Metal Fiction: #AGundam4Us

Armored Core Kawamori
Image by Shoji Kawamori
It is my sincere honor to welcome Metal Fiction into the growing ranks of #AGundam4Us. Here I reproduce Brent's call to arms in full.
I fell in love with mecha back in the 80s: Transformers, Mighty Orbots, Challenge of the GoBots, Robotech, Voltron, BattleTech… I watched/read/played everything I could, and I haven’t stopped loving mecha since.
However, genres come and go, and mecha was one of those that just kind of faded into the background. As part of the science fiction genre, it never truly went away (the Gundam and Macross franchises have been going for 30 years now), and thus, every now and again, a new anime (Voltron: Legendary Defender, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse), novel (Peter Tieryas’ United States of Japan novels), movie (Pacific Rim films) or game (BattleTech revival) brings a little light into the world.
So when I heard of #AGundamForUs, I was ecstatic. Originally posted on Twitter, it has become a hashtag rally to mecha lovers everywhere. Though, not a member of this group of authors (helmed by Brian Niemeier, Bradford Walker, and Rawle Nyanzi – links directly to related articles/blogs), it gives me nothing but pleasure to help them raise the flag. Over the years, I have been working on my own mecha project, “Screaming Metal” which has been in development for 3 years now – woefully too long – and #AGundamForUs has been a nice kick in the behind.
If you’re a mecha fan, go check out and support the various writing projects under #AGundamForUs (as well as any others you find on this site), and, by all means, if you have your own media project, contact me. I’ll be happy to share any and all information and updates here.
Welcome aboard, sir. The field of science fiction--and the mecha subgenre in particular--is ripe for reconquest. To all readers of sci-fi who've been let down by years of agitprop peddled as adventure stories and thinly veiled romances in space, Combat Frame XSeed, The Star Knight Saga, Shining Tomorrow, and Screaming Metal are restoring the fun to mecha SF. You can expect some big announcements in January.

And to any authors passionate about returning the fun to SF by way of giant robot stories, hop on in. The water's fine.