over palladium glass/titanium/ceramic composite
Powerplant: x2 cold fusion reactor, max output 1796 KW and 967 KW, respectively
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 36,615 kg, 4x 15,785 kg, 2x 20,000 kg, 2x 15,875 kg, 2x 11,750 kg; top speed 2387 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 21, 180° turn time 0.81 seconds; legs: top ground speed 188 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: x2  large plasma sword, power rated at 1 MW, stored in charging racks on back;  x2 double shoulder plasma cannon, fire-linked, output rated at 4 MW total (2x 2 MW); x2 plasma autocannon, output rated at 3 MW, mounted on left forearm; heavy plasma cannon, output rated at 5 MW, mounted in chest; x6 laser cannon, output rated at 12 MW total (6x 2 MW), mounted on chest; x3 cutting laser, output rated at 3 MW total (3x 1 MW), mounted on left forearm.
Hand armaments: double-barreled heavy plasma rifle, output rated at 7 MW total (2x 3.5 MW), stored on back, powered by reactor contacts in fingers or graphcaps, hand-carried in use.
Special equipment:  BCI control system

General Notes

As soon as they were assigned to develop prototypes for Astraea/Zeklov's new flagship Dolph concept, the aptly named Heavy Team became embroiled in an internal debate. The question that divided the team into three competing factions was the age-old riddle of which was superior: offense or defense.

The three factions split into working groups X, Y, and Z. Each group resolved to settle the issue by producing a Dolph prototype that embodied its core design philosophy.

Group Y embraced the theory that a good offense is the best defense and the best offense. They started with a CF-015 Zwei Dolph and added as many integrated energy weapons as the frame would hold. Then they bolted on another layer of armor--more for the additional weapon hard points than for protection--and crammed in as many weapons as it would hold. These weapons included myriad plasma cannons and a sextet of powerful lasers based on data acquired from the enigmatic Harvester CF. A pair of large plasma swords each as powerful as the XCD-101 Ezekiel's signature melee weapon and a double-barreled plasma rifle capable of dishing out 7 MW of destruction supplemented the unit's integrated arsenal.

The group dubbed their creation the AZY-002 Heavy Armor Dolph Y. Though optimized for all-out attack, the CF's layered armor gave it XSeed-class protection. Though it incorporated a dual-reactor design similar to the simultaneously developed AZZ-003 Heavy Armor Dolph Z, The Heavy Armor Y proved somewhat slower due to reserving the lion's share of its massive generator output to powering its weapons. Thanks to its two powerplants and internal capacitors, the AZY-002 could fire its entire weapons loadout at once, though doing so left it completely drained.

Even with the help of an onboard A.I., the AZY-002's test pilots found its vast arsenal hard to manage. Group Y custom-tailored a batch of nanomachines that could be injected directly into a pilot's brain. These nanites would form a second neural net, enabling direct brain-computer interface with the AZY-002's A.I. In effect, a pilot using this system could operate the Heavy Armor Y's integrated weapons by thought alone, drastically reducing reaction times.

Though its exorbitant cost and extremely complex operation disqualified the AZY-002 from mass-production, Astraea/Zeklov managing director Sullia Zend assigned the sole existing Heavy Armor Y prototype to her executive CF team.


Deus Vult Wastelanders

Deus Vult Wastelanders

Put your hands together for the latest exciting project from author Adam Smith, Deus Vult Wastelanders Book 1 - Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross.
Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross is the first novel in my new series of Christian Pulp stories, Deus Vult Wastelanders. The initial books follow Gideon Ira, a young knight in power armor as he traverses a post-apocalyptic wasteland America full of demons, necromancers, warlocks, vicious bandits, and savage warlords.
The Church has unified into one community of believers, though friendly denominational factions remain and support one another because this is not a time to be divided. Gideon Ira is Catholic himself while his best friend is a member of the Assemblies of God. Holy knights guard the huddled masses of survivors in the shelter of walled city-states. Mankind has largely forgotten the ability to forge advanced tech, so they preserve the existing power armor, plasma swords, and heavy weaponry like holy relics.
Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross opens with the wandering knight in desperate battle against a demon of pride. He's tracked the hulking monster to its lair, and the audience gets to see a range of special abilities supplied by Gideon's power armor. He takes the severed head back to the nearby border village where the hunt was commissioned and dumps it off at the local church for cataloging and disposal. When he hears the resurgent cult of Ba'al up north has laid waste to an entire village in order to harvest their children for living sacrifice, Gideon sets off on a journey across the wasteland.
The entire journey takes him to many locations: The ruins of a megacity populated by demons and cultists, the holy city of Belltower run by the Church, the demonic mirror world which lays beneath our own, cracked highways turned into gory battlefields, and across the flowering wasteland of a broken America. Several battles are gritty and brutal, real slugfests with huge swords and claws, while another adventure requires Gideon to work with a team of stealthy fellow knights operating with military precision as they seek to abduct the wicked Blackthorne. Gideon faces angels both fallen and faithful, articulate demons who seek to destroy his soul, and witches and warlocks commanding unholy powers.
The goal of this series is to create stories to inspire Christians with a new wave of heroic figures living out their faith in uncompromising ways. I'm studying the pulp writers who brought us Conan the Barbarian, Solomon Kane, Tarzan of the Apes, and John Carter of Mars, and my goal is to write blistering page-turners to keep Christian audiences begging for more.
Not so long ago, there was no such category as Christian Fiction, because most fiction written in the West was informed by a Christian worldview. Consider Solomon Kane, Puritan adventurer, whose creator wasn't even a believer.

