Political Dissolution

The Audacious Epigone recently ran the numbers on the issue of American secession. Here's what emerged.

Graph by Audacious Epigone
AE's comment:
There is no longer any racial, religious, moral, cultural, political, linguistic, or ethnic unity in the US as it is currently defined. The last remaining bond holding the thing together, beyond inertia, is economic expediency. It's why talk of dissolution will begin in interest once the impending economic downturn hits. The Federal Reserve, with rates already under three percent, will be unable to stave it off.
It is as a nationalist that I support political dissolution. A nation requires a shared sense of the aforementioned characteristics. As currently constituted, the United States shares none of these things. It is not a nation. It is an empire comprised of several disparate nations inside of it. The empire must fall for those nations to flourish.
Cultural codependent David Atkins stands athwart the tracks yelling, "Stop, bigot! (don't leave me)":


Sorry to crush David's hopes, but considering that a) the Californication of America requires a continued influx of Hispanics and Asians and b) both of those groups favor secession in far larger numbers than whites, he's in for a nasty case of Thanos syndrome.

From the comments on AE's piece:
Worse even if the left and foreigners /non complaints are expelled partition will be complicated by very different strains of Conservatism. I'm not interested nor will I tolerate a Neo Liberal economy if I have just fought to be rid of a liberal tyranny. Its just substituting State for Corporation 
I also don't want would be theocrats , Deus Volt types deciding on laws I live under either. 
This means either a lot of negotiation or a lot of strife 
Its is still a better outcome than the Commies but its not easy, more of a last ditch effort to prevent hundreds of millions dead. 
The commenter's desire to avoid a continent-scale bloodbath is admirable. His wish to have his cake and eat it too, i.e. casting off Neo-Liberalism while rejecting Christendom, is pure fantasy. It's no coincidence that the advance of secular globalist Neo-Liberalism followed hot on the heels of widespread Western apostasy. The Left has gone from strength to strength while Conservatives wring their hands and posture about possibly thinking about looking into taking it under advisement to maybe do something after the next election. This is because the enemy has the confidence of their convictions, and our supposed leaders have neither confidence nor convictions.

Political and economic crises are collateral damage in the real battle between the West's foundational Christian faith and an invading hysterical death cult. Republicans tried to slow the rate of spiritual attrition with appeals to normal Americans' sense of disgust and the free market. They failed. Atomized individualists will fare no better with empty demands to be left alone to smoke and copulate according to their personal preferences.

The decision rapidly approaching us all comes down to a choice between eking out a wretched existence as despised tax cattle in a heathen tech-fiefdom or living in nations where public life is informed by Christian faith and morals.

You'd much rather live in the latter, I assure you. So would David Atkins.The last normal man leaving California will have to pry Dave off his ankle.


  1. Ol' Dave thinks that those rural bumpkins will just continue to deliver his half-caf decaf soy lattes to his door like the good slaves Democrats always want, no matter how much bigotry you slather on them. The bumpkins just need to get the dogs, feel whip, and taste the firehose to help them understand.

    Hope Dave has plenty of Happy Meals freeze dried in his wine cabinet for when the bumpkins decide San Fran doesn't need their support any longer.

    Bye, Dave. You won't be missed.

    1. Exactly. They need us, but they have nothing we need.

    2. Brian,
      This post reminds me of my recurring theme. The U.S. is in a similar situation to that of Spain from 1929-39. I think the U.S. is in the 1934-36 period. The parallels are eerie.

      I don't see succession happening for the simple reason that the both coasts would die and wither without the interior. And the coastal elites would never abide the Weimar slide to Venezuela. So they'd wreck the country and call it peace.
      Let both Americas be worse than Venzuela

    3. Xavier -- I don't doubt that might be an outcome. But the SV slime couldn't live in a wrecked region, and neither could they rebuild it. We can do both.

      They can't hold us as virtual (or literal) slaves with the way the "bumpkin" attitude is trending. SV slime have less "good will" daily among those they hate, and the money flow is not certain anymore.

      What then for them?

  2. Real estate is too valuable for secession to ever be accomplished, or allowed, peacefully. Which is tragic, because peaceful partition with population exchanges really seems to be the only humane way out of this mess. We are NOT voting our way out of this one.

