Moloch and Ashtoreth

Presenting a guest post from reader D.J. Schreffler!


My wife and I were talking last night about the leftist females going on a sex strike to protest the anti-abortion laws (Yes! Practice abstinence outside of marriage!) and other silly so-called protests (My wife said, “The best analogy I can think of is that she’s breaking her arm to protest against the boy who eats gross things in the school cafeteria–it hurts her, and doesn’t impact him at all.”) when I said that the Left treats abortion as a sacrament.
This made her pause, not really convinced. “I’ve heard people link it to Moloch worship, but I don’t think they’re worshiping him.”
“Just because they aren’t deliberately, knowingly, worshiping Moloch doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not receiving worship.”
“But he’s not real! One of the false gods!”
“False god, yes. So a demon.”
She ended up flabbergasted, but unwilling to discard my statement because, first, I’m her husband and she honors me, second, she found it horrifically plausible once she thought it through. She ended up doing some research, and then this morning, told me the obvious (which I had known, but had never put together): Moloch’s consort is Ashtoreth, who is as intimately associated with extreme sexual immorality as Moloch is with child sacrifice.
Pray for those of the faith that are asleep that they, we, may be truly aware of the full scope of the spiritual warfare that rages about us. Once we are awake to the clamor of battle, we can become armed and armored, and wade into the fray. For though we may lose battles here on earth, we have solid assurance that the war is already ultimately won.


  1. It's very easy to forget that these two have been a packaged deal in some form or another from at least ancient days. What makes it even more infuriating is how certain Protestants try to paint us as Astarte (same entity, easier spelling) worshippers because we venerate the Mother of God as the Queen of Heaven. Talk about mistaking the symbol for the symbolized!

    Anyhow, you literally cannot have one without the other: Astarte enables Moloch who in turn provides rationale for Astarte. It's a nasty cycle. There's a whole paper in this that I may just have to type up...

  2. 1 Corinthians 10:20 "But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils."

    The gods of the gentiles are demons.

    1. People forget or have chosen to ignore that the pagan gods are very, very real, but what they describe is nothing truly divine but rather demonic. At best, they are descriptors of some kind of natural constant/phenomenon (see Neal Stephenson's CRYPTONOMICON for a materialist description), but far too often they are simply demonic if not outright diabolical. Our ancestors understood this, we need to as well.

    2. M Bibliophile,
      Agreed. Bernal del Castillo expressed the conquistadors disgust and determination to get rid of the human sacrifice abomination.
      The Incas seemed to have stopped it by Pizarro's entry but there's evidence they too practice child sacrifice earlier in their history.


  3. "Once we are awake to the clamor of battle, we can become armed and armored, and wade into the fray." This statement, as well as your previous posts on demonic possession and witchcraft, highlight the importance to me of silent prayer throughout the day, as I deal with people who have gleefully immersed themselves in demonic worship (even if "unknowingly") and the death cult of abortion and sexual immorality. Pray for their souls, and pray to St Michael the Archangel to keep you and protect you from the demons literally standing in your way at work, at social events, on the street.

    1. Fr. Chad Ripperger recommends what a friend of his calls the 3-5 Rule. He silently recites a verse of Scripture to himself every 3-5 minutes.

    2. Hear, hear.


      tldr; Western authorities are going after folks who express wrong-think.

      The author is like a battlefield observer, cataloging the movement of the enemy: some troops here, a landing craft there. But nothing about the enemy's goals, who commands them, their next moves.

      He says it's something to do with Big Brother and the Frankfurt School and other such explanations presently popular with materialists and "true liberals."

      But it's simpler and more accurate to say they're enforcing the blasphemy laws of the death cult as part of the broader rebellion against God.