We've fallen quite far since the heady days of the pulps. Most stories marketed today as Christian fiction are by turns saccharine, twee, and insipid. All too often, they're all three. Without fail, they preach only to the choir.

Adam has taken it upon himself to address the sorry state of Christian fiction by returning to the winning formula of writing a pulp adventure story undergirded by Christian morality and cosmology.

I'm especially pleased to announce that Knight of the Blood Cross will be my third editorial collaboration with Adam, alongside his prior two breakout adventures Making Peace and Maxwell Cain: Burrito Avenger.

But don't take my word for it. Here's Adam again:
The rough draft of the story is already finished and currently stands at around 53,000 words prior to self editing and professional editing. My tendency as a writer is to increase the number of words during self editing because I leave description out of the rough draft, so that word count is likely to increase. The professional editor for this novel has worked on a wide range of novels and is already booked for August. He also holds a degree in theology, and I've got several members of multiple denominations ready to review the final copy and make sure it's friendly for all Christian audiences.
Support a rising star author who's already established a solid track record for pleasing readers. Help rescue Christian fiction from its literary ghetto. Back Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross now!


You Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Nor can you fight a holy war without a religion.

Holy War

Yet the Big Brain Nietzsche Bunch remains in steadfast denial of this incontrovertible fact, as James Giuran demonstrates in his hot take on Sohrab Ahmari's righteous smackdown of David French.
Sohrab Ahmari, who previously wrote a decent takedown of the exemplar of nominative determinism Max Boot, but who I’ve otherwise never heard of before, wrote an article in First Things opposing “David Frenchism,” a “persuasion or a sensibility” that he names after the National Review writer who Bill Kristol named as the ideal #NeverTrump candidate for president.
The “Frenchist” disposition, according to Ahmari, is a nice, liberal one. It sees politics as a matter of procedure, institutions, and ‘decency’; it seeks to defend the conservative cause by appeal to the liberal logic of autonomy, and it inherits from its English nonconformist roots a “great horror … of the public power to advance the common good,” leading it to insist that political challenges be solved by the depoliticized measures of “personal renewal” and somehow-organic cultural change.
In contrast, Ahmari advocates acknowledging hostility, valuing victory above civility, and “defeating the enemy and enjoying the spoils in the form of a public square re-ordered to the common good and ultimately the Highest Good,” and blames “Frenchism” for the crushing defeat of conservatism by “the libertine and the pagan,” exemplified by… a ‘drag queen reading hour’ in a California library, for which Ahmari saw an ad in his Facebook feed.
Show me where Ahmari's wrong.

Wait. Giuran is actually going to attempt it?

Let's hear him out. Maybe he's developed better counterarguments than appeals to materialist consumerism and mad at Dad atheism.
Ahmari’s position, however, is equally untenable. Using the state to forcibly reorder the public square toward the (Christian if not specifically Catholic) “Highest Good” would require a higher level of religiosity, and, more importantly, a higher level of willingness to dispense with old American liberal principles, than can be found in America today, where only half of the population is even nominally Catholic or Evangelical, fewer than two fifths claim to go to church every week, and the single largest religious group is ‘none’. The integralist Adrian Vermeule has argued that the election of Trump demonstrates that the American political landscape can change on a dime; but that doesn’t imply it’s likely to change in that direction. It’s true that the Fifth Great Awakening, or the sixth or seventh ones, could produce mass conversions to Catholicism and usher in an integralist America, but it’s equally true that it could produce the revival of the cult of Tengri and the remythologization of the United States as the greatest steppe empire since the Yamnaya expansion. Get ahead of the curve  — buy your cowboy hats now!
Never mind. And here I had such high hopes.

Right out of the gate, Giuran misunderstands, or willingly misrepresents, Ahmari's position. It's not that he finds trannies grooming kids distasteful and wants to use state power to direct society toward the highest good--which is indeed God; fight me.

The position Ahmari carefully lays out in his original piece is that Liberal absolutization of freedom as the highest good is a one-way ticket to Clown World.

Any strategy for fixing Weimerica must start with restoring the Good to its proper place above freedom in the public zeitgeist. Anything less inevitably lands us right back in Brave New World.

Giuran hand waves Ahmari's main point away by citing polls that he claims prove America is too irreligious and liberal to ever reorient public consensus away from radical autonomy in favor of the Good. This argument has two main defects:
  1. It admits defeat from the outset. Ahmari points out that Liberalism invariably leads to Clown World. Giuran doesn't refute that conclusion. Furthermore, he asserts that Americans lack the will to give up Liberal principles. By Giuran's own logic, we're irrevocably screwed.
  2. His glib declarations of America's lack of faith just ain't true. American religiosity has dipped only slightly, and American adults are the most religious in the developed world.

But let's grant Giurn's premise. He says America isn't currently Christian enough to reorient public life toward the Good. Fine. We've got evangelizing to do. The Church started with twelve. This is gonna be easy by comparison.

