The First One's Free

Red Pills

The phrase "taking the red pill" has become a bit of a cliche in dissident circles. It's so shopworn that pointing out it's a cliche is becoming cliche. That's not to say the metaphor is ineffective. Tropes are tropes because they work.

It's also been frequently observed that getting redpilled, i.e. waking up to sociopolitical realities the powers that be would prefer you remain oblivious to, is not a one-and-done proposition.

One epiphany can't break the conditioning imposed by government, media, and academia. Instead there's a series of red pills the seeker of enlightenment must take, each expanding his awareness of the truth.

Realizing that the entire news media isn't just biased, but is knowingly and with malice aforethought pushing enemy propaganda, might be the first red pill most normal people take.

Back in the pre-911 days, most Fox News viewers and Rush Limbaugh listeners agreed that the mainstream media had a leftist bias. Of course, the same normies insisted there was nothing wrong with that. The shenanigans were in lying about that bias.

The media's mask has rapidly slipped over the years to the point that most people now understand it's not just a case of undisclosed bias. CNN, The Washington Post, and Buzzfeed are propaganda organs through which our elites wage constant psychological warfare on us.

Newspaper Trust

Becoming aware of enemy action is a starting point, not an endpoint. Once you realize the folks in charge really do have it in for you, a whole slew of other questions naturally arise.

Why do our rulers hate us? What do they want? Is nonstop media propaganda the only weapon in their arsenal?

Consider elitist toady Bill Maher's unctuous micturition all over half the country.

Puck Boyardee

As with all approved "comedians", Maher's job is to perpetually tell coastal urbanites the only joke they'll tolerate, because it strokes their all-consuming vanity: "You are morally and materially superior to those rubes in flyover country. You're on the right side of history."

Maher's brand of compulsive back-patting also serves to salve urban bubble dwellers' inescapable realization that they're essentially parasites living off the flyover rubes' useful labor.

The cosmopolitan jet set's deep, festering resentment over their total dependence on normal people also drives their compulsive need to viciously mock real America's beliefs. It's why we have nine-year-old drag queens shoved in our faces on TV.


The main focus of our elites' diabolical hatred is, of course, America's traditional Christian faith. Hence the relentless push for same-sex "marriage" and transgenderism and the merciless persecution of those who object.

Most people who wake up to the spiritual nature of the current conflict attribute the problem to a sudden rise in anti-Christian sentiment. Another red pill moment is understanding that this is a reversal of cause and effect.

An anomalous rise in secularism/nu-paganism isn't to blame for renewed persecution of the Church. Matters have only deteriorated to this point because widespread apostasy has made the Church vulnerable.

Ask yourself: If a majority of Americans truly followed a robust, traditional Christianity, would the Clown World circus still be in town?

To ask the question is to answer it. Anytime before the cultural revolution of the 60s, the freak show would've been run out of town on a rail.

Here's the red pill that's hardest for ex-normies to swallow: The West's decline is a direct consequence of the Enlightenment thinking that overturned centuries of tradition ca. 300 years ago. Clown World was baked into the Classical Liberal cake.

The advent of Liberalism started the countdown to the day when our store of Christian cultural capital ran out. When a people toss out a worldview based on objective truth and embrace a philosophy based on compromise, fallen human nature takes over, and this is the result.

But that's not the last pill in the bottle.

The Leftist death cult that is the ultimate logical conclusion of Liberalism tries to replace absolute truth by attempting to absolutize freedom. Thus, it's at odds with reality. God is undefeated. Clown world is destined for a fall.

That means what comes next, by necessity, will bear little resemblance to the neoliberal order we've known our whole lives. Clinging to Liberal concepts like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and blank slate equality only holds the door to Clown World open.

Here's the real choice:
  • You take the blue pill. You go back to sleep and persist in delusions like absolute freedom and equality. Clown World marches ahead on squeaky shoes.
  • You take the red pill. You wake up and embrace the fact that Christianity, in its traditional orthodox form is a necessary pillar of Western civilization. You realize that error has no rights and live your life accordingly.
I should have mentioned that there's also a time limit and a gun to your head--to everyone's heads. Either enough of us take the red pill to turn this clown car around, or the West lapses into a dark age--not the fedora-tipping fake kind, the real deal--from which no light can emerge.


  1. You really want to make some folks mad?

    Bring it all back to the Protestant Reformation.

    Hoooooooooo boy.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yep, 100%! "Compromise" is the byword of protestantism and (its descendant) Americanism.

      This bs we're in, where truth is relative and falsity must be tolerated without opposition, directly stems from the protestant revolt.

  2. "The Midwest has good looking folks, and you coasters have a bunch of abusive skanks."

    1. Several black line only tats +2
    2. Center of chest tat +5
    3. Being fat and wearing a tank top when it's not over 90F +5
    4. Abusing her son +infinity

    This skank is probably going to red pill quite a few normie suburban white women. That's her only redeeming quality.

    1. "This skank is probably going to red pill quite a few normie suburban white women."

      Something had better, before the Congress they voted in gives away the farm.

