Between the Wolves and the Tiger


They will never leave us alone, and nowhere is safe.

Item 1: New author Amelie Wen Zhao, a refugee from Communist China, was recently harangued by SJWs into pulling her upcoming debut novel from publication with Delacorte Press. She was further compelled to post a 1984 style confession and apology for her thought crime.

Here's author Larry Correia's take.

TL; DR: Legacy New York publishing isn't just making war on dissenters like Nick Cole. Now they're eating their own.

Item 2: Amazon scrubbed Castalia House's KDP account yesterday.
You may have noticed that you can't find any Castalia House ebooks on Amazon right now. That's because Amazon shut down our KDP account on the basis of a wildly spurious claim of publishing material to which we do not have the necessary rights. 
Translation: An SJW cube farm drone picked an arbitrary cover story from a drop down menu.

CH has been reinstated. For now. But Amazon's recent pattern of behavior doesn't bode well for independent authors.

The takeaway: Authors seeking freedom from oldpub's war on truth and beauty thought Amazon was Robert the Bruce. They're turning out to be Napoleon.

The hysterical Leftist death cult is coming for you. Retreat will not be an option.

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  1. Hmmm, perhaps Castalia House should start a YA division?

    1. Folks clearly aren't grasping the gravity of the situation.

      CH can start any divisions they want. Amazon can pull them down again. CH has their own infrastructure? So did FreeStarter, Hatreon, etc. The Daily Stormer debacle set the precedent that Big Tech can just steal your domain if they want.

      Government intervention is the only long-term solution, and the clock's ticking.

    2. Big Tech is not even close to as powerful as it seems. It's just everybody but Castalia keeps making the same idiotic mistake of relying on platforms controlled by known enemies. Anybody building a platform today should pretend it's 2003 and ignore every single platform-as-a-service option that exists. If you're not paying real money (thousands of dollars) for someone else to build your platform, or putting real time into building your platform yourself, you don't actually own it.

      The last thing I want is the government getting involved in a legislative/regulatory sense. All that'll happen then is the big companies who are already screwing everybody over will be called in as "experts" to write the regulations, regulations that will put massive barriers to entry and compliance burdens in place. It always happens that way. Textbook regulatory capture. The government is way too stupid, slow, and corrupt to be allowed anywhere the problem.

      There's plenty that people can do now to protect themselves against deplatforming. I made a list of the basics but it was too long for the comment form, so you can read it at my site if you want.

      link to the post

    3. >CH has their own infrastructure? So did FreeStarter, Hatreon, etc.

      It is certainly important for people on the right to build their own institutions, but as you said, this is much bigger than that. Lets say that Amazon does completely pulls all of CH, this timer permanently. So CH switches over to CH direct. That's done with Ingram Spark's aer.io. What happens if they pull CH as well? So CH uses it's Arkhaven store instead. Arkhaven uses Paypal, what happens if Paypal pulls support for Arkhaven? Well they still have credit card payments? What happens if Mastercard, or some other credit card then pulls out. Let's say CH switches pure bitcoin and crypto payments, what happens if coinbase pulls out? And so on, and so on. And none of my what ifs are pulled out of the ether, these are all incidents that happened, or are happening right now. At what point does this stop?

    4. Is Trump too stupid, slow, and corrupt to break up the Big Tech monopolies?

    5. My own theory is Kushner is keeping anyone on our side of this issue away from him, but who can say for sure?

    6. "Kushner is keeping anyone on our side of this issue away from him"

      I was replying to Mr. Alden. Apologies for the confusion.

      But yes, fire Kushner.

  2. What thoughts could you share about being with a publisher like Castalia or Silver Empire vs Indie?

    I have to confess I /like/ having the MOBI or EPUB file and so may end up backing things simply to get the ebook that Amazon can't yoink away.

    1. Neither house has published a book of mine, so I can't speak directly to their specific operations.

      Oldpub's only advantage is their paper distribution monopoly, and it's got one foot in the grave. When B&N is gone, it's gone.

      Indie authors have access to all the same tools as the small newpub houses, but like all publishers they charge you to do business with them. CH authors have said publicly that they get a 50/50 royalty split, or 35% of cover price. That beats oldpub's ironclad 25% eBook royalties, which are really 12.5%.

      The advantages of indie are total creative control, getting paid 70% of cover price, which you can also set at will, and publishing as many of whatever kind of book you want on whatever schedule you can handle. You also pay one-time fixed costs for editing and cover art instead of a percentage forever. Learn to do those jobs yourself, and your ROI becomes incredible.

      Finally, this could just be random correlation, but every author who's hit the big time in the last few years has come out of indie. Now, newpub small presses have raised many formerly indie authors' profiles, but none of them have taken an unknown from the slush pile to the A list yet. Don't ask me why.

  3. I asked a while ago if you’d be interested in joining one of our poetry talks. You said you were pretty busy then, and I said I’d check back in a couple of months. So…it’s been a couple of months. How do things look?

    1. I should be available this month. Send me an email.

  4. Larry and John Wright have articulated my sentiments on the issue.
    I'do only add that she should contemplate legal recourse against that book community. And she should demand from the publisher all intellectual property.


  5. Seeing her picture is all you need to know about this story. A classic... ugly girls gang up on the pretty girl.

    1. A variant of Sailer's Law of Feminism: ugly girls attacking a pretty girl in the hope that, come the revolution, they'll be seen as more attractive.