Swimming Upstream

salmon swimming upstream

Hot on the heels of the rousing string of victories the pro-life movement won last week, we were treated to the usual hand wringing from the mainstream media's tame house Conservatives.

Not an inch of ground is reclaimed in the culture war that housebroken shills like Tomi Lahren and Ben Shapiro don't immediately seek to walk back.

"It's too much, too fast," they say. Never mentioned is the Left's constant breakneck stampede over the tatters of Western civilization.

The kept men of the Right always find fault with how the victory was won, or else they clutch their pearls over what their Leftist friends will think of them as a result. They never spare a thought for the substance of the win itself.

That's how you know they'e gatekeepers. Teammates playing for the same stakes as you focus on moving the ball down the field. Professionals keep their heads in the game while the clock is running. They know there's always time to review what did and didn't work after the game.

There's a reason why behavior once relegated to remote rest stops and grubby shops in the seedy part of town have, in the living memory of most people reading this, come to be lionized in the public square.

By now, everybody knows the death cult's M.O. They steadily drip subversion into pop culture to boil public morality like a frog. At the same time, an army of lawyers and officeholders advance an aggressive legislative agenda to enshrine the moral inversion in law. Leftists in Hollywood and Washington work hand in hand.

Make any mention of trying the same effective strategy in Conservative or Libertarian circles, and you'll get no shortage of deer-in-headlights looks. Propose, say, outlawing fornication and adultery again, and watch self-professed Christian social Conservatives catch the vapors.

The most common mantra recited as an excuse for Conservative inaction is Andrew Breitbart's famous observation that politics is downstream from culture. By this, Breitbart meant that most people's opinions are informed by movies and TV instead of National Review and Meet the Press. Quoting the phrase as an admonition to delay political action is a ridiculous distortion.

When it comes to the culture war, the Right can't afford to be picky. Conservatives forfeited Hollywood, the record labels, New York publishing, and the academy. Insisting that we wait for the culture to come around before implementing moral legislation is like telling the crew of a sinking sub to wait for the pressure to equalize.

God has granted His undeserving flock a miraculous series of victories against satanic foes. Is it any wonder why He's granted so few in recent decades when we insist on giving every gift horse a dental x-ray?


  1. There are synergistic effects at work in the interplay between culture and politics. It's no surprise that all of this legislation stemming the tide of murdered unborn comes in the aftermath of the Gosnell and Unplanned. Can there be any doubt that the presence of entire States willing to walk back the culture of death will help to remind decent people that they aren't alone and encourage them to turn off the signals and resume sneering at degeneracy in the streets?

    1. Excellent point. The Left intuitively grasps the synergistic relationship between law and culture. It's not strictly a one-way street. It's more of a feedback loop.

      The Alabama et al. abortion bans are a proof of concept that we should emulate the Left's successful reassertions of States' rights. If they can ignore the Feds on weed and illegal immigration, we can do the same with infanticide.

  2. I think this one might be directed at me, so, for the record: I like the idea just fine. I simply don't think it's mathematically possible to do, and if it WERE done by hypothetical absolute decree, it might be the only thing that could give the "subversive" frisson back to the dreary fornication culture.

    1. The best way to go about it, I think: start talking about Pence 2024 about the instant the polls close for 2020. At that point, the debate will write itself. At this point, a lot of our momentum no longer relies on Trump, thank God, but he's still the flagship (and with way more firepower than Reagan ever had) - and this is one cause we can't fly under the banner of an adulterer.

    2. I didn't specifically have you in mind. The attitude addressed in this post is quite common among Conservatives and Libertarians of a certain stripe.

  3. I do get some fun responses to my unrelenting contempt and disgust for those who kill their children.

    1. Good on you for defending the innocent. Always bear in mind, though, that our contempt should be reserved for the sin, not the sinner.

      People's worst vices actually reveal where they have the greatest potential for virtue. Our hope should be that they escape Satan's grasp and cooperate with God's grace to realize that potential.

    2. I don't negotiate with terrorists.

      Their option is to repent before the reckoning comes. No other option should be entertained. People are dying.

    3. The death cult must be destroyed, but not because we hate them--because we love them.

      Which is far more terrible.

    4. Sure, but I don't negotiate with terrorists.

      Hopefully we create a just world where the baby killers are tried for their crimes and punished justly. The Church considers ministering to prisoners one of the corporal acts of mercy, if I'm not mistaken.

      We don't treat other murderers the same way we treat mothers who hire hitmen to killctheir children. If we truly believe it is evil, then we must treat it as such.

    5. Well, you can look at the death penalty as merciful and loving Bellomy. If arrested, and then offered a chance to repent before execution, those who repent are sent to the Just Judge before they can sin again, and this souls are saved. And those who refuse to repent, are removed so that they can no longer harm other souls or lead others souls into perdition, this also saving them.

      I don’t think Brian is telling you to negotiate with terrorists. I think he’s suggesting that as a Christian, make sure your interior motives are in order first.

    6. "I don’t think Brian is telling you to negotiate with terrorists. I think he’s suggesting that as a Christian, make sure your interior motives are in order first."

      We have a winner!

    7. I know what he was doing. I am saying that response is a symptom of the problem.

      "I have contempt for murderous rapists, we must put them in jail."

      "Hey make sure your contempt isn't for the sinner when you say that."

      I have literally never heard anybody make that response to comments like "rapists who murder children disgust me".

      But I ALWAYS hear it about mothers who chop their children into pieces and vacuum the remains.

      Yes, I get basic Christian moral theology, thanks. Now start prosecuting the baby killers, please.

    8. I'm going to pause a moment and say I know that Brian speaks more frankly than most people and he himself isn't part of the problem.

      I'm just tired of voicing disgust for the baby-killers and repeatedly shot down because it's too mean, or too "radical". Radical? Are you kidding? HECK YEAH! Babies are being murdered. All good men must be radicals on this issue.

      But excuse making for the killers is what the pro-life community does. They're so afraid of upsetting women they won't call the spade a spade.

      I get it Brian, you aren't one of the guys doing that. I merely suggest a rule of thumb: If the rhetoric is not too extreme to be spoken to a rapist-murderer, it is not too extreme to be spoken to a baby-killer.

    9. The banality is the variable here, not the evil. When the evil is a social norm, then there are forces other than sheer spite and deviance directing the perpetrators to it. A pedophile has boldly decided to cross the line of evil. A woman who gets an abortion has failed the Milgram experiment.

    10. I might have believed that until recent developments.

    11. Not to mention, that is exactly the point of a trial: Determining culpability.

    12. "Brian speaks more frankly than most people"


      I say what I mean, and all of what I mean, in meticulously chosen words.

      If I wanted people to negotiate with terrorists, I'd say, "Hey all you fellows, you know those terrorists over there? Let's negotiate with them."

    13. I will just say that if we don't speak the same way of regular murderers - even if it's to say "love the sinner" - we should not change our rhetoric for the baby killers.

      Nobody has ever told me, ever, to be careful about the way I look at regular murderers.

  4. What is it they say about enemies and traitors again?