    The Republic, if not already dead, is at least we’ll on it’s way, being ruined beyond salvation. The decades-long project to wreck the greater nation conceived by man was successful. And it didn’t take much more than the promise of cheap consumer gizmos and freedom from personal responsibility to fill the God-shaped hole in the human soul.

    My bitterest contempt is for the conservacucks who let this happen, while raking in their big bucks as members of the approved opposition.

    1. "Real estate is too valuable for secession to ever be accomplished, or allowed, peacefully."

      Most US service members are from the South. That goes a long way toward explaining why roughly half the military favors secession. And that's before the financial crash.

      Sure, most of the flag and general officers are careerist functionaries who toe the party line, but their main ambition is to retire from active duty to cushy jobs at Boeing, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, etc. They're already calling for the troops on the border to be withdrawn "so they can be home for the holidays" while giving no such consideration to the boys lobbing missiles into overseas sandpits. That's because firing expensive rockets into shit holes generates big profits for military contractors. Conducting police actions within the continental US does not.

      That's not to say there won't be blood. There might be some limited shows of military force, but mostly you'll see Antifa-tyle street action.

    2. I pray you’re right, Brian. I really do.

  3. Who gets all the fruits of the productive class? Lots of sucessionists are parasites,forever nipping at the productive until they are buried.

    1. One way to look at the coming split is the producers divorcing the parasites.

      Blue states will keep bribing the dependent class with the middle class' money. Because they have to.

      Red states will have to tighten their belts to make up for the absence of federal funds, and welfare programs will be first on the chopping block.

      Without gibs, urban dependents will flee red states for blue states. Whose tax base will continue shrinking as their swelling diverse populations make increasing demands.

      See why David Atkins fears secession?

    2. The David Atkinses of the world also seem like they’re into hardcore BDSM in their free times. Why else would they be so gleeful about the extinction of their own kind, and actually take steps to hasten it’s occurence? He must get a sexual thrill from the humiliation, and yet WE all have to suffer for it.

  4. I don’t want to share a nation with these hedonistic atheistic post-modernist wiccan baby murderers anyways

    1. So . . . you’re not a fan of libertarians I take it?

    2. The party who readily and eagerly traded in morals and principles for the “freedom” to fornicate freely and smoke weed?


    3. At least communists hve fucking principles they stick to - warped and wicked as they are

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  6. Slightly OT:
    The Mountain Who Writes fisks the freaks who support Rep Swalwell's offer to nuke 2A supporters who resist Government power.

    It's a treat.

  7. As always when shown any statistics in percentages, my first question is, "What's that in real numbers, and how much does sample distribution match reality?" Over 50% of Muslims surveyed favouring secession is a lot less relevant if there are <100 Muslims in that group of 37K+, just to pick the most obvious 'yikes' in the graph. The sad truth these days is that you always have to ask about the data that's left out of the case. (I also want to know about what states may be over- or under-represented in that 37K, and how the sample breaks down by economic quintile.)

    I would also note that what appears to be the Left's "courage of its convictions" is overblown by media and has not yet really been tested by privation of any kind. Most of the U.S. is far better off than the vast majority were in the USSR, or for that matter the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the lightening of a federal tax burden is unlikely to be enough incentive to be worth the inconvenience. (I would be willing to wager the stats above would be very different if the question was, "Would you favour secession if the initiative carried a 20% risk of you personally losing your job or welfare benefits?") Economic expediency is a lot stronger bond than AE credits, I think.

    Most of all, though, I'm skeptical because of what I'd call the "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" effect; the problem with changing any power structure from within (as peaceful secession would require) is that the very act of gaining the power to change it removes much of the incentive to do so. Bear in mind that the parasite class has a fatal internal division between the vampires who gain real and drastic power from their parasitism, and the mosquitoes who are simply swarming for what they can; the vampires have as much interest in making sure the mosquitoes don't kill the hosts as the hosts do.

    1. The Left has fanatical confidence, not courage. If they haven't faced privation, it's largely because Conservative authorities haven't adequately penalized their civilization-wrecking behavior. They will face privation with the rest of us if they're allowed to win, but that's shutting the barn door after the horse has not only escaped, but won the Kentucky Derby.

      If economic incentives were a bigger driver of people's political activity than demographic and social issues, the Republicans wouldn't have lost the House.

  8. Following up after reading AE's comments: the Muslim representation in the sample above is only 229. That's the sort of thing I want to see up front. (Kudos to AE for providing that data at all, but it's still a pretty buried lede.)