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If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've seen me chronicle how Conservatives forfeited the entertainment industry to the Left while putting up only token resistance.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. Creators who dissent from the rabid death cult the Left has curdled into find themselves surrounded the unholy tribunal of the SJW inquisition.

Author Jon Del Arroz reports on SFWA's hi-jinks with this year's Nebula Awards that invoke the ghost of Sad Puppies.
Several 20BooksTo50K members made it into the Nebula Award finalist list this year, with their books and stories gaining more and more notoriety with each release. The awards are voted on only by SFWA members, and a lot of 20BooksTo50K members have qualified to join the organization, which has fairly rigorous standards for membership. Much of the group decided to join for the qualification, as it’s been a fairly prestigious matter in writing to join SFWA.
The establishment became angry. Several of the elite commentator class posted blogs, such as one by Hugo Award-nominated Camestros Felapton—a left wing troll known for antagonizing right-wing authors—who criticized 20Books for alleged rigging of the awards. His evidence was a post by one of the members in the Facebook group listing dozens of works by the group that were eligible for the current year. He calls it a “slate”—a term the establishment used to rile up their ranks against the Sad Puppies with the Hugo Awards controversy, where right-leaning authors tried to break the lockstep nominations of extreme political works.
The Sad Puppies produced slates of recommended nominations to make it more likely for readers to coalesce around certain books, which would then have better odds of succeeding. Martelle takes exception to the claim applying here, however, saying, “There was no slate or violation of the rules.”
The targeted blogs and social media posts are a coordinated effort by traditional publishing’s elites to diminish 20BooksTo50K’s credibility among establishment publishing and brand them as a political organization to fight. In 2019, being apolitical has become akin to declaring your politics to the extreme left. Much of the left has taken an “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude to try to harm people who don’t want to take sides in the culture war. It’s a dangerous view to take, as writers have been blacklisted and banned, and now even worse.
Elsewhere, International Lord of Hate Larry Correia lambastes the YA publishing scene over their reliance on sensitivity readers--i.e. censors--which has led to two high profile book bannings.
Before I left on Book Tour I wrote this post http://monsterhunternation.com/2019/01/31/to-the-book-community-go-fuck-yourself-an-anti-apology/  about how the “Book Community” (more like the Screaming Harpies of Tolerance) attacked a new author for being politically incorrect, until she pulled her book from publication (even though regular sane people couldn’t figure out what the hell it was she supposedly did that was so bad). Then she wrote an apology letter to the perpetually offended for offending them.
Here we are a month later and it has happened AGAIN.
Some other writer just pulled his book, and issued an apology that sounds like one someone would write before getting sent to a communist gulag.
Yes, it happened again. And it will keep happening as long as a) the Book Burning Community has total power in oldpub and b) authors keep trying to appease the mob.

Unlike the Most Holy Tribunal of the Inquisition, the SJW Inquisition is not amenable to reason, does not maintain clear standards of evidence, and serves the lie instead of the Truth.

Apologizing doesn't work. Taking your ball, going home, and complaining on Twitter doesn't protect others from the hate mob.

What does work? Diversity & Comics creator Richard Meyer demonstrated the only effective response when he had Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid prosecuted for tortious interference.

Word through the grapevine is that Mark Waid cried like a little girl when they served him with the court papers. That is the reaction we should aim for.

SJWs rely on the feels-based Twitter inquisition to get their targets disemployed and deplatformed. But courts of law don't care about feelings--or even, in the case of Texas business defamation law, truth. They care if the admissible evidence shows the law was broken. That's it.

I'm not a lawyer, and this post is not intended to give legal advice. It is, however, observable that changing the venue from the court of feelz to the court of reelz defangs the hate mob.

Blacklisted voice actor Vic Mignogna  appears to be taking this lesson to heart.

Here's lawyer Nick Rekieta summarizing Vic's situation and explaining his grounds for a lawsuit against Funimation and the anime cons that blackballed him:

Oldpub has become a wholly converged dumpster fire. The talk of nominating my story in the Hope Is Not a Strategy anthology for a Nebula makes me even gladder I'm not a SFWA member, considering the clown funeral going on over there.

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  1. The Nebula thing is an interesting one. You have a group of professional writers who seem to be afraid some of their follow professionals are about to nominate tomes about space raptor butt sex for awards. These folks can't even trust each other, let alone anyone else.

    As to the other writer who pulled his book, that's just karma. He was part of the mob that went after the young asian writer last month. Live by the social media mob, die by the social media mob.

    1. Now if only we could stop people who don't live by the social media mob from also dying by the social media mob...

  2. So for those interested in hearing Mr. Niemeier discuss Joseph McCarthy, God-Emperor Trump, and tactics in the culture war, I present Discussing "Tailgunner Joe" by Tom Riley.

  3. It sounds like the Nebula is fast approaching the Hugo in clout. Sad, sad.

    1. To its credit, the Nebula never pretended to be about what readers liked. It was always about what the so called professionals were into. In any case, neither award has meant anything to actual fans (the folks willing to exchange money for SF reading pleasure) for quite sometime. In any case, lets just pass the popcorn and enjoy the clown show.

  4. I will shove a barbed fish hook into my urethra before I apologize for anything I write. They can kiss my ass