Catholic Reads Reviews Strange Matter

Strange Matter

Eric Postma recently reviewed my short fiction anthology Strange Matter for Catholic Reads.
Ready for the end of the world, battle mechs, and body swaps? This collection of short stories has it all. 
Strange Matter is a collection of short stories from one of my favorite contemporary authors. Niemeier has a range of talent, covering various genres in this volume including sci-fi and horror. It ranges from the whimsical to the terrifying, to the thought provoking.
Eric really knows how to flatter a guy! Enough about me. Here's a sampling of select reviews:
Strange Matter”, the story that gives the book its title will be more familiar in some ways to avid sci-fi fans. Russel begins his day shaving as many do. Things get odd though when he finds himself shaving again, and again, again. After a brief period of wondering if he has gone crazy, Russel realizes he is reliving the same 10 minutes over and over. Through a lot of trial and error, he eventually realizes that the cause is a particle accelerator test that happened nearby. A test that may have actually ended the world.
Naturally, he tries to stop the test. I’ll say no more expect to say that despite his best efforts, he doesn’t manage to do so. What he does manage, is to learn that he is not alone.
“Elegy for the Locust”...provides a little more background into the world of the author’s Soul Cycle series [and] explores what happens when we let envy rule our lives.
"Anacylosis” functions as a preview of Neimeier’s next series, Combat Frame XSeed and a thought experiment on what future religious orders might look like.
All in all, a delightful and informative review. If you haven't bought Strange Matter yet, I highly advise checking it out, especially if you're enjoying the post-future world of Combat Frame XSeed.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Strange Matter story most of all. It read like it was a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits episode. When we on the right ever get to creating our own movie studios (looking at you Vox Day) I'd love to see it used in some anthology like show.

    1. High praise, indeed, sir. Glad you enjoyed the story!