XSeed at Large

Longtime reader Wolfman at Large shares his video review of my new mecha mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed.
The characters are where this book shines. It's an ensemble cast. Every character has a cohesive motivation and worldview that at least explains their actions. It's also noteworthy that all the characters are different. They're not copies.
There's no real main character here, but everyone has at least a part to play. You get some really fun characters like the autistic insanity of Zane or the "America, fuck yeah!" of Colonel Griff Larson.
I found Wolfman's review insightful, honest, and on the money in terms of CFXS's intended audience and use of tropes. At the same time, it abstains from obsequious gushing and offers valuable feedback on how different audiences might engage with unfamiliar genres. In short, it's the kind of review serious authors crave.

The video is also concise at just over four minutes. It's definitely worth your time.

Combat Frame XSeed
This book has everything. Giant Mech combat, political intrigue, interesting characters, and a world on the brink of war. I can't wait to see what else Mr. Niemeier brings us from this intriguing universe.
This book is a must-have!
-M Feather


  1. Still going through your soul cycle series, but looking forward to this one as well. I'm more a western style mech guy, but you deserve support.

    1. No worries. Combat Frame XSeed blends the best of Eastern and Western mecha.

      Thanks for reading.