Besides, dismissing a Christian reorientation of the public square because it can't happen right now is a bogus standard. No dissident movement's program could be successfully implemented right now.
The conservative debate thus far has been premised on the idea that the proper response to Trump, the proper way forward, is to simply revitalize the platform of the Moral Majority. Not only does this fail to address many of the problems facing our country today ⁠— it has little, if anything, to say about immigration, which is necessarily the most pressing issue because its effects are permanent and irreversible  —  it offers little potential for attaining true hegemony. The conflict between moralists and libertines in America predates the United States itself and is unlikely to result in a decisive victory anytime soon (in other words, it’s Lindy), and it’s sufficiently orthogonal to the main dimension of American politics that there are strains of progressivism that have evolved to accommodate both. Many progressives even oppose drag!
Giuran's charge that Christians of the Right like Ahmari advocate reviving a Moral Majority platform that fails to contend with immigration is insultingly disingenuous. It's Ahmari's nemesis David French who epitomizes the moralizing but ultimately toothless religious right of yesteryear.

It's as if Giuran forgot in the space of twelve paragraphs that Ahmari, unlike French, is determined to win.

Speaking of immigration and winning, Christian nations like Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Italy have become the envy of nationalists worldwide. So much for Christians being soft on immigration.

See, having a strong shared sense of national identity is what gives people the will to fight for their nation in the political arena. A people's religion is how they explain themselves to themselves. Strip their faith away, and the nation becomes an easy mark for globalist grifters.

What does Giuran prescribe as a more workable substitute for shared faith and common understandings of the Good?
But simply banning drag queens from California’s libraries won’t make America great again. The question of what will remains open, but here are some components of a new conservatism that will be necessary: an end to mass unskilled migration, stricter immigration controls, and an uncompromising defense of borders and the nation-state system; the establishment of policies and culture that support marriage, family formation, and homeownership; a serious drive to retake cultural hegemony from the progressives; a willingness to combat the conspiratorial demographic hatred which casts men as sub-rational pigs and whites as the nefarious, scheming villains of history; and the abandonment of the dead consensus of social conservatism and little else, in favor of a new nationalism that protects both Christian and ‘pagan’ Americans and works to preserve the civilization they have built.
Translation: "I don't have an answer, but I want to indulge in hard drugs and deviant sex in an environment populated mostly with white people. Let's somehow implement the Christian Conservative political agenda without the buzz-killing Christianity that's necessary to drive it."

And don't think I missed that sly attempt to slip "pagans", i.e. "atheists who pretend to worship trees" into the set of "people who built America".

The American nation is a Christian nation. Any attempt to say otherwise is crass historical revisionism every bit as cynical and coercive as the multicult nutbars who claim Shakespeare was a black woman.

There is one way out of Clown World; only one, and that is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Once again, right-wing atheists have four options:
  • Repent, and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • LARP for an hour in the church of their choice on Sundays.
  • Shut up--seriously. You're not helping.
  • Join the Death Cult.
Choose carefully.


The Best of Fedposting

The news broke earlier this week that the FBI served 8chan with a search warrant pertaining to their investigation of the San Diego synagogue shooting.
Certain users of online forum 8chan may want to lawyer up, after a recently unsealed affidavit reveals that the FBI served the website with a search warrant in April for the IP addresses and metadata information on Chabad of Poway shooter John Earnst, along with "all of the individuals who responded to his posts on the forum. 
Gator, longtime co-host of the #Killstream and interim host of TRR Tonight, combed through the 8chan affidavit and unearthed some truly embarrassing instances of fedposting.


Your tax dollars at work:


Bonus: It looks like former Adult Swim TV star, mad prophet, and perennial active shooter Sam Hyde is at it again. Can no one bring his reign of terror to an end?


Generation Screwed

Student Debt

Or more accurately, generations, plural, though this bleak Zero Hedge article only mentions Millennials.
“There was a great deal of interest [in millennials], but there wasn’t as much due diligence around that group," she said. "We’ve generalized them as a certain type of person, [but] the reality is the rubber is meeting the road. Companies are starting to understand, 'Wow, we’re not getting the ROI we thought we might’.”
It's a mystery.

Millennial net worth

But now that millennials have been part of the labor market for over a decade, the sad reality of their buying power has hit potential sellers like a ton of bricks. Spending, per se, isn't the issue: Millennials spend about $600 billion a year and are on track to spend $1.4 trillion by 2020, according to Accenture data. The problem is that they are saddled with large and unavoidable expenses that reduce their overall purchasing  power. These expenses primarily include housing and student debt.
The home ownership rate for Americans aged 25-34 was 37% — 8% below the rates for Gen Xers and baby boomers, according to the Urban Institute, in 2015. Ron Cohen, VP of product strategy for consumer analysis firm Claritas said: "Of the 13.5% of millennials that are heads of households, only around 50% of them own their own homes. The other half are renters—many likely with roommates to share rent and other expenses."
Astute readers will note that the Urban Institute defined Americans aged 25-34 years old in 2015 as Millennials. However, that range includes on the first year of the Millennial generation. People aged 26-34 as of 2015 are really members of Generation Y.

