Sweden Destroys the Internet


Back in September I passed along Mister Metokur's dire warning that the EU was about to destroy the internet. Now, his dread prophecy has come to pass. By a 74-vote margin, the EU parliament has approved the Directive 11 link tax and Directive 13 upload filter.

Adding extra large squeaky shoes to the clown funeral, a number of Swedish MEPs pressed the wrong voting button. If they'd voted as intended, the margin would only have been five votes, which would have allowed for additional debate and amendments to the directives.

In their panic over the EU's draconian new online copyright laws, tech giants like YouTube and Facebook are considering a continent-wide quarantine of Europe. Not only would users in the EU be barred from uploading content, they'd be banned from accessing those sites entirely.

I'm old enough to remember the dawn of the internet age, which roughly coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Everybody rejoiced that democracy had returned to Eastern Europe.

It's taken less than thirty years for democracy to impose crippling internet speech restrictions that would've made Stalin balk. Perhaps Merkel missed the Iron Curtain so much, she had her EU lackeys put up a digital version.

Kidding aside, it doesn't take a prophet to see that the EU is enacting such drastic censorship to conceal the crimes of their imported invaders and to hide the government's complicity in those crimes.

To those who still think the struggle of our era is between hamburgers and socialism, I direct you to the latest evidence that the latter is less damaging than diversity.

Here's Jim with the feature-length, profanity-laced, yet informative and hilarious autopsy:

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  1. >at least we’re not Europe

    And nowadays that’s really REALLY worth a lot

    1. There are pros and cons.

      Freedom of expression: US
      Right to self-defense: US

      National identity: Europe
      Demographics: Europe
      Steps taken to actually secure the borders: Europe

  2. Jim has a way of really nailing it that few others do. It's fun to laugh at Europe's blatant idiocy and repeated failures since the world wars decimated them, but whatever they do is not going to stay there forever. Eventually we're going to have to deal with their messes.

    The internet as we know it is basically finished.

    On a related note anyone who "pressed the wrong button" should never be allowed to work in politics again. It's your only job. If you can't do it you shouldn't be there.

    1. "On a related note anyone who "pressed the wrong button" should never be allowed to work in politics again."

      Reminder: These people think they're our intellectual superiors.

      I find hope in our elites' continued and blatant displays of incompetence.

  3. Brian, but their incompetency gets people killed... and nothing happens to the elites

    What's lacking with the elites is a sense of skin in the game. They absolutely need to face the consequences of their actions. I really hope this time the elites really get some justice.