A delightful little internet flap occurred over the weekend wherein a Twitter user going by the name of David Wu declared he was reporting camera THOTs to the IRS for tax evasion.
David Wu allegedly is reporting sex workers who pimp themselves on Snapchat to the IRS.
Sex workers on Snapchat pimp their wares with abandon, grabbing up dolla dolla bills from thirsty denizens of social media. Ladies who prostitute themselves on Snapchat may not be paying their full share of taxes however… and that’s where our story begins.
Judging by the amount of misinformation I saw thrown around on Twitter, like the cam thot who told her colleagues they don't have to declare self-employment income under $20,000, it is indeed a good bet that many of these gals ain't paying their fair share.
He claims that he has reported girls who have Premium Snapchat accounts to the IRS for unreported income. He encourages others to do the same, and provides the link for reporting suspected IRS Tax Fraud, where you download and fill out the 3949-A form and return by postal mail.
Wu is a genius. He's targeting a major source of societal degradation with the power of the federal government--and not a corrupt and incompetent federal agency like the FBI, but the corrupt and ruthlessly effective IRS. Remember: Al Capone went down for tax evasion, not racketeering.

The original article's Libertarian author proceeds to blow smoke--big surprise--by suggesting that concerned citizens can't snitch on tax cheats because camwhores are unlikely to post their personal and financial information on Snapchat. This is squid ink meant to discourage Thot patrolmen.

One, you'd be surprised what even a relatively unskilled researcher can dig up thanks to most people living and working online. That goes double for Snapchat prostitutes.

Two, the IRS page linked above just instructs informants to provide as much info on the suspected cheat as they can. Not all of it is mandatory.

And as for government workers being lazy, that may apply to the make-work hire tasked with taking your photo at the DMV, but the Internal Revenue Service is uniquely and highly motivated to round up that unreported paper.

By the way, a Libertarian trying to downplay the IRS as a threat = top kek.

Let #OpThotAudit march on!



    And more of that lolbertarian inconsistency we've all come to expect.

  2. Did you notice that the camwhores called their customer base "incels" as an insult? Don't give money to people who hate you, and click that "report" button!

    1. Seeing the NPCs fumble to co-opt the term "incel" from the manosphere has been a hoot. If they're afraid of the involuntarily celibate, there's an easy fix. Goes to show how purity is anathema to them.

  3. This is great but I am interested in seeing if this leads to anywhere and if this can be sustained for any period of time longer than the lifespan of the average meme.

    I'd really love to see the same righteous anger and dedication they have shown snapchat and twitch thots directed at bringing down the exponentially more dangerous and harmful porn industry.

    1. NautofEarth,

      I do. I see this going (a) somewhere and (b) lasting longer. This is merely a shot across the bow against the real targets: the SJWs.
      Imagine an audit of an antifa thug or a caravan cheerleader.

      It's going to be utterly glorious to hear the SJW shriek as the IRS they weaponized is used against them as they did to the Tea party and others


    2. #OpThotAudit is a meme, and thus fleeting. But we should take encouragement from it. Wu's escapade wouldn't have gained that much traction if there wasn't a growing backlash against the porno peddlers.

  4. Can someone please explain to the Libertardian journalist that the THOTs will not sleep with him. Ever.

    1. You may have stumbled upon the answer. Could Game be the cure for Libertarianism?

    2. Game, lifting weights, and martial arts. Libertardianism, like Libtardism, appears to be a low-T, soy-induced philosophy. Other symptoms include a love of Nietsche, weed, pacifism, immigration, and nice sounding ideas with no follow through in reality.

  5. Inconcievable! How can she resist his sweet Fedora and rugged neck whiskers?

  6. LOL!


    No wonder no one takes TruCon, Inc. seriously.

  7. I don't always post memes...wait yes I do...but I'll just leave this here