I concur with Zero Hedge that Millennials are financially screwed. However, if you buck the nonsensical trend of lumping the Millennial Generation in with Generation Y, the latter are shown to be much worse of than Millennials in regard to financial metrics such as home ownership.

Ys are in many ways another Silent Generation, in that they're suffering silently while the media myopically focus on Baby Boomers and Millennials.

We're coming up on the third generation to enter the workforce saddled with unserviceable debt while facing stagnant wages and grim asset accumulation prospects. This type of situation is what's known to historians as a powder keg.

The powers that be would be well-advised to stop playing with matches.


Combat Frame Data: AZZ-003 Heavy Armor Z

AZZ-003 Heavy Armor Dolph Z
AZZ-003 Heavy Armor Z

Technical Data

Model number: AZZ-003
Code name: Heavy Armor Dolph Z
Nickname: Heavy Armor Z
Classification: prototype heavy armor attack combat frame
Manufacturer: Zeklov Corporation/Astraea
Operator: SOC Transportation Ministry
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 20 meters
Weight: 215 metric tons
Armor type: laminar graphene over palladium glass/titanium/ceramic composite
Powerplant: x2 cold fusion reactor, max output 1935 KW and 1342 KW, respectively
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 36,615 kg, 4x 15,785 kg, 2x 40,000 kg, 2x 31,750 kg, 2x 23,500 kg; top speed 3580 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 40, 180° turn time 0.80 seconds; legs: top ground speed 190 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: x2  large plasma sword, power rated at 1 MW, stored in charging racks on back; x2 plasma sword, power rated at 0.50 MW, stored in charging racks in skirt armor; x3 3-tube missile pod, mounted on left shoulder and right and left legs; 48-barrel stacked load volley gun, ROF 1.06 million carbyne-jacketed rounds per minute, mounted on right shoulder; heavy plasma cannon, output rated at 5 MW, mounted in chest; autoshield, mounted on A.I.-controlled armature affixed to backpack.
Hand armaments: variable energy cascade shotgun, stored on back, powered by reactor contacts in fingers, hand-carried in use; shield, attaches to left forearm.
Special equipment:  Ion field generator, integrated into armor

General Notes

When Zeklov Corporation heiress Sullia Zend decided to revive her great-grandfather's storied arms company, she undertook an exhaustive search of unclaimed combat frame designs. Sullia found a buried gem in the CF-015 Zwei Dolph.

Though the Zwei Dolph had shown great promise, even rivaling the performance of the legendary XSeed Prometheus, association with Megami's Kazoku had tainted the Dolph brand. Even BEC managing director Tesla Browning had disowned the Dolph CFs he'd helped create.

Sullia acted quickly to secure the necessary Dolph-related patents. She recommissioned the manufacturing facility at her family's Astraea asteroid and brought in a team of engineers to develop a new model Dolph to serve as the resurrected Zeklov Corp's flagship CF.

The AZZ-003 emerged as a late-stage prototype for Astraea's new Dolph concept. The unit represents the final extreme of one design team's internal wager to find out how much hardware they could pack onto a single combat frame.

The Heavy Team, as they came to be known, started with Eiyu Masz's infamous YCR-015-1 Zwei Dolph Custom. They then took a full set of laminar graphene armor--enough to cover an entire CF--and stacked it on top of the AZZ-003's existing armor. In addition to the standard Dolph shield, an articulated armature-mounted shield controlled by the unit's A.I. rounded out the new Dolph's physical defenses. A revolutionary new ion field capable of deflecting weaponized plasma offered better protection from energy weapons than carbyne laminar armor. The results looked rather bulky but offered protection on par with an XSeed.

As the final argument in the design team's internal offense vs. defense debate, the AZZ-003 settled the age-old question by taking the best of both. The unit carried a dizzying array of weapons, including three missile pods, a plasma cannon more powerful than any CF rifle, a stacked volley gun capable of firing over a million carbyne-coated slugs per minute, and a small armory's worth of plasma swords.

Nagging doubts remained that the AZZ-003 might not render a target completely atomized. To allay this concern, the Heavy Team returned to a weapon concept shelved by Browning himself for being too unstable. Sullia Zend somehow managed to furnish the team with early plans for the variable cascade energy shotgun designed for the XCD-100. Armed with a hand weapon capable of turning large carbon masses into bombs, the AZZ-003 effectively became an XSeed killer.

Loading on armor and weapons to shame the XCD-103 Eisenpferd came at a high cost in weight. The aptly named Heavy Team doubled down on their doubling approach and built a second complete set of drive and maneuvering thrusters into the unit's outer armor.

Drastically increasing the number of thrusters added another wrinkle. Not even the one-series equivalent generator that served as the AZZ-003's main powerplant could keep up with the new unit's energy demands. The Heavy Team fell back on their go-to solution and installed a second generator commandeered from a standard Zwei Dolph.

The final result proved utterly terrifying. The AZZ-003, dubbed the Heavy Armor Dolph Z, boasted nigh impenetrable defenses, unmatched destructive power, and speed theretofore only seen in the XCD-102 Emancipator. By pushing their design philosophy to the breaking point, Heavy Team had beaten the odds to produce a combat frame that excelled in every category.

