What Slippery Slope?

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The vast overreach perpetrated by the Coalition of the Fringes in their Trump-induced frenzy is beginning to make normies take notice. From William M. Briggs:
Long-time school teacher Peter Vlaming was fired for saying these words: “Don’t let her run into the wall.”
Problem is, the lunatic parents of the poor little girl Vlaming sought to protect are telling the world the little girl is a little boy. The lunatic “parents said it was unhealthy for their child to remain in Vlaming’s class.”
Anyone not homeschooling their kids is committing child abuse.

Briggs continues.
Now what should have happened was that the male neighbors—not the government, not the authorities—of the lunatic father of the little girl, should have, when they heard the father wanted to begin pretending his daughter was his son, took him for a little walk. And when they picked him up from the bottom of the steps he accidentally slipped down, they should have explained to him that Reality trumps feelings. The father could then have brought this wisdom to his idiot wife. And all would have been well.
But no. Feelings trump Reality. Feelings are what count.
It is feelings that will doom us.
The lady boss of the school where Vlaming created an “unhealthy” environment recommended to the school board to suspend Vlaming. She got her way.
That is the real story. (If you instead believe it is right and just this man Vlaming was canned for calling a girl “she”, I do not care to hear from you, especially if you say we must respect the feelings of the girl. It does the girl no good at all to go along with her parent’s fantasy.)
The battle lines for the soul of the West are not drawn between Right and Left, Capitalist and Communist, or even nationalist and globalist. The war currently in progress is being waged by those who absolutize personal preference against those who uphold the good.

Liberalism--even Classical Liberalism--is the slow but ultimately deadly poison that has now laid the West on its deathbed. There is no redeeming or accommodating Liberalism. Once you've atrophied your will and subjugated your intellect to your appetites, it ends with demons seizing, brainwashing, and chemically castrating your sons--backed by the full might of Big Brother.
There are lunatics and idiots ever with us. And cowards. That is not important. What is important is that now the cowards in charge of us fear the lunatics and idiots. They do not fear those who hold with Reality. And the reason our cowardly leaders fear the lunatics and idiots is that the lunatics and idiots have stronger feelings than the Realists. And feelings are what counts.
With all due respect to Dr. Briggs, he's missing some vital parts of the equation. Yes, all our former institutions--they are no longer ours--are run by cowards at best and full-throated cheerleaders for total societal degeneration by and large.

Dr. Briggs is correct that the cowards fear the lunatics more than they fear normal people. But the reason isn't that the lunatics have stronger feelings. They have stronger convictions in the rightness of their hysterical, Christianity-profaning death cult than we Christians have in Christ.

Nature abhors a vacuum, human nature is no exception, and man deprived of God will fill that vacuum with anything--even moon-barking lunacy.

There is, as always, a silver lining here. The current untenable state of affairs is staggering along largely due to the inertia of vestigial public trust in our corrupt institutions. As this story and Briggs' readers' reaction to it shows, the death cult is busily taking a sledgehammer to that fragile trust via their daily enormities. Not even the NPCs parrot "Love is love!" or give finger-wagging lectures against the slippery slope fallacy anymore. Not now that society is rocketing down the side of K2, which has also been pre-greased with Astroglide. Support for secession is at record highs.

There are three possible solutions.

  1. Normal people can make the cowards fear them more than they fear the death cult.
  2. Normal people can take back the institutions and replace the cowards.
  3. Let the converged institutions collapse under their own debauchery, and build new ones.
The problem with option 1 is that matters wouldn't have become so dire in the first place if normal people had sufficient faith to stand up for themselves and their children. Now that the death cult is the de facto state religion, there's little hope of swaying cowardly or corrupt bureaucrats.

Option 2 holds out more promise, but again, normal people will need the fortitude to break their cultural inertia and put in some real effort.

Option 3 is the most likely outcome, since the old institutions are rapidly crumbling, and we'll have to build new ones out of necessity.

It's becoming abundantly clear that whatever the future holds, it will not include Liberal democracy as we've known it. Hopefully the West's near-fatal dalliance with deposing truth in favor of compromise will serve as a lesson to future generations.

Atheism cannot stand against the zeal of the death cult. Liberalism is the handmaid of the death cult. The best action anyone can take to defeat the demonic juggernaut is to repent, turn to Jesus Christ, and ask Him for the gift of faith.

The West is on the brink of collapse because we lacked faith the size of a mustard seed.


  1. The folly of the French Revolution persists, that Man is inherently good and perfectible, no matter who or what needs to be lopped off at the Procrustean Bed.

