They Still Make Dubbed Anime?

Vic Mignogna

Last night on Twitter, a reader asked me if I had a take on the Vic Mignogna controversy. I had to admit I didn't, since my schedule has been rather full with my own anime-adjacent projects. Plus, I stopped watching new anime back when it became clear that Bleach was spinning its wheels.

Upon looking into this bit of business, I found the typical struggle session playing itself out again. This time, instead of a shrieking cat lady mob massing to keep a man off the Supreme Court or 
 out of the Senate, unless he's a Democrat, anime voice actresses are drumming a man out of their industry based on sudden recollections that he may have once creeped a number of them out.

Here's one voice actress' account of a harrowing brush with Mignogna:

Mignogna denies the allegations. It should be noted that they only surfaced soon after he starred in a highly successful Dragon Ball Super movie.

Is he guilty? Who knows? He's lost his career though, which is what his accusers wanted. That they cited Mignogna's clout within the industry as their reason for not coming forward before, only to lodge accusations when their alleged harasser reached the height of his career, gives one pause at the least. He didn't help his case by committing one of the classic blunders, viz. apologizing to SJWs:

As always, the apology served no purpose other than to confirm his guilt in the witchfinders' minds. Mignogna can't get arrested in the voice acting industry anymore.The statements released by his former employers are a hodgepodge of SJW cant so hackneyed that you already know the content without reading it. Suffice it to say, invocations to "diversity", various "communities", and making everyone feel safe abound. Straight white men have no reason to feel safe in this climate, but they don't count.

What's my take on Vic Mignogna's banishment to the outer darkness? The same take I always give in response to the increasingly frequent occurrences of situations like this. Pretty much every industry is controlled by a frothing death cult perpetually in search of new sacrificial victims. They'll eventually get around to you.

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  1. What was his "crime"? He's an outspoken Christian.

    1. When the Left takes back power, they'll take off the scare quotes.

  2. It's all a load of garbage.

    The whole thing is much bigger than Mignona. It's about the convergence of the whole streaming industry and how that's converging anime as a whole.

    I emailed him to see if he was interested in appearing on a livestream with Superversive SF. I hope he responds.

    Mignona, for those who don't know, was Edward Elric in the incredible Fullmetal Alchemeist and Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood dubs. Brotherhood has arguably the greatest dub of all time, and I prefer it to the sub.

    1. Intriguing. Would that be a reference to Crunchyroll?

    2. Yes. Look up High Guardian and Spice.

      And I highly, HIGHLY recommend Digibro's videos on Crunchyroll. Particularly "We Have Accepted Mediocrity" (which is not about Crunchyroll but is certainly relevant".

      Then take a look at his videos "Dear Crunchyroll: Stop", "Why Crunchyroll is ineffective anime support", "Where Should We Watch Anime?", and "I WAS WRONG ABOUT CRUNCHYROLL??"

      Also google the controversy on both the sub AND dub surrounding Zombieland Saga. Summary: A character in the show, a young girl, may or may not have been presented as transgender - it is unclear - but both the sub and dub made it explicit.

      And look up Mother's Basement and laugh and laugh.

      Also recall what started all of this: Vic Mignona wouldn't sign slash fic...and this eventually lead to Mignona literally losing all of his work and his reputation.

      This is much, much bigger than Vic Mignona.

      And note Digibro is no right-winger. He's just intellectually honest.

    3. "Look up High Guardian and Spice."

      I did a post on it.

    4. There you go. That is not a small part of this. Mignona is the tip of a very large iceberg, and the Titanic just hit it.

    5. This entire thing came about after someone adjacent to Anime News Network was accused of sexual misconduct and then its founder was as well. Then ANN spearheaded this whole quest to kill Mignogna's career.

      Anime Outsiders have been going in hard on this. There's no evidence that Vic did anything at all, and yet there are voice actors and whole conventions threatening anyone defending him.

      It's hard to believe this industry might be sicker than comics or video games, but it might actually be. There doesn't look to be anyone sane at all left.

    6. I don't like Anime Outsiders particularly but they have unironically been doing the Lord's work here. Vic Mignona deserves absolutsly none of this.

      Even if any of it's true since when was it considered at all right or just to take baseless claims with zero evidence and use that to jistify ruining a man's life?

    7. "This entire thing came about after someone adjacent to Anime News Network was accused of sexual misconduct"

      Then it's ANN squirting squid ink as misdirection from their own misdeeds?

      "since when was it considered at all right or just to take baseless claims with zero evidence and use that to jistify ruining a man's life?"

      Misandrist witch hunts were in full swing by the time of the Clarence Thomas hearings. There was a gentlemen's agreement that Old Boys' Club members in good standing got a pass. The Dems could rough them up a bit, but as long as the candidate/nominee/CEO mouthed the right PC pieties, he was in. Think of it as hazing in a frat.

      Guys like Clarence Thomas and Roy Moore lacked that kind of plot armor. The GOPe gleefully joined the Dems in pulling the knives out for Moore. Only Thomas' brilliant "High-tech Lynching" speech saved him--barely.

      The Kavanaugh fiasco marked a turning point. Here was a guy from the right circles with the right connections who'd paid his dues in the system. The Repubs on the judiciary committee expected the Dems to give their boy the business, but as long as he made the ritual noises about Roe being "settled law", they figured he'd be alright after that. Wrong. The Dems bared their fangs and went for the jugular.

      That's what made neocon shills like Lindsay Graham so furious. It wasn't that the Dems tried to railroad Trump's nominee. It was that Kavanaugh was their people and thus exempt from the witch trial treatment according to the old rules. The Dems have thrown out the rule book, and it's scared the hell out of guys like Graham and McConnell.

    8. Brian,

      and yet those hearing have galvinized both men with a spine they never had before. So much so that McConnell in particular has become a master troll.

      Back on topic:
      Vic will sic his lawyers and we'll learn about the sordid Animegate originating from the 7 capital sins


    9. That thing with ANN is interesting. It's the first I heard of it and it's been hapoe ing for awhile. I thought it was connected to Vic refusing to sign slash fic while he happened to be big due to Broly.

      A quick Google doesn't find anything. You have a source?

    10. I'd hoped that McConnel et al. had really turned over a new leaf, but it looks like they were only roused to action by the Senate Dems' violation of the old rules. Mitch is urging Trump to sign the funding deal that's worse than the omnibus bill Trump said he'd never sign again.

    11. There is a picture with the accused guy posing with the two guys in charge of ANN as well as Miles from Crunchyroll. I can't remember his name but I'm sure AO still has the picture and name. Their old account was suspended so I can't find it.

      Then after that the founder of ANN was accused of sexual misconduct.


      Right after this the Vic stuff blew up. This isn't a coincidence.

    12. Found the guy. It was a dude named Hazukari. He wrote for ANN and was buddies with staff.


  3. Brian,

    So basically the Aposematic cat lovers are locusts who devour everything and move on to the next field