  3. I'm reminded of the interview Sargon had with that UKIP member who asked him what he thought should rule them. He then goes on to list random thinkers from the Enlightenment, but only the ones that weren't too dry for him, completely oblivious as to WHY anyone should do that. That's the core issue. And there are many like him who just won't get it for whatever reason.

    That's the problem today. Everyone thinks we should go back to X but are unwilling to admit that nothing stops the same exact situation we're in now from happening again years later. Nothing is built into the laws of man to prevent their warping. Rolling time back doesn't solve any problems, especially not in a postmodern existence where objective truth doesn't exist. meaning nothing can guide us or has the right to.

    It's either nihilism or Christ. You don't get to pick and choose your reality.

    1. I remember the Mauritian Struggle interview. Pulling the 'have you even read Locke?' on Sargon was gold.

    2. After the Spencer and UKIP debacles, professing to be a Carl Benjamin fan is a red flag giveaway that someone is not a serious thinker.

      More to your point, any so-called traditionalist who wants to recreate the 80s, 50s, 1700s, etc. like a civilization-scale LAPR of The Village is also a deeply unserious person.

      Pointing to a certain period in time as perfect because it happened at a certain period in time is no less temporal bias than "Current year" chronological snobbery.

      Traditionalists look to specific eras as models worth emulating because society hewed closer to the truth of human nature then than we do now. To be sure, there were other areas in which our forebears got it wrong.

      The point of traditionalism is to test everything and retain what is good, keep the fence up unless there's a clear and pressing reason to tear it down, and to understand that novelty for novelty's sake usually ends in tears.

  4. I fear that this tragedy in Christchurch NZ has just cut the timer in half

  5. On the entertainment front, I am surprised that James Gunn was rehired by Disney. In fact, what surprises me more is the cheering that I see going on in various comment sections. I did not think within my life time that the disgusting manner of Mr. Gunn's jokes about kids would be seen as something so easily forgivable and forgotten.

    I wonder what is forbidden in our culture. Racism, like those tweets by Rosanne Barr, is apparently the ultimate evil and the ongoing destruction of our posterity, with some of the issues highlighted in your post is not. Exactly when did I wake up to this madness?

    For most of my life I did not fear the Fall of the United States was eminent. Now, with the way things are and the change in the spirit and culture of my nation, I worry that it will happen in my lifetime, hell, even in my Boomer parents lifetime.

    This is what the slow fall of the Roman Empire must have felt like. First a disease of the Spirit and then the failure of the Legions until Rome was no more.

    1. Based on the Navy's latest readiness report, we'll probably see the failure of the legions in the next major war.

      And the Neocons are hellbent on starting it.

    2. The Fall of the American Empire is the Fall of the Roman Empire running at about 100x speed, thanks in large part to the Internet. We can get news of the modern collapse almost instantaneously, where the Romans relied on couriers and ship trade.

      Our politicians, however, still think and act at 14th Century speeds.

    3. >Based on the Navy's latest readiness report, we'll probably see the failure of the legions in the next major war.

      Another thing Voxday is probably going to be right about, though I wish it wouldn't turn out that way.

    4. The coming chastisement may be inevitable, but it can always be mitigated.

  6. Yep. The fall of globalist liberalism is inevitable. Like communism it is built on lies about human nature. Nothing we say or do is going to save it. Not that we want to, but it explains the increasingly desperate tactics of the left.

    Might as well try to live the good life. Which is why I am reading Mere Christianity and Orthodoxy. Learning to farm and build, etc.

    1. Smockman,

      Good choices of books. Mike Aquilina just published a book called How ChrisTani type saved civilization and how it can doing again.

      I suspect we need to regress harder and start reacquiring ourselves with the Early Church fathers and how the deals with 5he challenges of their time


    2. "Nothing we say or do is going to save it. Not that we want to..."

      Letting go of my Conservative-ingrained "Murka!" jingoism significantly reduced my stress levels.

      The American nation is long gone. The US Empire that replaced it deserves its swiftly approaching death. Letting go of all the 19th century CivNat myths bandied about as American History is quite liberating.

  7. RE: Disney's rehiring Gunn.
    Perfect. It won't matter to the Mass of Fandom, but the ones on the fence are beginning to wake up.

    Had a talk with someone at work yesterday on Gunn and Disney, and rolled in comments on Disney's possible buy-up on Captain Marvel theater tickets, the SJW crap they push into both Disney and Marvel films, James Gunn's inversion of Superman in a new film, and his rehire by Disney.

    Their final comment: "Guess we see what Disney's values really are now. I'm done with them." We'll see if he sticks to it.

    A personal goal for all of us should be finding these people on the knife edge, and giving them a nudge. We all know a handful.

    1. Excellent points.

      I'm honestly glad Disney walked back their decision. Every time I'd have the conversation you mentioned with a normie, I'd hear, "But they fired James Gunn! They can't be all bad!"

      In short, Disney rehiring Gunn leaves the paypigs no moral ground to stand on.

    2. My question is why did they do it? Is he really the ONLY guy who can do GOTG3? Or is this just a way for the SJW's at the top to say F*ck Y*u to normal people?

    3. "My question is why did they do it?"

      They hate you. If it's not crystal clear by now, I don't know how else they can prove it.

    4. That's what I figured, but I was wondering if there was more to it. Yeah they hate us.