Razörfist and Rekieta

The Rageaholic

Ribald raconteur Razörfist, with whom I've twice had the pleasure of appearing on stream, joined lawyer Nick Rekieta on the latter's stream last night to offer an energetic and meticulously researched defense of deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Full video below. Nick's streams tend to run long, and this one is no exception at a whopping 4+ hours. Consume it in chunks if you have to, but it's required listening if you want a counterbalance to the lockstep media narrative of Jackson's guilt.

Also, many thanks to reader Crusader Saracen for plugging my mecha thriller Combat Frame XSeed via super chat.

Now, the mere fact that the FakeNews media says Jackson did it doesn't mean he's innocent. The California judiciary's failure to indict him the first time and convict him the second lends more weight to his innocence. Ditto with many of his accusers' retractions, which largely went unreported, and the increasingly glaring contradictions in the more prominent remaining accusations.

My opinion? I'm willing to admit I just don't know. Like the jury, I don't find the allegations convincing enough to condemn Jackson outright. In charity, I don't think publicly smearing him is justified.


  1. It was a hell of a good stream - and you’re very welcome my good sir

  2. Nick even got your name right! Congrats.

    1. Yeah, I was impressed. Thanks for noticing.

    2. With a name like Rekieta I’m sure he knows how we feel about mispronouncing last names

    3. The wild thing about that was that Nick is typically *horrible* with names. But great call-out, CS!