For all their considerable skills, monetary price turned out to be the one cost Heavy Team couldn't surmount. Zeklov/Astraea was looking for a new front line CF, and the Heavy Armor Z's astronomical per-unit cost left mass production utterly out of the question. However, many of the AZZ-003's advances would be featured in the AZC-104 Grand Dolph.

Always loath to let great potential go to waste, Sullia Zend personally intervened to spare the Heavy Armor Z from the dustbin. The Transportation Secretary selected the only extant AZZ-003 prototype and its two predecessors for her executive CF team, with the Heavy Armor Z serving as Zend's personal combat frame.


A Tale of Two Cults

2 Cults

Repeating the ancient observation that human beings are wired for worship is all the rage these days. Even hardcore atheists are fond of garnishing their rhetoric with that old chestnut.

The follow up is usually an argument that treats piety as an evolutionary mistake, like an appendix prone to inflammation. Science™ lovers propose solutions ranging from "curing" faith with magnets like 19th century mesmerists to replacing outdated religion with a more rational® substitute. Like French revolutionaries.

What the Big Brain Bunch always miss is the fact that they're engaging in a form of worship themselves--worship of their own intellects which statistician William M. Briggs calls scidolatry.

But I'm not here to talk about the small-souled bug men. They've had a rough enough time lately.

Today we'll take a close look at two cults that have sprung up more or less organically in the stagnant tidal pool left when Christianity receded in the West.

Two secular religions now compete--and often collaborate--to take the cultural high ground once held by the Church

First, let's define our terms. To qualify as a religion, a group must have three elements:
  • Cult: a consistent body of rituals for public worship
  • Code: a set of moral rules
  • Creed: a canon of shared myths that defines a shared identity
I'll add a further criterion introduced by reader D.J. Schreffler. A religion offers adherents explanations for their past, present, and future.
  • The origin story--this is part of the creed.
  • Ritual laws for the here and now--see cult and creed above.
  • Eschatology--the final chapter of the creed.
With the preliminaries out of the way, let's take a look at our two worldly cults in light of these terms.

The Cult of Pop Culture

GoT Watching Party

The 30-year-old cat lady who angrily petitioned HBO to remake Game of Thrones Season 8, the geek who buys four copies of every limited edition comic, the Star Wars fan who's still interested in seeing Episode IX because, "I have to know how it ends!" 

None of them are merely consuming entertainment. They are engaging in acts of public worship sanctioned by the PopCult.

Let's break it down.

Cult: Conspicuously consume Movies, TV shows, comics, and games blessed by the high priests at the six media companies. Attend the holy conclaves. Don the sacred vestments--ironic pre-faded tee shirts and cosplay. Go forth into the comments section and social media as a brand evangelist.


Creed: This is where the PopCult falls short of a full-fledged religion. While they have a massive and growing body of shared lore with which all members are expected to have at least a passing familiarity, only hopeless psychotics believe any of it is real.

As a result, the PopCult doesn't offer any answers. It's pure escapism. The problem is it's an escape from self-mastery and virtue into the clutches of soulless megacorporations.

The Death Cult


If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you're well aware of the Death Cult's contours. Nevertheless, most people seem to need constant reminders of this diabolical movement's evils.

In a nutshell, the Death Cult is a heretical mutant offshoot of Christianity that discards Christian doctrines it doesn't like, warps the others into anti-human inversions of their original purpose, and enforces them with rabid zeal.

You should take some time getting to know the Death Cult, since it's now the dominant cultural force in the West.

Cult: vicious ritual acts that are each inversions of a Christian sacrament. Taking part in a hate mob to unperson an infidel is reverse confession. Butt marriage is the inversion of holy matrimony. Butchering unborn babies and consuming their remains is the Death Cult's profane communion.

Code: the Byzantine and ever-changing form of cynical, coercive speech codes known as political correctness is now so infamous that Death Cultists are scrambling to rebrand it.

Creed: The Death Cult embraces two coequal but contradictory dogmas. 1) Everyone is so radically equal that all distinctions between individuals are oppressive social constructs. 2) Straight, white, Christian males have unnatural superpowers which have enabled them to enslave and oppress everyone else.

Unlike the PopCult, which is really just a funnel into the Death Cult run by the latter's high priests, the Death Cult does offer explanations for humanity's past, present, and future.

Origin story: Everyone existed in a natural state of blissful equality until straight, white men enslaved and colonized all other groups. The golden age ended, bringing forth misery and inequality by the evil white man's hand.

Pattern for daily life: All death cultists must work tirelessly to smash the patriarchy, bash the fash, and end the scourge of whiteness. #Resist!

To simplify matters, all of this boils down to relentlessly attacking the Christ and His disciples, though admitting that out loud breaks the Death Cult's discipline of the secret.

Eschatology: Once white people are a minority and the churches have been turned into dance clubs, the Golden Age of peace and equality will dawn once more. Most people living today won't be there to see it because they'll have been murdered, but it'll totally be worth it!


CY 40 Second Coming Preview

The following is a preview of book 3 in my action-packed martial thriller series, Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming.

