Mercedes' Ride Ends

Smith, Melinda mugshot

Mercedes Carrera, a porn actress known for her involvement in #GamerGate, has been arrested on child sex abuse charges.
A man and woman who both work in the adult film industry were arrested after being accused of sexually abusing a young girl in Rancho Cucamonga over the course of months, authorities said Wednesday.
Deputies began investigating last Thursday when they learned of alleged sexual acts against a child under the age of 10, according to a Rancho Cucamonga Police Department news release.
Detectives interviewed the young girl, who reported being sexually abused multiple times by a man and a woman over a four-month period.
"The sexual abuse consisted of inappropriate touching, oral copulation, and digital penetration, which occurred over four months," deputies said.
The pair were identified as Jason Whitney, 43, and Melinda Smith, 35, both of Rancho Cucamonga.
During the investigation, detectives determined that Smith was an adult film actress who went by the name Mercedes Carrera, according to the release.
Porn is not normal. Porn is not healthy. Like any serious sin, porn eventually destroys those involved with it. And it's rarely practiced in isolation by those who are ensnared in it.
When detectives served a search warrant at their home in the 10800 block of Church Street last Friday they uncovered "a large amount of evidence corroborating the victim's statement," according to the release. Methamphetamine and two loaded handguns were also found in the home, authorities said.
Everyone has his own temptations. Everyone has personal struggles and crosses to bear, and there is no sin that is beyond God's healing and mercy. But His healing and forgiveness are predicated on repentance and firm resolution of mending one's ways. Those who willingly and openly engage in--or worse, promote--porn production and consumption are not and cannot be our allies. However noble their original intentions, Satan already has his hooks in them.

This is a sad and difficult moment--most of all for the young victim of this atrocious crime. I do not bring the following up as an "I told you so." First of all, I didn't make much mention of it at the time, though in retrospect perhaps I should have shared my concerns with friends from #GamerGate who still followed Ms. Carrera. Let it serve as a warning that disordered human relations all too often go hand in hand with a broken relationship with God.

Different Fables

It may seem trivial in comparison to the crimes with which she is charged, but Ms. Carerra's endorsement of garbage tier anti-Christian propaganda and glib dismissal of Satan as fable were sufficient red flags for me to stop trusting her. Note also how she identifies Lucifer with the Asherah temple prostitution cult, which she implicitly rebukes the Hebrews for banning. The announcement of the charges saddened but did not entirely surprise me.

To paraphrase a commenter on a previous post, demons devour those who are mired in sin, despise those who repent, and dread those whose repentance bears fruit in holiness.

Sin is a demon crouching at the door, but you can be its master.


  1. May God have mercy on her soul, but more importantly help heal and protect her young innocent victim

  2. It's sad how pagans rationalize their idolatry by misunderstanding Catholics' veneration for the Mother of God. It's like they are looking at a One Way sign and mentally inverting the arrow somewhere between perception and comprehension.

  3. What a sad story and hopefully a wake up call for people.

  4. Pornographers are not on your side. It's about time to ditch the hippy dippy Boomer view that what you do doesn't define who you are. Those who sell themselves as meat have a broken part inside they are unwilling to fix.

    I only hope the victims here can find peace.

    1. Once again, snubbing Aristotle ends in disaster. He clearly asserted that what you do does in fact define what you are.

      He'd point out that if you want to be a pianist, you can study all the music theory, watch all the concerts by virtuosos, and even memorize the sheet music of every piano concerto ever written. You're still not a pianist until you sit down at the keys and actually play. The instant you do so with desire and skill, you are a pianist.

      It's when action is taken with disordered desire and perverted knowledge that the dark side of that coin shows its face.

    2. One of the many reasons to appreciate Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is the subversive line from the first movie: "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."

  5. Funny, I received a lot of flack for pointing out basically the same thing back in the day; that people who eat, sleep, and breathe empty, meaningless sex in a hedonistic and evil industry do evil things, and that Mercedes Carrera isn't someone to be trusted. Que the "what you do doesn't define you!","she's a consenting adult, she can do whatever she wants!","we need all the allies we can get!", "virgin, loser, bigot, mysoginist etc.". Usually from Right wing conservatives, who always get week knees whenever a woman or a minority shows even the faintest of interest in their cause. It was one of the first "red pills" I received back then regarding the uselessness of conservatives.

    I am not quite at the point where I consider myself Christian but I have changed my opinion on Christianity drastically in these last few years. One thing I noticed is that all of these evil people committing evil acts are universally anti-christians. Always. This is not a coincidence, I believe.

    You think this Mercedes Carrera pig is some outlier? She’s not. The rot runs deep, and what we see on the surface is just that, a thin veneer covering some nightmarish shit. More and more of these kinds of stories are going to keep coming out. It's just a shame that it'll be too late to help the poor victims in these cases.

    1. With allies like this we don't need enemies

    2. Of course it's not a coincidence, nor is their apologetics for Satan.

      The idea that Christianity is morally destructive is a carefully built myth intended to provide cover for people who actually ARE morally destructive. It's another instance of "SJWs always lie", of course, but it's also a symptom of Borderline and Psychopathic Disorders.

    3. You're far from alone in breaking your anti-Christian conditioning. I've heard almost the exact same testimonial from multiple people in various quarters of my life.

  6. If you can't trust a porn star, who can you trust?

    Porn stars aren't worth listening to, and that includes when they talk about their areas of expertise.

    God be with the victims!

  7. Brian,

    and it's interesting to note that the Justice department is reexamining Epstein's astonishing sweetheart plea bargins.
    Furthermore coincidence that the Virgina Democratic party is imploding after the governor's support for infantcide?

    I think not

    The Lord is moving in mysterious ways and we're witnessing a cleansing.

  8. I'm not proud to say that I ignored my gut and always gave her the benefit of the doubt because she seemed so level headed when I interacted with her on Twitter. It's not like I don't already know everything you've said about what people do influencing who they are and vice versa wrt character (it's an interesting feedback loop), but I let myself be talked out of following that for stupid and frankly base reasons.

    I will be praying for her victim(s?), for her, and for myself as I reflect on everything this brings to light.

    1. Don't beat yourself up. No human being is personally infallible, and sociopaths, especially in the media, are experts at getting otherwise levelheaded folks to let their guard down.

      Nobody wants to be fooled, but everyone is at some point. Best to acknowledge it--as you did--learn from it, and move on.