Reavers of the Void

Star Knight Saga: Reavers of the Void

The highly anticipated first book Bradford Walker's Star Knight Saga, Reavers of the Void is now live on Amazon!
In the Year of Our Lord 3001, the space pirate Red Eyes brings his pirate fleet to bear against Galactic Christendom. He aims to steal one of its greatest treasures, Countess Gabriela Robin, to fulfill his warlord ambitions. Dispatched against him is one of the Star Knights of the Solar Guard, Lord Roland, with the mission to protect the Countess at all costs. With his man Sibley and his page Creton at his side, Lord Roland faces off against the would-be warlord in the Dire March of the galaxy and begin a conflict that all the galaxy cannot ignore.
Valiant heroes, dastardly villains, massive space battles--and of course, giant robots! Reavers of the Void launches the Star Knight Saga on what promises to be an epic adventure!

Full disclosure: I edited this one, so I can say with full confidence you're in for starcruiser-load of pulpy fun!

Buy it now!


  1. I deleted my backer copy and bought a proper one.

    Trust me, this is a great book.

  2. Just bought it. Because the description sounds like it made of awesome.

  3. I read the backer copy, which was a lot of fun. I'll enjoy the full release now.

  4. This rocks! If you aren't reading it, you're wrong!

  5. Agreed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I liked the Errol Flynn Robin Hood vibe as well as homage to Capitan Harlock


    1. Just bought a copy. It seems like the sort of story I'd like to write in the future, and read right now.

    2. That's the best kind of story to read :)