War Room

Somewhere Beneath Brussels Air Base
A quartet of graying men sat behind a rectangular table as if imitating the four oldest disciples at the Last Supper. But another, later event from Christian myth still haunted the young man waiting in the shadows before them.
Three of the elders wore dark blue uniforms bedecked with pins and ribbons. The fourth man, who sat on the far left, sported a lily white business suit. His balding head bowed to read a sheaf of papers under one of the four desk lamps which alone lit the stuffy room. White letters on the black plastic nameplate before him read GOV F. TOVE.
What a disgrace!” Tove smacked the papers down on the desk. “That’s the only word for our response to HALO. A band of teenagers assassinated my deputy, terrorized multiple colonies, and got away scot-free.”
It wasn’t exactly scot-free, sir,” said an even balder, bull-necked man seated at the table’s opposite end. His nameplate read GEN H. DRYDEN. “Our mass driver at Fort Arzachel did shoot down the enemy destroyer.”
I wouldn’t brag, General,” said Tove. “The Roter März destroyed Bigelow City in its death throes. Not a single enemy operative was captured in the bargain. We still don’t know HALO’s full capabilities, and their next objective is a mystery.”
Considering their loss of manpower, material, and support,” said Dryden, “I’d imagine their current objective is basic survival.”
Tove jabbed a gnarled finger at the base commander. “You imagine. That’s exactly my point. We’re left guessing in the absence of useful intelligence. Can someone explain how the enemy vanished without a trace?”
Dryden’s acerbic tone twisted the knife. “Maybe Malov Strauss.”
Undersecretary Strauss already gave a statement,” said the long-faced man to Tove’s left labeled COL M. ALVAREZ. The Colonel flipped through his own stack of papers. “He said he engaged and disabled XSeed 01, but the crashing destroyer forced him to withdraw emptyhanded.”
Tove grunted. “Strauss is a Fel. What’s the CDF’s excuse? XSeeds 02, 03, and 04 were also sighted over Bigelow City. Why weren’t they captured?”
Colonel Nikeda, the fidgety man with a pinched face seated between Alvarez and Dryden, said, “We have conflicting reports that two or more XSeeds were destroyed.”
Tove pounded the table. Water sloshed out of the glass to his right. “If that’s the case, where’s the wreckage?”
The three officers exchanged worried looks. “We’re still searching,” Dryden said.
How hard can it be to find four giant robots?” Tove asked on the edge of exasperation.
There’s a lot of lunar surface to cover,” said Dryden, “and even more space. In the meantime, we’ve gone over every millimeter of the Roter März wreckage.”
And?” demanded Tove.
A heavy breath puffed out Dryden’s fruit salad-laden chest, preceding a sharp exhale. “We estimate only half the ship’s company was aboard when it impacted the surface.”
A strained silence fell and finally broke when Nikeda offered, “A Grand Dolph transmitted video of a shuttle leaving the Rote März shortly before impact. The Dolph was destroyed, but we’re searching along the shuttle’s last known course.”
The young man in the shadows had listened patiently to his superiors’ veiled bickering and finger-pointing. Now he sensed his moment. “Excuse me, Sirs, but you’re wasting your time.”
All four old men peered into the darkness shrouding the front of the room. “Do you think you can straighten out our priorities, Lieutenant?” Alvarez said flatly.
Whatever the Colonel’s intent, his young subordinate took the invitation literally. He hobbled forward on crutches gripped by hands bound in wrist braces, making soft thumping sounds on the polymer tiles as he advanced into the light. Brown hair spilled over a bandage encircling his forehead. A gold bar adorned each shoulder of his blue coat.
Hanging on that cross must have given you brain damage, Bauer,” said Dryden. “The Colonel was being sarcastic. You’re here as an eyewitness to HALO’s attack on the Academy. When we want your opinion, we’ll ask for it.”
Tove hushed the General with a raised hand. “I want answers. If Lieutenant Bauer has them, I’m willing to hear him out.”
Need I remind Your Excellency that Mr. Bauer only received his commission last week and only out of sympathy for his ordeal.”
I beg your pardon, Sir,” Bauer said, “but if that’s the reason for my promotion, you can take it back. Sympathy has no meaning for me.”
Bauer’s cold, clinical voice made his superiors shift in their seats.
Say your piece, Lieutenant,” said Tove. “Why should we abandon the search for HALO?”
Pouring all our resources into a manhunt is better than our original policy of denying the problem,” Bauer said, “but we’re still reacting to their moves. We should take the initiative.”
A bemused look passed over Dryden’s face. “How do you propose we do that?”
I’ve had plenty of time to think,” Bauer said. “Malov embarrassed the CDF, but continued involvement in outer space is a needless drain on this administration. Let the Arzachel garrison handle the search. The immediate threat is here on Earth.”
Tove leaned forward and laced his fingers. “I’m starting to agree with my officers. You’re quite presumptive for a young buck fresh out of school.”
Is it presumptive to point out the rogue governor who’s seceding from the Coalition and taking a major spaceport with him?” asked Bauer.
Chang,” grumbled Tove. “I warned the Council about his superstitions. Those feckless bureaucrats deserve a share of the blame for his betrayal.”
That traitor is harboring HALO soldiers and allies,” said Bauer. “He appeals directly to the public, and the government’s inaction only strengthens his case.”
Tove seemed to deflate. “The Secretaries fear that direct intervention would be a public relations fiasco.”
They’re right to be afraid,” said Bauer. “Despite committing political murders and attacking civilians, HALO holds the moral high ground.”
How do you suggest we take it back?” asked Dryden.
HALO has energized the grounder population,” Bauer said. “A growing number of colonists favor withdrawing from Earth, if only to stop the violence. That trend would be slowed, or even reversed, in the wake of sudden attacks with heavy grounder casualties.”
Dryden’s brow furrowed. “Do you propose that the CDF launch preemptive strikes on grounder populations?”
A grin tugged at Bauer’s mouth. “No, Sir. I propose that HALO will be responsible.”

Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40


An Oxymoron

Secular Right

The recent series of victories against infanticide rendered two valuable services to the Right. First and foremost, they dealt the Death Cult a major blow by seriously curtailing their high sacrament of Moloch worship for the first time in decades.

Second, the wave of abortion bans in states like Georgia and Alabama helpfully smoked out the traitors in our midst, who couldn't refrain from publicly whining that finally winning was a defeat for the Right.

Pseudo-intellectual Christopher DeGroot offers himself as a definitive example of a Death Cult mole in this Taki Mag article, wherein he argues that defeating the secularizing Left requires embracing secularism.
The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein used to tell his students that a philosopher must not belong to any school, because such a priori allegiance may prevent him from thinking with proper detachment. Instead, he must reason in a context-specific fashion, and always be willing to change his mind as he learns more in new circumstances.
That advice is not only a proper model for all intellectual endeavors; it is quite useful in the political domain, too.
Yet nothing could be more averse to this approach, at once wise and humble, than religious dogmatism. That has long been a problem on the right, and the new law in Alabama, which makes abortion illegal even in cases of rape and of incest, is the latest proof. The law will probably be overturned at the district and appellate levels, and it is highly unlikely that the issue will reach the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, it is going to turn more people, particularly women, away from the right, at both the local and the national level, and for good reason.
Anyone who sucks up to people who abandon a movement because it doesn't meet their minimum threshold for baby murder is a saboteur.

What's baffling is DeGroot's pretense of being on the Right in the first place. It doesn't get more "How do you do, fellow right-wingers?" than click bait saturated with Mad-at-Dad antinomianism and Boomer-tier pedestal polishing.

Honestly, what kind of man lets women shake him down by threatening to take their ball and go home if he won't let them butcher enough children?

Oh, yeah. The kind of men who oversaw pro-life's timid, glacial movement while fifty million babies were slaughtered.

"Secular Right" is an oxymoron. DeGroot fancies himself a philosopher. He'd do well to study some history. The Right were those who supported king and Church, throne and altar against the secularizing forces of the French Revolution.

As many former atheists who were less dogmatic in their atheism than DeGroot is now realize, the Left's entire project is to separate people from God.

The secularists had 300 years to make their experiment work. It ended in Clown World.

That's why secular states like Germany, France, Canada, the UK and the US are dying. Meanwhile, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Russia are successfully resisting secular globalism.

A people's religion is their origin story. It is how a nation explains itself to itself. Agitating to strip a people of their faith is a direct call for that people's destruction.


XSeed Secrets: Plot and Pacing

Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40

Last night I stopped by the Superversive SF live stream to discuss my new book Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40. My gracious host and the enthusiastic chat brought up lots of tantalizing questions about the mysteries I've planted in the series thus far. I addressed those questions and gave additional clues to those mysteries, which will be revealed in Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming.

We also embarked on an in-depth discussion of plot and pacing. I contend that the latter is derived more from character than from sentence and paragraph level mechanics. See the video for a full explanation and a mini writing clinic.

Last but not least, I dropped some details on the next XSeed book, the aforementioned CY 40 Second Coming. This book will reveal most of the background material I've been keeping close to the vest, wrap up the CY 40 arc, and pave the way for the upcoming S arc, so there's a lot for CFXS fans to look forward to.

And since folks have been asking, yes, we'll be running an Indiegogo campaign for Second Coming. Details on the tentative schedule and new perk tiers are in the video.

Thanks to Superversive SF and my amazing readers. Enjoy!


The Final White Pill

White Pill

Computing Forever joins the small but growing ranks of prominent YouTubers who are abandoning atheism and returning to the faith of their fathers.

CF's account of his teenage break from his childhood Catholic faith, his wanderings through the dark valleys of atheism and Leftism, and the life-altering event that brought about his return are covered in this video. It comes highly recommended for anyone who's grappling with despair over the state of the world.

I found it striking how CF reached many of the same conclusions we've been discussing on this blog, including:

  • The blue pill --> red pill --> black pill progression, and how the final black pill is really a white pill.
  • Atheists, even red-pilled atheists, cannot hope to overcome the sinister forces that are destroying the West, partly because those forces use atheism as a weapon.
  • Christianity formed the basis for Western morality, and only Christian morality can defeat the poz.
  • Far from being tyrannical, the Church provides a bulwark against state overreach by grounding human rights in a transcendent source the state can't threaten, bribe, or overrule.
  • Communism is a servant of the evil, nation-wrecking forces now assailing us. Its aim is to replace God with an all-encompassing Big Brother state.
  • A nation's religion is how that nation explains itself to itself. Nations need compelling origin stories to remain coherent. The European nations' strength is derived from Christianity, which plugged them into the ultimate origin story--the birth of Christ.
  • Those who glorify mass consumption, excess, drug abuse, and porn have been duped into serving the enemies of civilization.
  • Trying to argue with Leftists on their terms is a mistake. Their aim is to get you talking politics to the exclusion of religion. In encounters with the Left, skip over politics and go straight to religion.
  • Conflating the Catholic Church's corrupt hierarchy with her timeless doctrines is a category error. Rejecting the Church due to the misdeeds of its human officeholders is exactly what the enemy wants you to do.
  • Vague spirituality is no substitute for the time-tested Christian moral framework.
Bonus: CF delivers a lovely bit of exegesis on the Lord's Prayer from an angle I'd never considered.

