Denizens of the less conformist corners of the web have taken to calling our gravely dysfunctional society Clown World. This moniker arose from noticing our leaders' mania for foisting ever more humiliating absurdities on ordinary people.

That's a bit of a simplification. What's really happening is that domineering women in government and the media are getting vicious kicks out of making sport of the men beneath them, who manically caper like clowns.

Watch this video by Mister Metokur about Carl Benjamin's failed stunt candidacy for EU parliament, and you can't help but notice a succession of schoolmarmish shrews scolding male UKIP officials.

While Benjamin is the only one who doesn't storm out or grovel, his smug, self-serving responses manage to botch the situation even worse.

Such vanity was once rightly deemed effeminate. Women see right through the false alpha front and loathe the egoist even more for it. Accepting the other side's egalitarian frame to justify insulting a female MP  internet blood sports style just digs him in deeper.

The myriad ills of our age can be traced to (largely childless) women in leadership wielding the whip hand over men who are too effeminate to know how those women secretly wish they'd respond--by exercising virtue.

Confronted with the word "effeminate", modern readers will picture a mincing fop who spends too much time on his hair. That's only one type of what's classically called effeminacy.

In the broader sense, effeminacy is simply when a man fails to cultivate and exercise the virtues in which men are particularly called to excel. Now, men are called to possess all the virtues, but prudence, humility, and fortitude are prime examples of good moral habits that men are designed to master.

For a more in-depth treatment of masculine virtue, watch this Fr. Chad Ripperger video. At an hour and some change it's a bit longer, but it's well worth your time.

The long and short of it is that feminists--AKA women who envy men--have assumed positions of power in government and the workplace, and they use this power to punish their male subordinates.

These shrews think they hate masculinity, which they often denigrate as "toxic". The feminists are actually projecting. Hating their own femininity, they strive to emasculate men for vindication but only deepen their contempt when they succeed.

In the meantime, government and industry grind to a halt. This isn't just because of the shrewocracy's fondness for #metoo witch hunts. Compared to men, women in general tend not to excel at the abstract thinking and goal-oriented behavior that are men's forte.

If you've wondered why Liberal Western governments can't govern and science has stopped innovating, look no further.

This doesn't mean that merely replacing women in politics and business with men will fix clown world overnight. Thanks to public education and mass media indoctrination exacerbated by rampant helicopter parenting, we have multiple generations of young men who were never taught to develop masculine virtues.

It might already be too late for many members of Gen X, Gen Y, and the Millennials. These virtues are instilled by enduring suffering and overcoming adversity under adult supervision during childhood. The longer you've indulged a bad habit, the harder it is to break.

We'd better hope that parents who belong to these generations can muster the willpower to instill the virtues we never learned in the Zoomers.

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  1. Brian,

    I can personally attest to the shrewOcracoke. I was told to my face by a female boss at the time that I scared women by my presence. I could go on with other experiences.
    In general i'm not a fan of women bosses they're a mix of maternal, minx emo and battle ax. And still come across as insufferable ingrats
    They really don't know how to lead men in a job.