    1. And the loppings have only begun.

    2. I have not even begun to fight - John Paul Jones

    3. My family has already survived one civil war, I’d rather have them not suffer another. But I’ll be damned if I let this happen. This will be a fight to the finish - one way or the other

    4. *salutes* We've been at war for a long time now. Thankfully our side is starting to realize it. Many of the Right's failures over the last few years are due to misjudging the nature of the conflict. They've kept trying to force a definitive showdown with the Left. That approach only works with two forces of more or less equal strength. It's clear now that the death cult is a deeply entrenched occupation force with far superior resources. Initiating violence, even peaceful street action, is a mistake. We're an underground resistance. 4th generation information war is the order of the day.

    5. If history is anything to abide by, from the civil war to WWII the eventual victors usually started off on the backfoot

    6. The closest analogues to our current situation are Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland, the Indians under the British Empire, and the protesters in Iran.

      The enemy controls law enforcement, the courts, and the media. The Alt-Lite's public protest efforts showed us how the enemy handles peaceful demonstrations. The local cops throw the protesters in the ring with AntiFa and withdraw to foment violence. The cops and the judges then team up to make sure the black-clad soyboys get off scot free while they throw the book at the protesters. Consider what they did to the Proud Boys.

      The Alt-Right's approach has been even more disastrous. We're talking doxxings, deaths, suicides, financial ruin, and hard prison time. If you needed further evidence that the courts have cast aside any semblance of impartial jurisprudence and are out for dissident white male blood, I give you the Fields verdict. Common Law courts haven't meted out that kind of spiteful vengeance since the British sentenced street urchins to transportation for stealing bread.

      Yes, we're on the back foot. Act accordingly.

  2. Ironically, the more libtarded a person's worldview is, the harder they beat on the "Reality based" drum.

    1. It's ok to have different cultures in America, what makes someone an American that we all follow the same laws.
    2. Sweden is a safe country, not the rape capital of Europe.
    3. Muh Constitution will prevent Sharia law in the US.

    The most disingenuous part about the "Reality based" crowd is that none of them realize their world view is based on feelings, not facts. But they really, really, REALLY FEEL like their feelings are facts, so it's true!

    1. It's deliberate. The death cult heads know that propagating outrageous lies and getting people to parrot them on pain of social and financial consequences is the best way to demoralize a populace. As the news item in Briggs' post shows, it's working splendidly so far.

      The rank and file useful idiots might believe the inner circle's BS, but that's why they're idiots.

    2. "Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

      —Theodore Dalrymple, “Our Culture, What’s Left Of It”


    3. Dalrymple has the political correctoids' number. "It could never happen here" went the Cold War common wisdom, but the Russians warned us what was in store when the wall fell. The so-called opposition leaders were too busy planning wars of choice in the Middle East to listen.

  3. Brian,

    This post brings to mind Nassim Nichlas Taleb's #12 of his Political rigor and clarity under complexity:
    Institution have a time limit. If they remain relevant they'll be renewed

    I heartily encourage everyone to download it and study it.
    Those who have twitter, ask Nassim to please make it available at his website.

    It's basically the cultural/poli sci equivalent of Peterson 12 rules but with far deeper insight
    It's a must have.


  4. I was going to rise angrily to the defense of Classical Liberalism, but then I thought to myself that you're saying what I have started to believe firmly: everything good about the Enlightenment pre-existed it and was re-badged Christianity, and the rest is either catastrophically wrong in its own right, or pants-on-head ridiculous outside of the assumptions of Christianity.

    1. Wreckage:

      The TL;DR of the Enlightenment:
      1) Their most Catholic majesties wanted to modernize their societies like Britain but opened the door to totalitarianism
      2) Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and the boys wanted to replace the clerics with the clercs (i.e. the secular intellectuals)


    2. "everything good about the Enlightenment pre-existed it and was re-badged Christianity"

      You've made the critical paradigm shift from obsessing over freedom to focusing on the good. Everything else follows naturally.

    3. Here's how it came to this point:

      A. The Reformation had some legitimate grievances re: ecclesial corruption. Did away with Tradition and the Magisterium to place all authority in Scripture.

      B. The Enlightenment told the Reformers "Fuck you, Dad!" Did away with Scripture and placed all authority with human reason.

      C. Post-Modernists told the Enlightenment "Fuck you, Dad!" Did away with reason, placing all authority with the individual's sovereign will.

      D. Hysterical Death Cult: Told Post-Modernists "Fuck you, Dad!" Did away with free will. Invest all authority in the feelz.

      Pull too hard on the frayed thread, and the whole fabric unravels.