Give it a watch.


Adpocalypse II: Chain Reaction


A slap fight broke out between a malignant narcissist and an edgy conservative™ this week. That's to be expected from time to time. Edgytarians need to maintain their street cred by occasionally hopping the fence and counting coup over in blue check Twitter. You could get away with it as long as you were cool with Ben Shapiro.

This time, the edgy content creator miscalculated. He poked a sacred cow belonging to the priestly class during the high holy month of the Death Cult.

Since such an offense is now considered lèse-majesté, the edgytarian had to be made an example of. At first with reluctance--for the inquisitors knew that some demons, once released from their bottles, are excruciatingly difficult to bind once again--but with mounting zeal, YouTube's Holy Office has not only excommunicated Steven Crowder, they've placed everyone to the right of David French under interdict.

Yet the palace eunuch whose dignity was offended remains inconsolable. In the latest of what will surely be a procession of guilt offerings meant to assuage his tantrum, YouTube's canonists have issued a revised set of ritual laws akin to installing guardrails around the commandments.

It's not even necessary to read between the lines. Our technopriest-oligarchs have made their edicts plain.

No words are to be spoken, no music played; no images graven, that might offend a sacred cow.

Even after the first Adpocalypse of 2017, when a host of content creators lost the ability to monetize their YouTube channels, heathen prophets, astrologers, and doomsayers warned of a second cataclysm on the horizon. Their prophecies largely agreed on the following signs:
  • The technopriests' shame fuels the Second Adpocalypse. You will know it is near when the Orange Man arises in the West.
  • Following this sign, the technopriests' Conservative slaves will be of no further use to them, for their service as gatekeepers was needful only while the pretense of openness lasted. You will know the end draws nigh when you hear their lamentations.
  • All humor is derived from noticing contradictions. But the technopriests can neither allow anyone to notice nor to point out the sacred teachings' contradictions. You will know the end is upon you when all laughter ceases.
Digital gadfly Mister Metokur, one of the foremost oracles who made the prophecy above, has declared the internet end times. For his expertly informed take, watch the video below while it's still available.

Jim's analysis is sound as always, but I differ with him slightly on one point. Trump's election--and the tech oligarchs' shame-faced efforts to make sure they never get blindsided again--wasn't the root cause of Adpocalypse 2.0. It was a catalyst that accelerated the natural arc of Big Tech dominance.

I don't fault Jim for missing the main impetus of web Armageddon. The spiritual factors we're dealing with tend to fall within agnostics' blind spot. But the fact is, the current crackdown would've happened regardless of Trump's election.

It's been obvious for a while that Big Tech isn't motivated by profits. This latest move, which will slash YouTube's own ad revenue, is just another proof on the pile of evidence.

We can also rule out a purely political motive. Companies fearful of antitrust action don't censor the sitting president's supporters.

Though the liturgical language at the beginning of this post was partly tongue in cheek, it's meant to reinforce a more serious point. 

We really are ruled over by devotees of a heretical cult that's warped the Christian concept of original sin into a form of blood libel.

What Adpocalypse II really represents is our rulers openly imposing a perpetual state of ritual impurity on straight, white, Christian men.

If you fall into any combination of those categories, our technopriest overlords have given notice that you are now a second-class citizen. Your sole purpose is to serve as a scapegoat for protected groups' insecurities; then die.

To this end, the people in the ivory towers are locking down the internet. The digital frontier is closed. From now on, the web will be a carefully managed stream of propaganda and products our rulers want you to consume.

The natural first reaction to this news--especially from those who grew up with the internet--is desolation.

But we must consider: Recreating the America of the 50s or the 80s was never a viable option. Even if it could be done, the rot had already set in long before then. It would just grow back to smother us again.

The rot started when we compromised our Christian faith for worldly ends. Yes, the concessions enacted to end the internecine wars of the 18th century made sense between Christians. But when the door was opened to let other, incompatible parties into the arrangement, the seeds of destruction took root. The Enlightenment experiment was doomed.

One of the hardest realities for people older than Gen X to wrap their heads around is that whatever rises from the ashes of the civilization that the Death Cult has destroyed, it won't look like the post-Enlightenment sociopolitical landscape.

Quaint notions like equality, individualism, and religious pluralism will have gone the way of the dinosaur. Our Death Cult overlords never believed in these ideas. They just used them as cover while they worked tirelessly to undermine society. Now the masks are off.

The internet might be one of those formerly cherished but ultimately detrimental innovations of the West's terminal stage. If it will be gone soon anyway, maybe it's best to just let it go.