The Winds of Change


This week has seen a series of major upheavals in Washington, and the Democrats' return to majority status in the House may not be the biggest development.

First, no sooner had the dust settled on the midterm elections than President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The former AG frustrated the President and his base by failing to prosecute Deep State actors who attempted a soft coup against Trump and by recusing himself from the bogus Russian collusion investigation. If not for Sessions, it's doubtful that the interminable Mueller probe would have swelled into the Tetsuo-like monster that threatens to engulf the executive branch.

Sessions' chief of staff Matthew G. Whitaker--pictured above--has been named to serve as acting AG in his old boss' place. In stark contrast to Sessions, Whitaker has publicly called the Mueller investigation a witch hunt and has proposed ways to neutralize the rogue special prosecutor without firing him. Based on his past statements, it's likely that Whitaker will slash Mueller's funding to the point that his office can no longer operate.

Early rumors suggest that Trumpian candidate Kris Kobach, who lost his bid for the governorship of Kansas, is the front runner to be Sessions' permanent replacement. Kobach's tough stance on immigration propelled him to national prominence, and he's said to have the President's ear. Trump has his pick of cabinet nominees thanks to his expanded Senate majority, and nominating Kobach would let the President avoid pulling a current Republican officeholder like Devin Nuñes, Ted Cruz, or Lindsey Graham from Congress--a misstep he made with Sessions.

Whoever Trump chooses for AG, the firmly Republican senate will fast-track his confirmation.

Speaking of imminent Trump appointments: 

It is now being reported that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized after taking a nasty spill in her office on the same day Sessions stepped down.

While we of course wish no one harm and pray for Ginsburg's complete healing in mind, body, soul, and spirit, it's apparent that continuing in office at her advanced age poses a significant health risk. Neil Gorsuch's confirmation stirred up rumors of the oldest Justice's retirement, and Brett Kavanaugh's successful battle to take his seat on the high court stoked them to a fever pitch.

Ginsburg has weathered numerous health scares before. Then again, so did her fellow globalist John McCain. Ginsburg has to be wondering if she really wants to follow him down the Weekend at Bernie's route or if she'd rather retire with her dignity intact. There's also the Trump curse to consider.

Whether Ginsburg decides to throw in the towel or run out the clock, Trump's chances of placing a third Justice on the Supreme Court now look better than ever. With a 6-3 SCOTUS majority in his favor, Trump can make an end run around the obstructionist House with executive orders while denying the Left their only effective avenue for pushing their agenda.


Sleepy Sessions out.

Alpha Whitaker in.

Rising star Kobach on the way up.

Witchfinder General Mueller on the run.

Even sleepier Ginsburg on the way out.

I know MAGA is supposed to be on the ropes. The blue checks on Twitter swear up and down that it's over for us bigots. Somehow, though, this doesn't feel like losing.


  1. Even in "defeat" the God Emperor delivers victory

  2. I honestly have no ill will towards Justice Ginsburg (even SHE decries Roe v Wade as utterly illegal and unconstitutional) and wish her a speedy recovery. That beign said I also believe its best and wish for her to retire and live out her life peacably like Kennedy did

  3. Kobach used to have a show on Kansas City talk radio a few years back. Listening to him from back then, I'd almost rather have him be a supreme court nominee.

    1. There'll be time for that later. Cleaning the swamp and righting the ship on immigration are the more immediately pressing concerns

    2. If it keeps Trump from taking another Republican out of Congress, I'm cool with it.

      Related idea a friend and I were discussing last night: Trump could appoint House democrats to posts in his administration where they couldn't do any real damage, like Obama did with Ray LaHood. Surely there are some obscure cabinet positions and ambassadorships where Trump could park some Dems to cool their heels.

    3. The Honorable Charles Schumer, Ambassador to Pluto.

    4. Take any of the more competent dems and dovthat. Crying Chuck Schumer, along with Pelosi, Feinstein, Cortez, Omar, et al and their hysterical retardation help us way more than the dems

  4. The dems broke through the walls and accidentally slaughtered all the 5th Column NeverTrumpers in the House. This second quarter of Trumps 8 year term is going to be even more interesting...

    1. I know, right? It's Day Two, and we've already got the AG's office turned upside down, nationwide Leftist protests IN SUPPORT OF Sessions, and another Ginsburg health scare.

      Stock up on popcorn and buckle in!

    2. Already having Excess Popcorn Reaction, causing me to laugh like Lawful Evil villain in 2nd Act of 1940s medieval costume drama.

      Need to take deep breaths, add more butter, pile on salt from Leftists' tears, and crack another cold one.


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    4. Guys i need your vote: popcorn cooked in duck fat or bacon?

    5. Why not both? :)

    6. All good things start with bacon.

      But yes, both.

    7. Cook in bacon fat, then add Liberal tears mixed with melted butter for topping